April 13, 2011

Hubris on the Slough

burbedguestbloggerPlease welcome Burbed reader nomadic to the front page! 

And what a find from nomadic, today’s Guest Blogger, has for us at over at San Jose del Norte del Muy Norte.  No real estate orgy, but a very generous serving of suggestive numbers, both in the address and the price.  That ought to be worth something!

Enjoy, and everyone please give a warm, Real Bay Area welcome to nomadic.

1269 Michigan Ave, Alviso (San Jose), CA 95002


SQ. FT.: –
LOT SIZE: 2,602 Sq. Ft.
TYPE: Detached
STYLE: Traditional
COMMUNITY: Santa Clara
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 40478514
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 260 days

This fabulous 2,600 sf home feels like a brand new home. 4 BR/3 BA, with basement offer ample space for all your needs. Truly, the best home in area. You’ll love all the luxury upgrades incl. custom décor, solar elec. panels and granite chef’s kitchen. Outside, fabulous deck and hot tub.

imageAhhh, Michigan Avenue.  Home of Miller’s Bar, the best burger on the planet.  Too bad that’s Dearborn, and this is Alviso. 

In any case, that’s what caught my eye in this listing, besides the bubblicious price of $699,000.  The owner is a realtard and he bought it last summer for $680,000 (no doubt eying the prospect of $130k in instant equity).  Maybe he’s not being quite so ridiculous, given the next door neighbor’s house is pending at a $688k list price.  He ought to take a closer look at his listing though; the lot square footage actually belongs to the house. 

I’ll give him props for having faith in modern technology: do you suppose he’s got the solar panels as back up to keep the sump pumps going in case of power loss?  A basement in Alviso seems to be an act of hubris.

I’m trying to puzzle out the listing history too.  It says it was sold August 18,2010, yet it’s been on the market for 245 days.  The listing also has this note:

Listing Information

  • Listing Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010
  • Status Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can anyone solve this mystery nomadic has dug up in the slough?  Or are you too busy writing up your overbids so you can unlock that instant equity?

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14 Responses to “Hubris on the Slough”

  1. Petsmart banker Says:

    Michigan and Alviso in the same address? Duh, winning!

  2. madhaus Says:

    Alviso, the next Emerald Lake Hills. The bloom in the slough is already colored emerald.

  3. Perfect Sense Says:

    Can’t you see
    It all makes perfect sense
    Expressed in dollars and cents

    Darling is the child warm in the bed tonight

  4. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Ahh Burbed, where you can always find a slough of laughs!

    A friend of mine (and Prunedale resident) told me about those snobs he sees down his way with their Carmel-By-The-Sea license plates. One day he saw one that said Prunedale-By-The-Slough and busted out laughing.

    Avg. elevation of Alviso is something like -10ft, isn’t it?

  5. nomadic Says:

    I’m glad that someone appreciated this listing. The idea of a basement in Alviso still amazes me, but I guess most of the regulars on here don’t relate to it.

  6. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    A basement in coastal california amazes me. I grew up in Montana where you had one to keep the house from popping out of the ground when the freeze hits, so the serious lack of basements has always made me scratch my head.

    If I ever had the cash to rebuild my house the way I wanted it, a basement would be in the plans.

  7. DreamT Says:

    There’s a whole neighborhood next to the rail tracks / south-west of SJ airport, where each house has a basement… at least, they’re not below water level.

  8. Petsmart banker Says:

    > The idea of a basement in Alviso still amazes me […]

    The idea of Alviso still amazes me.

  9. PerfectBanker Says:

    This place is not far from secret military missile interception site. You are at the safest location of America. Instant equity + Instant security. How about that?

  10. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    perfect banker wtf??? LOL!!!!! People, you owe it to yourselves to click the link. Oh, and buy this house, of course.

  11. madhaus Says:

    Be sure to zoom out a bit from that splendid picture in #9, because you’ll see what I mean about an Emerald in the Slough.

  12. Real Estater Says:

    LOL. Pralay went from Perfect Anus to Perfect Banker?

  13. PerfectBanker Says:

    I just made a deal with “Banker East”, signed NDA and became Perfect Banker. 🙂

  14. nomadic Says:

    …and he’s coming after YOU. Next, he’ll be “Perfect Estater.”

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