November 14, 2011

This listing is under water. Literally.

Today’s featured listing is thanks to new Burbed reader wahnny, who brings us a delightful first Guest Post from an infrequent Burbed destination.  Let’s hitch up the trailer, because we’re going for a drive down south, and we’re going to be using the boat ramp!

Please give wahnny a big, warm, Real Bay Area welcome as today’s Guest Blogger!

14400 UVAS Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037


SQ. FT.: 4,480
$/SQ. FT.: $536
LOT SIZE: 9.45 Acres
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Ranch
VIEW: Lake
COMMUNITY: Morgan Hill/Gilroy/San Martin
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81143867
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 27 days

Private and luxurious peninsula estate with breathtaking views of Uvas Reservoir on 9.45 Acres property is magnificent and transformational. With a 5 bedroom house, 2 bedroom guest house, triple carport, shop, and a barn and 6+ acres of arable land, this property has much to offer. This home is surrounded by water front on 3 sides, a 626 acre County Park and 1,165 acres of Open Space Preserve land


I’m a newcomer to (thanks to the link by madhaus on redfin forum), and thought this might be an interesting article to share:

I recently saw a unique property for sale in Llagas-Uvas area of southwest Santa Clara County.

Although the location of this property may be outside the RBA, its pricing doesn’t seem to be.  Aside from being adjacent to a county park (and its parking lot, with frequent weekend traffic), what makes this property extra “special” is the lakefront views … except during the rainy season, when over a third of the property may be underwater (notice the partially submerged trees), or during the summer season, when the water levels go down (sometimes way down … it’s a reservoir after all … see Google Earth image history).

14400 uvas 070614400 uvas 1105

Images from Google Earth of 14400 Uvas Road. Left taken on 5/31/2007.  Right taken on 6/19/2011. 

Comments (17) -- Posted by: madhaus @ 5:09 am

17 Responses to “This listing is under water. Literally.”

  1. Divasm Says:

    Welcome wahnny! I love it…the property literally being under water…shouldn’t we get a range of how big the lot could be instead of an actual number? 🙂

  2. nomadic Says:

    Do you suppose that’s what the realtard means by “transformational?”

    BTW, being on a reservoir it isn’t likely you’d have to worry about the waterline going any higher than those trees.

  3. z2amiller Says:

    I guess the strategy is that you make sure you schedule a tax re-assessment at high water mark. “But sir! This is only a six acre property, tops!”

    If I had a spare 2.4 mil kicking around, I wouldn’t mind a place like this. It is close enough to San Jose / MoHill to be a teeth-grinding but possible commute, and the Uvas area is beautiful.

  4. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I like the ‘triple carport’ action. Over nine damn acres of property and no room for an actual garage?

  5. CB Says:

    #4 Hovercraft are usually stored outside.

  6. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    And there it is, the uvula of Santa Clara County. We all know its anus is downtown Gilroy!

    2.4 sounds awfully high but then, all the prices on RE are awfully high. I’d not mind living in this place, being on the water is fun. Get a Sunfish (the most popular sailboat in the US bar none, and actually a “sailboard” since it planes) and have a gas tooling around on the water. Not *too* far from the peninsula, for instance, you can get from there to De Anza college in half an hour. And it *is* a beautiful area.

    Cons are that if it’s right next to a park parking lot, then you’re going to have a lot of people around.

  7. Swan Says:

    This house is the same idea, just a lot more money.

    Cool feature? Helicopter pad!

  8. PKamp3 Says:

    Yeah this is actually a pretty cool property – concur with #3.

    In other news, pride of ownership – now with the Atlantic’s stamp of approval!

  9. madhaus Says:

    Cool link, PKamp3! Cool house, Swan!

    I like today’s listing. Plus the house itself looks like the trailers they set up for Yosemite employees to live in.

  10. nomadic Says:

    Today’s house is in a very cool location, but it is seriously ugly and dumpy. Even so, it’s The Ritz compared to the huts Yosemite employees live in. My niece lived there the summer before last and it’s only fit for 18 to 20-year-olds who enjoy camping.

  11. SEA Says:

    #8- People rent crap and then complain? Is that like renting a Kia while complaining that you should have purchased a Bentley?

    Worry about every nail hole in the wall? Why not have accountants to pay for it all?

  12. wahnny Says:

    All, thanks for the great comments!

    #6 – Currently, Santa Clara County does not permit boating (not even model boats) in the Uvas Reservoir. However, “fishing” (catch-and-release) is permitted. Given that part of the lot is in the reservoir, there may be other restrictions that limit what the owner can do in the area.

    #10 – Agreed the place is a bit dated, but serviceable. The main value proposition seems to be the location, although the house is not really secluded, and the lot size/viewshed varies with the seasons.

  13. AstroWallaby Says:

    Every time we go hiking in the Uvas area I’m amused anew by the presence of “Sveadal”, a strange little private resort… thing in front of the canyon park; a precious little chunk of Eden thoughtfully reserved for the exclusive use of towering white people from the untamed north.

    (I always like to pretend that it’s a ghetto for strangely humanoid refuges from an faraway planet, ala “Alien Nation”, who depend upon the regular inhalation of chemicals released by rotting pine needles to survive in our atmosphere.)

    Presumably if one were to buy this peninsular paradise said local Swedes would celebrate the arrival of their King by slaughtering something large and hairy and roasting it on spits in their honor. That’s easily worth 2.4 million.

  14. z2amiller Says:

    @13 +1 for Sveadal! It is worth 2.4 million just to get to live that close to the land of Volvos. Uvas Canyon was one of our favorite places to hike before the kiddo showed up – amazing area, and fun to go trapse around in the waterfalls.

  15. wahnny Says:

    #13, #14 – Yes, Sveadal is an interesting place to visit (Midsummer festival is particularly nice). And there appear to be other properties for sale closer to that area which are more reasonably priced than this one.

  16. wahnny Says:

    #13, #14 – Yes, Sveadal is an interesting place to visit (Midsummer festival is particularly nice). Also, there appears to be other properties for sale closer to that area which are more reasonably priced than this one.

  17. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Svaedal, really? Could set up the ham gear and work Svalbard from Svaedal. I need to go hiking in Uvas some time, see if they allow bikes then I can just tool around on my “paperboy special” and check the place out.

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