April 6, 2010

Gables End 2.0

A special guest post today from Burbed reader Herve! Take it away Herve!

It’s been a while since we last featured our favorite community and I thought it was about time to give everyone an update…


First, Gables End went all Web 2.0 on us without any warning. Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… The Full Monty!

Second, as you can see construction is still going on and advertisement is key with some of the smartest potential census workers holding signs and both 101 South and 101 North being targeted. Over 60% of the units are sold and they are looking for a few angel investors to sweep the last few units. You can get one with a view on the ginormous freeway sign but obviously you’d have to pay extra for that.

It can only mean one thing: they are getting ready for IPO. With a new 4-bedroom floor plan, this can only skyrocket. Booyah!

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52 Responses to “Gables End 2.0”

  1. SEA Says:

    I am not sure which is better:

    1. Buy one of the physical units.
    2. Invest in the company.

    Will the company stock be worth more than double in 10 years?

  2. Zak Says:

    The banner above quotes a starting price of $600K. What is the price one would pay for “The Farmington”?

  3. LGgal Says:

    which one is The Farmington? I once met someone who had paid 610K for the 2-bedroom one. This was about a year back.

  4. Zak Says:

    I believe it is their biggest floorplan. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bath. The area is around 1650 square feet.

  5. nomadic Says:

    What do they call the new 4-bedroom plan then?

    Did you guys check out the hilarious YouTube video? The chick looks creeped out by the guy next to her on the couch.

  6. sonarrat Says:

    It’s always a bright spot in my day when I drive by Gable’s End. It reminds me that life could always be worse.

  7. nomadic Says:

    sonar – is that because of the thought of living there, or because of the dude standing around with that lovely sign? 😉

  8. nomadic Says:

    Hey, does sonarrat = bat?

  9. anon Says:

    Fables end. The fairytale of limitless appretiaton has died.

    Now that’s great news!

  10. madhaus Says:

    More like Stables end, as in what gets chucked out of there when the horse of doubling prices leaves the barn of actual economic data.

    Trying to remember which of my two Gables End songs was more apropos, the Beatles parody or the country song (comment #9, same thread).

    Nomadic, that video was odd for another reason. Did you notice they spent about 4x more time on the things in the neighborhood than the townhouse itself? Oh well, what can be done with a “sideways tenement” anyway? (Kudos to Joel Garreau for that one!)

  11. madhaus Says:

    Zak and LGgal, I guess the Farmington should be found in Stables End. Maybe it sells for about $450K. Like the old WC Fields joke, first price, a week in Philadelphia, second prize, two weeks in Philadelphia.

  12. madhaus Says:

    I just had a few purposeless minutes on the Gables End website. Click my name and you can too!

    One thing I found out is either there is no 4 bedroom plan. There is a 3 bedroom plus bonus room plan, so one of those “bedrooms” probably lacks a closet. Surprise! It’s the Farmington.

    The site plan doesn’t work in Firefox OR IE (at least not on my machine) but does in Chrome. wtf? The results of my non-Chrome viewing of the site plan:

    [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”/gablesend/swf/siteplan.swf” width=”952″ height=”409″ targetclass=”flashmovie” wmode=”transparent”]

    Get Adobe Flash player


    And once you expand the sucker in Chrome, you can’t escape without closing down the whole browser. What an apt metaphor for the bagholders who end up in this trap of a toxic waste dump.

    When I tried to expand the location map in Firefox, here’s what I got:

    Error 404 – Not Found

    Oh wow, this website is just a mess from start to finish. Even the PDF brochure has an embedded font it can’t locate.

    Gables End is brought to you by Regis Homes of Northern California, Inc. The company has earned a reputation for innovative design, quality construction and attention to detail.

    Yes, such attention to detail as may be seen on their website **snort**.

  13. sonarrat Says:

    nomadic – I’m of the school that anywhere would be worth living in, as long as the price is right. I could live in a tasteless looking, but well appointed two-bedroom townhouse overlooking 101 for about $1400 a month and think it was a pretty sweet deal. At $600K plus $200 a month HOA, my head would be spinning.

  14. madEstater Says:

    SEA, you can’t buy stock in Regis Homes. It’s privately owned.

    I suggest you cash out whatever equity you have lying around in your rental empire, stuff it into a suitcase, put it on the sidelines and just buy the suckah outright. With annual sales between $20 and $50 million (most of it from Gables End alone), I don’t foresee much of a problem for you.

    Somebody post something, I’m running out of avatars.

  15. nomadic Says:

    The site plan loads fine with Firefox 3.6.3 from my office. I can’t load burbed at all from home with the same browser, or Safari on a Mac, but all is fine here.

    There must be anomalies out there in Sunnydale, what with the interference from the hell mouth and all.

  16. madhaus Says:

    Wait, you can’t load burbed from your house in… where do you live again? Campbell? That must be it.

    And you think this has something to do with my not being able to load Gables End’s site in Sunnyvale? With Cupertino schools.

    I’m also running 3.6.3 just to really confuse things.

  17. nomadic Says:

    where do you live again? Campbell?

    Close enough. After all, isn’t Campbell becoming the new Palo Alto? lol. Los Ghettos to be exact.

  18. nomadic Says:

    BTW, thanks for the links to your songs madhaus. I don’t remember seeing them the first time.

  19. madhaus Says:

    BTW, thanks for the links to your songs madhaus. I don’t remember seeing them the first time.

    And a good thing, too! Most people can’t manage them the first time, let alone come back for a second listening. And let’s not bring up my poetry. Ever.

  20. random Says:

    Here’s the 4 bedroom floorplan.


  21. anon Says:

    Boy! What a wonderful “home.”

  22. SEA Says:

    “SEA, you can’t buy stock in Regis Homes. It’s privately owned.”

    FWIW, I do own stock in “privately owned” corporations. It might not be actively traded on an open market, and the securities might be unregistered so only qualified investors may purchase them.

  23. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > Did you guys check out the hilarious YouTube video?

    They’re the best.

    I love how the so-called new homeowner discovers all these things around Gables End. Such as Shoreline park, which would probably be the first thing one would see on a map when looking around Gables End’s location.

  24. madhaus Says:

    We had a burbed Thanksgiving Dinner, we had a burbed Holiday gift exchange, why not a burbed Easter Egg hunt? Well, one reason why not is burbed never got around to inviting everyone. But that’s no reason to skip it! I know exactly how it would have gone!

    burbed: Welcome to the burbed Easter Egg Hunt. Now since we live in the Bay Area, which is more Special than anywhere else, we ‘re going to have a Special egg hunt too. Inside the plastic eggs are property listings. Some are in the Real Bay Area, some are on the edge, and some are in places that Realtors use misleading adjectives to describe.

    Get your baskets. It’s not a race, because you can only pick up three eggs. Giving them away is fine, but no more than three eggs in your basket at any time. And you can start… now.

    Pralay: RealEstater already started.
    RealEstater: I didn’t start, I’m just doing advance work to help. Here’s my advice to you: One, don’t rent your basket. Own it. Two, don’t stick to a routine hunting pattern. Everyone else with no imagination is already there. Instead, ask someone else to look for you. Pralay, you’ll be doing that. Three, as you can see, I’ve already moved into a management role. Do so before the good jobs are taken. Four, create a style so you look like a manager. Look at my basket, it’s not like the mass-produced crap at Target.
    Alex: Are you done?
    RE: And here are my guiding principles. One, eggs would rather be in a nest, so own your basket. Two, you’ll spend more time at this job hunting, so look for opportunity. And three, you’ll score big if you’re as superficial as I am.
    SEA: Is anyone surprised he’s cheating? Oh, here’s one hidden under the Foreclosure notice.
    ES: While he was “helping,” everyone else pulled out the easy ones.
    nomadic: RE doesn’t look too happy he didn’t find the very first egg.
    RE: That is a lie. The rule is I never tell lies. Here’s my first egg.
    Pralay: That’s dog doo.
    nomadic: And this park says “No Dogs.” Tsk, tsk.
    Herve: It’s next to Gables End, did you expect Faberge?
    DreamT: The dogs were brought by East Palo Alto soccer thugs.
    RE: This is the first egg, not dog drops. See, everyone? Follow my example, and you can be a success.
    Pralay: Then why did you step in this link to dogcrap.com?
    RE: I don’t step in links. I have my Indian workforce deal with them.
    anon: I can always tell when RE is lying.
    RE: How can you possibly do that? Especially with that stupid bag over your head?
    anon: When your lips are moving or your fingers are typing. Idiot, there’s an egg right behind your inappropriate footwear. Who the hell wears knock-off Italian dress shoes to a park?
    WillowGlenner: I see the angry renters are now angry ranters. Who picked this white elephant of a park? This lot size doesn’t impress.
    Zak: Who cares? Grab your baskets and let’s go find more eggs.

    Stay tuned… plenty more to come!

  25. madhaus Says:

    You didn’t have to stay tuned very long!

    Tuno: I didn’t bring a basket. Can I use this handyman belt?
    Alex: Only if I get to put the twenties in it. But show a lot more skin than that. Damn, this egg is green. Anyone want it?
    DreamT: I’ll take it. What’s wrong with green?
    Alex: I only want reds and yellows. Ooooh, sandwich!
    SEA: Egg salad sandwich.
    madhaus: From plastic eggs? Hey, that reminds me of a song—
    bob: No! No singing! No guitar playing! Just look for eggs like everyone else. I brought this eight-track if we need music.
    nomadic: An eight track from a dashboard kludged to a car battery. That’s… interesting.
    SEA: It’s from an AMC Gremlin!
    bob: And I brought some real music, that real people from real places can enjoy! Places like Tennessee and Atlanta rather than overpriced Bay Area noise and pretentious Bay Area jerks.
    madhaus: I brought my acoustic… So I could sing and hunt… And if you don’t like it… You can kiss my—
    Alex: A redhead with a filthy mouth. I’m in love.
    madhaus: –amp. Ahahahahaha!
    Alex: Goddamned bitch. You’re too old anyway.
    Herve: He’s in love.
    nomadic: bob, you’re using an iron pot as an Easter basket?
    DreamT: He is! That’s the same stew pot from Thanksgiving! I recognize the bullet holes. But didn’t WillowGlenner give you a new iron pot at the Holiday gift exchange?
    WillowGlenner: Yes I did.
    anon: You could have given him a less expensive gift. Like one of your crapbox rentals.
    bob: Who needs two pots? I sold it on CraigsList and bought some gas for my hybrid plus this iPod.
    SEA: iPod? You mean the eight track wired to the twelve volt? That isn’t even a Walkman.
    RE: You use so much gas because you’re still driving to paradise from your hellhole in Alameda. And then you have to go back.
    bob: At least it’s away from you. RE, watch out, you almost stepped on that blue egg.
    RE: Anyone get to three yet? You can give me some of yours.
    mike: Why would I give you my eggs? I’d give my extras to almost anyone else here.
    Pralay: I have three eggs as well. Who needs eggs?
    RE: Give me the eggs, you stupid foreign renter. Take care of your boss before you work for yourself.
    Donna: I found three eggs. I will write my name and email address on them so my clients can see how effective I am.

  26. madhaus Says:

    yes, plenty more for all…

    Pralay: Does anyone need another egg? I see a yellow one caught on RE’s pants cuff. That is a rather odd pants to wear to an outdoor party.
    RE: Egg? Where? There can’t be any eggs in this park, I don’t see them.
    Tuno: This one! I’ll just put this in one of this belt’s many useful storage places. I guess men needs belts like this because they get teased if they carry a purse.
    Herve: Man bag. RE, move out of the way, I see my third egg… here!
    Alex: Did someone say yellow? I could use another yellow one, yow! Faux Estater, why are you always in the way? Yellow egg right next to you.
    RE: Where, there’s no egg! You’re just trying to trick me and I’m too smart for that.
    Alex: Right… here. Yellow. See? I have enough for my sandwich.
    madhaus: I found this egg but I think it was meant for RE.
    RE: Of course it was meant for me. Yuck! What the heck is this crap on your area code 408 egg?
    madhaus: Take it or leave it, I already have three.
    Pralay: It’s tax tape!
    nomadic: Accidentally Mashed Trophy.
    DreamT: Anti-Money Therapy.
    steve: Amortized Maintenance Triumph.
    CB: Avoiding More Teasing.
    zanon: Anyone Misleading Them?
    madhaus: Abjure Mendacious Tricksters.
    RE: Enough! Somebody take this renter egg and give me a good one.
    anon: Don’t all shout at once now.
    SEA: RE! There’s an egg right behind you!
    RE: Where?
    SEA: Made you look! And I thought this egg hunt would be boring!
    bob: Does everyone have three? I’m tired of holding the kettle.
    3rd Generation: I do.
    Lionel: I found this article that says plastic eggs won’t be back into full production until 2015.
    RE: You both just got here! How could possibly have three already?
    3rd Generation: Looking for eggs helped.
    Lionel: There were plenty under the Sunday real estate listings. You didn’t look there?
    Pralay: RE cannot look for own eggs. He has multi-national, multi-timezone, mega egg project in India. At 3 in the morning. Lots of Easter eggs in India, right RE?
    nomadic: I’m sure they were outsourced there. Can we open our eggs now?
    RE: No. We aren’t done until I say so.

    actually, we aren’t done until I say so, and we’ve got a few more to go

  27. madhaus Says:

    burbed easter egg hunt, post 4 of I don’t know how many

    Aa: I’ve seen better eggs in Newark. Newark, NJ.
    AstroWallaby: I vote that we open our eggs now. Vescere bracis meis.
    madhaus: RE, what’s that mean?
    RE: I don’t care. Nobody’s opening eggs until I find three.
    ES: That could take a while, you haven’t found any.
    madhaus: It means “Eat my shorts.” I was just checking that high-end education of yours.
    SiO2: Someone might get a gun if we don’t open the eggs soon.
    RE: You just got here too! How did you—
    SiO2: I looked.
    DreamT: Everyone looked except you.
    nomadic: But that is a nice basket, RE. Definitely part of your personal style.
    Tuno: We can really admire the lining, because there aren’t any eggs in it. I’m opening mine.
    McFly: I am laughing my ass off watching RE make steam come out his ears.
    ss: That guy taking pictures is with the Mountain View Crier. Can’t wait to see that photo online tomorrow.
    madhaus: I would take a picture and put it online right now. But I have a basket in one hand, a guitar in my mitt, when RE sees that photo, he’ll absolutely—
    Herve: Spit.
    R: Have a fit.
    Ss: Split.
    Pralay: We all wisht.
    madhaus: That doesn’t quite rhyme. Hmmm, bit, chit, git…
    Alex: Shit.
    RE: Nobody opens their eggs until I have three!

    Will the gang get to open their eggs? Read on!

  28. Real Estater Says:

    Looks like we give you a lot of inspirations.

  29. anon Says:

    Stupidity is hilarious and you provide plenty to work with…

  30. nomadic Says:

    I only want reds and yellows. Ooooh, sandwich!


  31. madEstater Says:

    and the answer to the question “How many burbed regulars does it take to open an easter egg is…

    R: My god, you haven’t stopped whining all afternoon.
    mike: It’s only 12:15. It just feels like all afternoon.
    Buyers_Are_Idiots: Shit.
    RE: Alex opened his foul mouth first. Did you all hear what I said? That was pretty funny!
    BAI: Excreter!
    burbed: You can’t say that.
    anon: Egg Skreeter!
    Herve: You can say shit, though.
    steve: I checked the park by socioeconomic, geographic, and political sectors. Egg inventory is nonexistent, but the buyers aren’t there.
    RE: You found eggs by walking to the opposite side of the park. Since I caught you cheating, you forfeit your eggs.
    nomadic: Unfair is us waiting on you. I’m opening my eggs now.
    madhaus: Cool! I got a place in 94087! What a surprise! And look how overpriced, it’s Fremont High! It almost makes me want to give it to RealEstater.
    DreamT: Not Special enough. He wouldn’t get any respect from his colleagues.
    RE: I’m not embarrassed that I lived in Sunnyvale once. Give it over.
    madhaus: I said “almost.”
    SEA: What is so damned special about 94087?
    madhaus: Real Cupertino Schools! Well, some of 94087.
    A Lewis: The East Bay has a real mix of properties. Look at the ones I got in my eggs. This one in Albany is rather typical of what I’ve been finding there. STAR results are–
    RE: All of you late arrivals have been taking my eggs!
    A Lewis: 12:10 is late to a party that started at noon?
    Herve: Don’t confuse him.
    anon: I didn’t have to look for eggs. I had my secretary collect them for me.
    RE: There’s definitely too much personal focus here. Instead of talking about the eggs, people are wasting time focusing on personaities. Still renting, Pralay?
    Pralay: Still empty, RE? Oh look, I got 2 places in 94301 and one on the Stanford campus.
    nomadic: Pralay wins.
    RE: He does not! Renters can’t win! Renters never win! The only way to win is buy and keep trading up. Renters—
    bob: — have enough money to buy more eggs.
    Pralay: Here’s a place near Hamilton Avenue. Is that a good part of town? Look, I think RE’s getting so hot I could cook these eggs on him.
    Alex: The only people who are hot are young cute Asians and redheads. Not you, Pralay.
    Tuno: How about if I take some of these tools off?
    A Lewis: Actually, this is a very interesting topic. I brought this essay explaining it so you don’t have to listen to it all right now, but–
    DreamT: That’s fatter than the San Francisco phone book.
    Herve: And twice as fascinating!
    mike: What kind of Easter party is this? No candy.
    madhaus: Who needs candy when you can have Real Cupertino Schools in your eggs?
    BAI: Who needs school districts when you can have no kids?
    bob: Here, here!
    DreamT: Bob, did you just say “Here” instead of “hear”? Loll.
    Herve: Look at this egg! Gables End! I think I win!
    nomadic: I got a doublewide in Brisbane. I think I beat you.
    RE: I actually beat all of you, because I really do live in 94301. You can pretend you “won” something with your meaningly plastic eggs.
    Herve: Meaningless eggregate data!
    anon: RE’s still mad he didn’t get any. Look, an overpriced house with a 3-car garage. In Los Altos Hills. Want to rent it?
    RE: I don’t rent and I don’t rent from RENTERS.
    SEA: That would save you a lot on taxes.
    burbed: Thanks for playing, everyone.

    RE: I came back to the park three days later to be sure I got the last word in.
    Pralay: You didn’t. Sorry.

    And I’m really sorry we couldn’t do this for real. Could you imagine the fun we’d have following RE back to his house in Campbell?

  32. madEstater Says:

    I think the final entry got eaten by the spam filter. Watch this, I’m going to take my time splitting it while burbed rescues it from the bit bucket.

  33. madEstater Says:

    I guess burbed doesn’t want me posting anymore. I cut it down and it still went to spam. Maybe they’re all going to spam!

  34. nomadic Says:

    c’mon burbed, don’t be a spoilsport

  35. Alex Says:

    I only want reds and yellows. Ooooh, sandwich!

    LOL nice

    Goddamned bitch. You’re too old anyway.

    are you saying that you’re an old hag? hehehe

  36. Real Estater Says:

    >>are you saying that you’re an old hag? hehehe

    Her kids are in high school. You decide.

  37. Alex Says:

    Her kids are in high school. You decide.

    who knows. she coulda gotten knocked up at 12. LOL

  38. Real Estater Says:

    >>Stupidity is hilarious and you provide plenty to work with…

    As I said, all the geniuses are in rental apartments. Home owners with 7 figure equities don’t understand basic economics.

  39. Real Estater Says:

    It’s not just about the age, but watch the mileage as well.

  40. madhaus Says:

    >>are you saying that you’re an old hag? hehehe<<

    Her kids are in high school. You decide.

    Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
    Way before Nirvana
    There was U2 and Blondie
    And music still on MTV
    Her two kids in high school
    They tell her that she’s uncool
    Cuz she’s still preoccupied
    With 19, 19, 1985

  41. SEA Says:

    Great work!

  42. madhaus Says:

    Looks like the last installment was rescued. It’s now post #31.

  43. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > Great work!


  44. Insecure Techie Says:

    Home owners with 7 figure equities don’t understand basic economics.

    Most of them do. But Faux Estater is an exception.

  45. Insecure Techie Says:

    It’s always a bright spot in my day when I drive by Gable’s End. It reminds me that life could always be worse.

    To paraphrase what our expert once said: Having something on a Superfund site is better than having nothing at all.

    At least you own some toxic soil.

  46. steve Says:

    madhaus, thanks for the laughs!

  47. anon Says:

    haha – egg skreeter.

  48. Real Estater Says:


    Based on your understanding of economics, you’re managed to price yourself out?

  49. DreamT Says:

    The Gable’s End signs look even cuter when you see them gyrate in person. You can’t miss them – they’ve been a weekend fixture on Rengstorff for – wouldn’t you say a decade, by now? It sure feels like it! Whenever I drive through 94043, this alone justifies the trip!

  50. SEA Says:

    “Based on your understanding of economics, you’re managed to price yourself out?”

    Since when does Pralay fix housing prices?

  51. Sio2 Says:

    Great work Madhaus. Great way to start the workday with a laugh.

  52. tuno Says:

    3rd generation gets the smelly ones that have been sitting around outside – for three generations.

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