July 31, 2011

Media Room In Search of Some Action

That is, if by “action” I really meant “trademark violation lawsuit.”  Here’s a weekend WTF for your enjoyment, thanks to Burbed reader James M.


Here’s what James has to say about this photo:

Here’s a great shot of a "media room" from a 6000+ sq ft Toll Bros monstrosity in San Ramon… Perfect for that tech baron in all of us!  That little TV looks pathetic…

Alas, according to Redfin, this listing was removed this past Thursday.  It was still on Trulia, though.

This is an Open Thread.  Let us know about the Open House action you saw this weekend, and how the big the flat-screen TVs are now that rents are going up again.

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  1. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Holy … COW!

    This looks like something from the manic phase the area was in before the dot-bomb. It was nutz there for a while. Ya know, recently I got an HP-16C calculator, yep one of the holy grails for collectors, the exotic “computer scientist” calcs, that would do all kinds of …. computer stuff. Back In The Day ™ I’d have gotten $400 for it on Craig’s List within days. Instead, it took me a month to sell it and I got $150 from the single guy who showed any interest – at least he’s a collector. (I had one idiot want to buy it for surveying work; I talked him out of it and showed him which new HP calc to get.) The point is, anything computer-y was hot stuff.

  2. Petsmart groomer Says:

    There are also 2 laptops (hopefully connected to the outside world). Perfect for entertaining!

  3. MS Says:

    That decorating scheme is so 2006.
    Who wants to go home and look at their conference room at work? Especially after getting laid off in 2008?

  4. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    The reason I call this pre-2000 is the Netzero, MSN, and AOL logos, especially the AOL one.

  5. steve Says:

    pretty quiet in the PV, but here’s another interesting MP apple:

    1390 CORINNE Ln
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Jul 27, 2011 Sold (MLS) (Sold) $1,895,000
    Jul 07, 2009 Sold (Public Records) $1,553,000
    Aug 16, 2005 Sold (Public Records) $1,700,000

    and a PA discovery I’m shocked what featured on burbed before its sale (you have to check the sky photos):

    1027 AMARILLO Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94303
    Jul 28, 2011 Sold (MLS) (Sold) $760,000
    Jun 21, 2000 Sold (MLS) $559,000

    not sure why redfin didn’t do the math, but that is 2.8% annual return rate before commissions, or 2.2% net, on an 11 year hold.

  6. steve Says:

    “shocked what featured on burbed” = “shocked *wasn’t* featured on burbed” when you are paying no attention to what you are typing

  7. MS Says:

    #4: Pre-2000, they would’ve plastered altavista.com instead of Google, but I must amend my original offer of 2006. Due to lack of myspace, I call this at 2003

  8. MS Says:

    Also, San Ramon =! RBA

  9. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > a PA discovery I’m shocked wasn’t featured on burbed before its sale

    Why shocked? The street is named after a Texas town so it ought to be cheap.

  10. SEA Says:

    Back to the Real RBA:

    33 Emilie Ave

    Built in 1924, sold in 1998 for $1.5M, currently listed at $4.3M. Now, if it sells anywhere close to listing price, that’s the Real RBA.

    For $1,748 per square foot, description suggests, “COTTAGE IS 1200 SQUARE FEET.”

  11. SEA Says:

    And the link: http://www.redfin.com/CA/Atherton/33-Emilie-Ave-94027/home/1742825

  12. nomadic Says:

    #7, given that the house was built in 2004 you’re not far off with either guess.

  13. The Gilroy Alex Says:


    I’m so funny!

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