January 4, 2011

Many Possible Bussiness Possibilities

Yesterday’s house in Newark generated such excitement we’ll look at another fantastic property in South Alameda County.  Drive a little further to work and save, save, save!

3825 Washington, Fremont, CA 94538


Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Sq. Ft.: 2,347
$/Sq. Ft.: $340
Lot Size: 10,560 Sq. Ft.
TYPE: Detached
STYLE: Cottage, Fixer/Handyman Special, Other
Year Built: 1890
Community: Irvington
County: Alameda
MLS#: 40493041
Source: EBRD
Status: Active
On Redfin: 78 days

Fixer built in the 1800 s 2 homes on one lot with a RARE Community Commercial Zoning. Units are sold AS-IS Lot faces Washington Blvd and back of lot on Main St. .Many possible bussiness possibilities or Residential Income. Do not enter property without Agent present. Zoned Multi-unit Res.

So much that is RARE about this offering!  Not one but two 120 year old properties in Irvington, with that RARE Community Commercial Zoning which is Zoned Multi-unit Res. That’s right, you can build an apartment complex and a shopping mall, both!  Think of the many possible bussiness possibilities there!  Just set up a 7-Eleven for your tenants’ late-night convenience and your round-the-clock profit!


But that’s not all that makes this place Special.  Look how sleek and streamlined this lot is compared to its dumpy plump neighbors.  And not every lot has a couple of scrapers on it older than your great-grandmother.  Think of all the Residential Income you will generate with these Units sold AS-IS.  Just be sure you do not enter property without Agent present.  No telling what could befall you if you did.  Maybe this is a bad neighborhood; somebody stole the For Sale sign from the agent’s photo.

Here’s what the Googlecam has on your new home!


Definitely an up and coming neighborhood to live in.  There’s your new place with all the palm trees!


So buy this RARE fixer build in the 1800 s! For this much commission, the Agent will stay at the property 24/7 after you move in.  Then you can always enter the property with Agent present.  Always.

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9 Responses to “Many Possible Bussiness Possibilities”

  1. sonarrat Says:

    With this property, who needs to drive to work? Wake up, and you’re already at work!

  2. CB Says:

    This area is in “transition”. The five corners one block to the west is slated for redevelopment, Bay St especially. There’s already a few interesting nooks on Bay – two good restaurants and one of the best coffee shops in the south bay (with a performing arts theater on top). There’s also a decent farmers market.

    East on Washington at Osgood is the remains of the Palmdale Winery. What’s left is the structures where they stored barrels in brick tunnels cored out of the hillside. Palmdale was the largest winery in California until the 1906 quake.

    As most areas in Fremont, this one suffers from patch development and suburban strip malls in all their glory.

    As the realtor states, this is a commercial prospect. I’d say it’s very similar to The Alameda (San Jose) in the mid 90’s. There’s high value residential very close, but still it’s a neglected main street from the early 1900s.

  3. Pralay Says:

    Palmdale was the largest winery in California until the 1906 quake.

    Sometime back a farmer (in Ardenwood Farm) told me that in 1960-70s Fremont had the largest cauliflower production in whole USA. And now this largest winery.
    Is everything Fremont ends up being largest?

  4. ES Says:

    if this property sells for this price I’m buying. F’ it. That’s just completely absurd.

  5. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Liquor in the front, poker in the rear …. ooops I mean POT CLINIC!

  6. madhaus Says:

    #1 we featured a property where you really WERE at work when you woke up, plus it was on the Alameda (per #2).

  7. Tuno Says:

    Washington blvd. must have once been a cute little main street. and now it’s so horrible. I checked Main Street, hoping it might have some residual charm, but no.

    has anyone noticed how many vacant businesses there are on El Camino these days? even between the Stanford Shopping Center and the Menlo Park Safeway; loads of empty store fronts. and farther south, Manpower has shut up shop; the Scientologists have moved on, the Rice restaurant didn’t last, and what is it with that car showroom on El Camino and Charleston that has been empty *forever.*?

  8. Mole Man Says:

    Empty storefronts in Menlo Park including that stretch of El Camino Real are partly related to the ongoing attempt to rezone the area. Some of the changes are just common sense, but proposals include allowing bigger and more kinds of buildings than before so now there is a kerfuffle. Developers are also wary since the market is a mess and loans are difficult at best. Menlo Park has in general been losing business to Palo Alto and the Stanford Mall for a while, so demand for commercial space is slack.

  9. Tuno Says:

    thanks for pointing that out, Mole Man. I didn’t know re the redevelopment.

    But I guess empty is still empty, and must be a cash drain in any case.

    other empty spots: the 3-day-blind shop (who on earth is in such a rush for *blinds* anyway??); the bar that’s on the same side of El Camino as Pizza Chicago.

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