July 3, 2010

Teens jumped in ‘gang-related’ attack

Teens jumped in ‘gang-related’ attack

by Nick Veronin
Mountain View Voice Staff

Three teenagers were jumped by a group of about six men wielding weapons outside a convenience store near the border of Los Altos and Mountain View on Saturday night, June 26, a police spokeswoman said.
The victims, a 15-year-old from Stockton, an 18-year-old from Santa Clara and a 19-year-old from Sunnyvale — all male — told police they were confronted shortly before 10 p.m. as they left a 7-Eleven in the 600 block of South Rengstorff Avenue, between El Camino Real and Latham Street, said Liz Wylie, public information officer for the Mountain View Police Department.

The victims, who gave slightly different accounts, said about six men, ranging in age from 20 to 30, jumped them and that some of the assailants were armed with what Wylie described as "a brick like object," as well as a sharp object — perhaps a pen or a screwdriver — but not a knife.

The suspects remain at large.

All three victims had injuries, but declined offers of transportation to the hospital, Wylie said. The 15-year-old had welts and lumps on head and face and three small puncture wounds on shoulder and back; the 18-year-old only had complaints of head pain, and 19-year-old had puncture wounds on arm.

Before attacking the three teens, the men said "gang-related" things Wylie said. She declined to elaborate on what may have been said, but added that police have a few "very significant leads" in the case. At this time, she said, police believe the attackers to be a part of a gang, but are not sure whether the victims are in a gang; they indicated that they were not, she said. A Mountain View gang-suppression team is working on the case.

A public service announcement. Be safe out there!

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  1. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    The economy must be really bad when even gangs can’t afford knives or guns and have to resort to using bricks and screwdrivers.

  2. madhaus Says:

    I wonder if the bricks came from the Palo Alto Childrens’ Library. Perhaps this is a more prestigious gang than one usually finds in Mountain View, and would explain why this happened on the border of Los Altos.

    Also, note the teen victims were interlopers from other cities lacking the 650 cachet.

  3. Tuno Says:

    great. you can’t even go to the 7-11 now without needing tetanus shots.

  4. burbed Says:

    Be sure to read the comments in the Mountain View Voice post at the bottom.

  5. madhaus Says:

    Oh great comments indeed! Especially this one:

    Posted by Sean, a resident of the Sylvan Park neighborhood, on Jul 1, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    I work very close to where this happened, I am so NOT suprised. I like the Jennifer Taqueria next to 7-11 but I never go on weekends and im probably going to stop going all together. This is on the same corner as the dry cleaner suicide, they did determine that to be a murder suicide right? Anyway I was in the taqueria 2 weeks ago and pisa (mexicans that dress like cowboys) starting fighting in the taqueria and one pulled a knife…[Portion removed due to disrespectful comment or offensive language] . Plus all the new graffiti showing up tells me Mountain View will be like Sunnyvale real soon!

    Hey, this is great! If Mountain View will be like Sunnyvale real soon they’ll have a downtown under continuous construction for the next ten years, a library that closes for weeks to put in a return system so complicated they have to have staff standing by the booth to help flummoxed borrowers, and a shrine to canned fruit. Will they get Cupertino schools too?

    Here’s more on the “dry cleaner suicide”. Wow… seems to be quite a story. Guess you should never go into business with your spouse… cuz you could get taken to the cleaners.

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    […] Can you see parents who paid the RBA premium to live in Los Gatos wanting to share a school district with the hillbillies of Lakeside?  Or the families who paid the big bucks to live south of Fremont Avenue now finding themselves sharing a school district with North Sunnyvalers?  Wouldn’t every Los Altan sooner pull their kids out of public school than consort with those troublemakers from Latham Street? […]

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