September 23, 2010

Apologies for the downtime

My apologies for the downtime as of late. I wish I could be a better admin.

Comments (9) -- Posted by: burbed @ 10:41 am

9 Responses to “Apologies for the downtime”

  1. maryjane Says:

    No need to apologize. You’re worth the wait.

  2. Real Creator Of Craiglist Says:

    Look at the positive side. Burbed is up. That means recession is over. Right time to buy home now.

  3. madhaus Says:

    Right time to buy site now. Is Alex still offering $50 for it?

  4. DreamT Says:

    At least it was one less excuse to be unproductive – while it lasted..

  5. Gallileo Says:

    Hey, burbed is always up–just like the RBA!

    No big deal.

  6. TheGilroyAlex Says:

    No. 1 said it. Also No. 2 said it. Also, there are sure a lot of Alexes around here.

  7. Alex Says: is like non-RBA real estate…or maybe Faux Estater’s wife…

    always going down.

    burbed, I’m lowering my offer to $40 for this crummy Web 0.5 blog.

  8. TheGilroyAlex Says:

    I like Ran Prieur’s Web 0.0 – using the Web to prepare for grid-down.

  9. Creator of AlexList (Replacement of now-defunct Craiglist Adult Services) Says:

    I will pay for this side $1M if Burbed can guarantee me that it is going to double in 10 years – just like RBA home price. I want to use it for my new adult service website exclusively for redhead Asians.

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