April 8, 2011

A little bit (of England) on the (Wood)side!



Burbed reader sfbubblebuyer returns to the front page with another terrific find, and best of all…  It’s not in Vallejo and no hookers were lathered in cooking oil in providing this contribution. 

So let’s give another nice, warm RBA welcome to sfbubblebuyer, today’s guest blogger!

If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to have an English accent and snub the commoner Americans, this is the house for you! It’s modeled after Hampton Court in Middlesex, England! Now that’s a sexy sounding shire!

125 NORTHGATE St, Woodside, CA 94062


SQ. FT.: 16,900
$/SQ. FT.: $763
LOT SIZE: 2.87 Acres
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Tudor
COMMUNITY: Woodside Heights
COUNTY: San Mateo
MLS#: 81054806
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 141 days

The Buck Estate. Designed by noted architect Albert Farr, who modeled Buck after Hampton Court in Middlesex, England, a 16th century royal family residence. Brick & stucco cut stone, high Gothic arches, mullioned windows, slate roof, & bay views. Over 17,000 sq. ft. , ornate plaster details, beautiful rooms of original carved wood panelling. Truly rare & irreplaceable. Minutes from Atherton. 2.86 ac

imageYou want columns?  Tough!  WE HAVE BUTTRESSES!  Columns are for the help. 

Specifically, the help in the kitchen.  That’s right, this house is so awesome, it sends the columns to the kitchen to help hold up the cabinets.

You have to be an arch to get any play in THIS building!  And not any old arch!  Our arches are RIBBED FOR YOUR PLEASURE! 


And as if that were not enough to get your trousers tight and your checkbook hot, we have GROIN VAULTS! (Seriously, this is called out in the listing on the virtual tour.)


And not just one, MULTIPLE GROIN VAULTS!


This house is a veritable REAL ESTATE ORGY! It’s turn key, and bowl-for-guest-keys, ready. But send the help to sleep in the carriage house, because things are gonna get funky in here tonight! Did I mention it’s in WOODside! Rowr!

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10 Responses to “A little bit (of England) on the (Wood)side!”

  1. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I bet they only stock Grey Poupon in that place.

  2. madhaus Says:

    Grey Poupon, and Vaseline for the groin vaults.

  3. Joe Says:

    Who knew monstrosities like this existed in the BA, thanks Burbed 🙂 This place exudes sex, where’s Mr. Tiger Woods to bid this place up?

  4. maryjane Says:

    I’ve always thought it was a little too nouveau to call your place The _____ Estate. Rather pretentious, don’t you think? In my circle we like to keep things understated and the fewer words it takes to identify your place the better. If a letter can’t be delivered with an address like :

    Woodside, CA

    you need to face the fact that your money hasn’t aged enough and buy in Palo Alto.

  5. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Hey don’t knock good mustard, personally, I like to Poupon a sandwich before I eat it.

  6. DreamT Says:

    house porn at it’s (sic) finest!

  7. nomadic Says:

    The best thing about Hampton Court Palace are the gardens.

    Ha, perfect that this place is so salacious – after all, its inspiration was built by a Cardinal who had it taken away by horny Henry VIII because the Pope wouldn’t grant him a divorce.

  8. corntrollio Says:

    This isn’t even in real Woodside. It’s on the wrong side of 280. Nice housing porn, even if it screams out nouveau riche garbage.

  9. nomadic Says:

    $1,000,000 price cut! Time to run out and buy.

    Nouveau riche? This house was built in 1934. Might as well be 1634 by CA standards.

    I came searching for this place because I always see it from 280 and have been wondering about it. Funny it was here on burbed all along!

  10. Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please in Woodside [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] Wait a minute, this place looks very familiar. […]

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