November 26, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Cheapest house in San Mateo County

It may be the weekend but the DEALS will continue, along with all the regular Burbed features you know and loathe!

Today’s DEAL is the absolutely cheapest house we could find in all of San Mateo County!  It’s also been featured on Burbed before, when it was (hold onto your Thanksgiving leftovers) the cheapest house we could find in all of San Mateo County!  Only back in June the cheapest house in all of San Mateo County would have cost you $142,000.

Since then, there’s been a little bit of a price reduction.  Now how much would you pay?

87 REDWOOD Dr, Loma Mar, CA 94021


SQ. FT.: 740
$/SQ. FT.: $135
LOT SIZE: 0.39 Acres
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Cabin
VIEW: Neighborhood
COUNTY: San Mateo
MLS#: 81114783
STATUS: Pending Without Release
ON REDFIN: 234 days

Price reduced for quick sale!! Please take a look again. Cozy Cabin in the hill, adjacent to the Memorial State Park, within walking distant to the local stores in Lomar Mar, and short drive to downtown Pescadero and the Ocean. Home is dated which can be updated and upgraded to your desire. Property is perfect for a weekend getaway cabin or for rental purposes.

Property is perfect, perfect I tell you.  And the price is reduced.  The next-cheapest house in the entire County will cost $40,000 more than this one.  Please take a look again.


I’ve seen houses for five times the cost of this one with completely gutted kitchens.  This property features a fridge, a sink, and a range.  At least three windows are still glazed.  BUY!

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9 Responses to “BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Cheapest house in San Mateo County”

  1. CB Says:

    What’s that, $400-500/mo with tax? I know guys who spend more restoring cars.

    I can see myself using a $99K second home near Memorial park at least one weekend a month. As long as it’s not rotted to the core (which it looks like it is), this would be a cool project.

  2. z2amiller Says:

    Agreed with #1, not a bad little place if it is not falling apart. Loma Mar is a pretty cool area. Before our son was born, my wife and I would spend time up in that area hiking. (Sam McDonald park, Heritage Grove) Although, 2 stories and 740sqft brings “cozy” to a whole new level.

  3. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    It’s just a hair under $100k so call it that, so, $1000 a month. A lot of apartments rent for that, so this is probably an OK deal.

    Nearest town is Pescadero, so it’s really out in the middle of nowhere. Not sure how you’re going to earn a living, so maybe this house should be more like $10k, again, move the decimal point!

  4. SEA Says:

    Yes move the decimal point: With the pride of ownership this place must be worth nearly $1M, and who cares about income with Prop 13 and all.

  5. ms Says:

    The well goes out, the septic goes out, someone grows pot on your property, someone moves in and tries “adverse possession”… this place has too many problems if you don’t live there.
    The Ritz Carlton at HMB costs $300 for a nice suite, and you don’t have to pay taxes.
    If you do live there, the commute will suck. It looks like 30 minutes easy to even get to Hwy 1. Then of course, joys of 92.

  6. ms Says:

    You could get this house for only 100K more, cheapest house in city of San Mateo. You can get a condo here for $175K now, easy.

  7. madhaus Says:

    We’ll get to San Mateo the city, just not yet! Counties first! I’m hoping someone’s going to bring a gun or pepper spray to try to get one of these houses first.

  8. ms Says:

    Over here, the wind currents blow such that you’d get a face-full of pepper spray if you ever deployed it.
    Seriously, people around here just deal with septic by sneaking their full tank over to McDonald and dumping it before rangers can see. Yeah, some of ’em have a flat screen.
    Nice, huh?

  9. ms Says:

    Also, these are the same pictures from last year.
    When was someone last in that place?

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