March 21, 2010

Their Future is Now: Support Our Children and Protect Our Schools

Their Future is Now:  Support Our Children and Protect Our Schools

State budget cuts are undermining the Cupertino Union School District’s quality of education. The School Board must now make cuts to core
instructional programs. Among the actions planned, our District will lose up to 115 teachers in Kindergarten through 8th grade across the
district. (This is equivalent to losing 4 schools!) Students in every grade level at every school will be impacted.

The time to act is now! With a $375 contribution per family – about $2 per day of instruction – we can save our excellent school programs

The campaign is ready to accept donations for the District-wide fundraising effort.

1.  We need a large number of donations by this week (Wednesday evening) so that the fund raising team can get others
vested in the district to donate on Thursday morning in preparation for the Official March 16 Kickoff press conference.

2.   In addition this week, you can take advantage of the installment plan so that your donation can be divided by 2 monthly payments. Donation is tax
deductible. Sponsored by CEEF, 501(c)3 Feel free to share the informationwith other parents and friends.

Thanks to an anonymous Burbed reader for sending this in!

To all you cynics who claim that Prop 13 needs to be repealed to save our schools – take a look at this and weep!

We don’t need to raise taxes at all! Parents are more than willing to tax themselves directly to pay for the education of their children. This enables more of our precious tax dollars to go support the true hope for the future: retiring baby boomers.

This is win win. Property taxes stay the same for retiring baby boomers who pay 1/2 to 1/10 the property tax of their neighbors. Parents with their annoying children who are destroying the state with their greedy need for services pay for schools. Schools improve. House prices go up for everyone – including the baby boomers who pay 1/2 to 1/10 the property tax of their neighbors.

It’s clear – the next step is to cut school funding even further, and rebate residents based on how long they have owned their house. And keep those kids off the lawns!

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53 Responses to “Their Future is Now: Support Our Children and Protect Our Schools”

  1. Hervey Estater Says:


    Any realtor will tell you location is the number one factor when it comes to housing value, and top quality schools play a big part in driving value. The high quality CUSD schools are a key reason our zip codes are among the top 100 most expensive within the nation ( Our sought-after Cupertino schools and our students’ high achievement have protected this community’s value during the housing slump. These budget cuts and layoffs will decrease the quality of our schools and negatively impact the value of our homes. What will a 1% drop in property value equal for your home?

  2. Alex Says:

    Scare tactics. I love it.

  3. Not a Parent Says:

    “We don’t need to raise taxes at all! Parents are more than willing to tax themselves directly to pay for the education of their children.”

    Isn’t that Grand of these parents? Note to parents: I have no children and will not pay for yours. Keep them stupid, like most parents, and they can grow up and be politicians. Maybe they can even live in Santa Clara. Then they can use that great education to figure out how to bail out the city’s ball field-stadium debts about to be undertaken.

    Enjoy the Depression. More children. More More MORE

  4. Blissex Says:

    It is an absolute win — it also means that budgets get cut everywhere, but in rich districts high income parents will be able to buy superior education for their children with personalized (probably non tax deductible) “donations”, and the incentive to keep school districts segregated by income will increase.

    If the deserving, productive, creative top earners hated seeing their tax money subsidize the education of the children of the exploitative, parasitical welfare queens and strapping young bucks, they will hate even more sharing their voluntary contributions taken out of bonus and capital gains income with those little lazy scoundrels.

    More zoning restrictions is the answer, to ensure that no lower income families infect school districts reserved to the offspring of the productive and creative heroes.


  5. burbed Says:

    >It is an absolute win — it also means that budgets get cut everywhere, but in rich districts high income parents will be able to buy superior education for their children with personalized (probably non tax deductible) “donations”,

    Actually it is tax deductible. So it’s even more of a win.

  6. nomadic Says:

    Love the offered “installment plan.” Shouldn’t these so-called high earners be able to pony up $375 in one payment if they want to? Or are they choking on their mortgages so badly it’s out of reach?

    This whole situation really has to be getting under the skin of parents who moved into the district in the last 5-10 years. Hitting them up for more money just isn’t right. I wonder how much the administrators in the district earn…

  7. Tuno Says:

    much awaited new post by Mr. Mortgage:

  8. Alex Says:

    It shouldn’t be so hard for these dual-income engineer households. sometimes, I’m so full of sh*t, I could earn the $375 in the time it takes me to unload that massive dump. LOL

    This model places a bigger burden on the poor. Poor education for the riff-raffs. They’ll never be able to escape from poverty and will have to stay confined to ghettos like East Palo Alto and continue their drug-dealing, murdering ways.

    Uncle Sam and Uncle Ahhhnold, maybe you can rebate my income tax? I don’t see you doing anything useful with it.

  9. Hervey Estater Says:

    Donations to public schools should simply be made illegal. Or donations should be made to the state.

    Don’t like it? Send your kids to private schools.

  10. ss Says:

    Posted: Sunday, 21 March 2010 3:21PM

    Cupertino Parents Fight Teacher Cuts

    CUPERTINO, Calif. (KCBS) — With cuts looming, a group of parents in the Cupertino Union School District spoke out this weekend in hopes of saving the jobs of 115 teachers.

    Sandy Liu is the mother of a kindergartener and an infant. She and her husband bought a home in the school district just for the outstanding schools. When she recently heard that state budget cuts would force the district to lay off 115 teachers, Liu and 50 other parents jumped into action to raise $3 million to save those teachers jobs. A week after they got organized, Liu says the group is doing pretty well.

  11. Mr. B Says:

    Absolutely! I’ll take teacher’s unions over baby boomers every time. Force the useless old bastards to sell their houses and check in at the local euthanasia center.

  12. nomadic Says:

    So, Herve, can I shake my old-people-hating reputation now? 😉

    (I’m really an equal opportunity misanthrope anyway.)

  13. burbed Says:

    FWIW, I’m stewing on how will Healthcare Reform impact Bay Area housing prices.

    I’m open to suggestions.

  14. DreamT Says:

    more people in hospitals, i.e. less people occupying houses -> prices crashing!

  15. nomadic Says:

    Fewer people going bankrupt after a medical catastrophe = fewer foreclosures -> prices UP!

  16. DreamT Says:

    #7’s link actually argues that more foreclosures, not less, are needed to prevent sales collapse -> price collapse.

  17. burbed Says:

    I just read that pharmas really benefit from this bill. South San Francisco super up!

  18. DreamT Says:

    yes, as if anybody on this board would actually buy in south city if they had an alternative

  19. madEstater Says:

    Hey? Did someone mention CUPERTINO SCHOOLS? Why isn’t everyone all over this topic like white on rice? No problem, I’ll answer for some of the missing regulars.

    bob: Who needs to pay millions to live in Crapertino? Me and my Wife pay just $3 in rent because we live in Alameda and have 6000 housemates! And my mom was a teacher in Tennessee, and her students were a billion times better informed than those Crapertino kids.

    Buyers_Are_Idiots: Incredible. You really can fool all the people all the goddamned time.

    anon: bob, you moving back to Tennessee from Alameda? You’d raise the IQ of both places.

    RealEstater: Hey madhaus, haven’t you traded up to 94301 yet? The party is just getting started!

    sonarrat: Not everyone wants to live in an expensive tract. Or worse an expensive tract with only parking for one car and no room for a grand piano.

    AustinDweller: I don’t post very much and I don’t follow schools in Austin either. So bob, when are you moving out here?

    steve: Palo Alto schools are a year behind Cupertino’s. Our budget cuts will be hitting next year, and they won’t be pretty.

    RealEstater: Don’t be ridiculous. The Palo Alto Educashunal Foundation will ask for a thousand per family, and most of us will give two thousand. I’m going to give even more if I can get another engraved brick at my kids’ school. That’s what happens when you live in a trophy school district.

    Donna: I just started posting. Why are you making fun of me too? My clients and friends would never do such a thing.

  20. madhaus 94087 CUPERTINO SKULES Says:

    So here I am, bought 15 years ago, my taxes are about half what a new buyer would pay. Does that mean it’s a good investment to pay the other half to Save Cupertino Schools to raise my property values? Or would my money merely go to stop them from dropping even faster?

    Hmmm, Health Care Reform effect on property values? Healthier people can work and earn and buy more property. And for the ones getting sick and losing to the Death Panels, well, Prop 13 will let your kids keep your tax basis!

  21. steve Says:

    it is excellent to see a madEstater post.

  22. Sio2 Says:

    “Hey? Did someone mention CUPERTINO SCHOOLS? Why isn’t everyone all over this topic like white on rice?”

    there’s something really funny here, with the combination of “Cupertino” “white” “rice” but I can’t put my finger on it without being totally offensive. And perhaps I have already offended!

    the rest of that comment was hilarious. You should do real estate standup.

  23. steve Says:

    SiO2, for more side-splitting humour (ht, pralay) search the archives for dozens of madhaus gems.

  24. nomadic Says:

    ah, it IS good to see some madhaus satire!

    Si02 – lol, no more needs to be said. 🙂

  25. Harvay Estater Says:

    > And for the ones getting sick and losing to the Death Panels, well, Prop 13 will let your kids keep your tax basis!

    Actually that would be propositions 58 and 193.

  26. Harvay Estater Says:

    > Me and my Wife […]

    Good job capturing the quintessence of bob’s grammar!

  27. meep Says:

    i personally do not understand the appeal of spending $1 million to live in a plain 1200sf mid century ranch home.i acknowledge these homes appeal to a lot of people. the problem is many people are stretching to live in these areas.if you need a “liar loan”, you are paying 40% of income, haviing to stop saving for retirement and not able to take vacations maybe you need a cheaper area

  28. anon Says:

    Maybe meep. Maybe. OR – one should probably take out the biggest loan possible, dedicate as much of your income to servicing the debt and not worry about saving for retirement because the guaranteed gains on your home will be more than anything you could hope to save by then. Remember – if your “million dollar house” goes up by 10% you make $100,000! But if you buy a $500,000 house and it goes up 10% then you only make $50,000. Thus, it makes sense to put all your money to servicing debt.

    Oh, and who needs vacations when you live in this home?!

  29. mike Says:

    anon, let’s not forget that we would like to put 0% down.

    that means our investment of $0, is not actually a 10% or even 5% gain; in every case it’s an infinite percentage gain!!!!

    where else can you get infinite percentage gain?

    nowhere but real bay area real estate!

    listen to me boys and girls, debt is the new road to untold, unlimited fortune!

    i’m so excited i just wet myself!

  30. meep Says:

    anon and mike -thanks for clearing that up for me.

  31. anon Says:

    Excellent point, Mike.

    No problem Meep. In case you missed the first bubble, there’s another one going on right now!

    There has not ever – ever ever ever – been a better time to by a million dollar piece of trash than right now!

  32. nomadic Says:

    I found an interesting new site. SmilingCat would love it! Check out this bulletproof abode:

    Or a bunker:

    It’s a bit ironic that selling points for these places are being surrounded by BLM land – isn’t the point to get AWAY from the government?

    The listing in Arizona is pretty funny interesting too. It’s “easily defensible.”

  33. Pralay Says:

    – one should probably take out the biggest loan possible,

    Think about all the stupid homeowners who bought their RBA homes in 1960 or 1970 for $50K or $100K. If they bought their homes in higher range, instead of a million dollar equity they would have multi-million dollars equities right now. Just remember, as our “helper” said – buy beyond your means.

  34. Pralay Says:

    Or a bunker:


    The most interesting point is the location. Which enemy would want to waste its bombs by dropping it on an empty desert?

  35. DreamT Says:

    which enemy? the US government of course! Although, while already surrounded, the house valiantly soldiers on.

  36. madEstater Says:

    Now if only I could find an easily defensible bunker with CUPERTINO SCHOOLS, I would be set! And I’d fill it with 10,000 kilos of white rice!

  37. Real Estater Says:


    Healthcare reform just passed, and it’s going to save us $100 billion. We’re going to be a rich nation pretty soon.

  38. bob Says:

    Ahh yes… the angry hordes of parents fighting it out just to have functioning schools. First of all I’m glad I don’t have a litter of kids. Secondly, this story is just one more to throw into the model that projects California as an increasingly 3rd world country.

  39. DreamT Says:

    “First of all I’m glad I don’t have a litter of kids.”

    On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Wait, you just gave it away!

  40. anon Says:

    Because, after all, you can’t just have one or two. You have to have “a litter.”

  41. Alex Says:

    Ahhh Faux Estater bought into Obama’s Enron accounting.

    Expanding coverage to 30+ million more patients who otherwise can’t afford healthcare. And save $100 billion in the process? Let’s see how we can manipulate those numbers, push around some debts and reclassify them as revenue. Enron Accounting 101.

  42. nomadic Says:

    Our “faux” friend always thought debt = wealth, so of course he believes the fudged numbers.

  43. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Being a good parent in Palo Alto isn’t easy:

  44. bob Says:

    “First of all I’m glad I don’t have a litter of kids.”

    On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Wait, you just gave it away!

    Oh boy. More precious punnery from DreamT.
    Only problem is that your joke implies “kids” are dogs as defined by a litter. But last time I checked goats typically have kids. That and humans- or children rather.

    Lastly, I mentioned I was happy not to have kids… meaning if I don’t have them it doesn’t imply anything. Some people don’t like dogs, kids, or children.

  45. DreamT Says:

    bob – glad to see you righteously entertained!
    For a second, you reminded me of Butters, but I can’t figure out why. Oh boy.

  46. nomadic Says:

    Look on the bright side, bob. That dog remark could’ve taken a wrong turn to imply your wife is a bitch (female dog)…

    A group of kids (young goats) wouldn’t be a litter anyway. It would be a herd, trip or tribe. Now a tribe of kids would suit your needs.

  47. Petsmart groomer Says:

    You can only get a litter if you do it more ferarum.

  48. DreamT Says:

    that’s what she said!!

  49. madEstater Says:

    I think bob meant a liter of kids. Or maybe millions and millions of liters.

  50. anon Says:

    what’s this? bob’s got a liter of goat kids? That can’t be – they’d eat his trailer trash yard decorations spare cars.

    Anyway… I think that by ‘litter of kids’ he meant millions of kids…

    Whatever. All kidding aside – I could care less.

  51. nomadic Says:

    I guess children could be measured in liters. People are mostly water, right?

  52. DreamT Says:

    yes if you don’t mind liquefying them first (which bob wouldn’t, since he allegedly doesn’t like children, or kids, or dogs)

  53. Nancy Says:

    School funding is in such dire shape, but thankfully, yes, many parents are indeed willing to directly support their children’s education. Another opportunity for parents – or anyone who is connected with a classroom – to support a classroom is through the Adopt-A-Classroom program. Teachers get only so much in terms of classroom supplies, but children need so much more to help make their learning experience a great one. Parents, other family members, friends, employers, etc., can all pitch in to make a real difference by making a classroom grant through

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