December 11, 2011

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Cheapest House in Campbell!

The DEALS continue, and we’re back in Santa Clara County, too!  So if we’re going to go bargain hunting, let’s head to one of the best places to find underappreciated houses: Campbell!

Because nothing says poorly maintained old house that isn’t in East San Jose like Campbell does.

And nothing says poorly maintained old house for HOW MUCH???? like Burbed.  So we at Burbed love us some Campbell very much.  Mmm – mmm – good!

176 W ROSEMARY Ln, Campbell, CA 95008


SQ. FT.: 1,118
$/SQ. FT.: $313
LOT SIZE: 9,170 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Cottage/Bungalow
VIEW: Neighborhood
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81149398
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 3 days

Nice and quite location, 2 bed rooms, 2 baths. original 3 br, one bed room open up to make living room biger.

Alright, we’ve got the picnic in the back yard that wasn’t cleaned up, we got the toys in the living room not cleaned up, and there are a lot of items on the kitchen counters as well.  Maybe you’re going to have to do some serious overbidding to get their attention because these sellers really can’t be bothered with this “staging” business and they figure the bank will get back to you in about a year and a half.


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5 Responses to “BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Cheapest House in Campbell!”

  1. SEA Says:

    “May 24, 2004 Sold (Public Records) $575,000”
    to $350,000 in December 2011

    It’s no surprise that it’s listed as “Lender Approval Required/Short Sale.”

    Imagine how much in taxes, insurance, interest, light bulbs and Drano was paid over the last 7.5 years, yet the loss on sale is an undiscounted average of $2,500 for all 90 months. It does make one wonder, was this purchase ever ‘cash flow positive?’

    I know what you’re thinking: If the owner made the other 270 payments, then he’d be just fine. The problem isn’t that he paid too much, but rather the problem is that the owner didn’t pay enough.

    I’m sure this place was worth the cost, once one considers the pride of ownership, even if the owner couldn’t afford gasoline.

  2. Tracy Tea House Says:

    I wonder if that is the remains of a picnic or a huff party? Also, why is it that quiet is such a hard work to spell? I would love to see a posting on the most miss-spelled words on the MLS…

  3. nomadic Says:

    Heh, a little unintentional “bunus” humor in Tracy’s post. 🙂 (Love the agent’s “biger” living room too.)

    SEA says: The problem isn’t that he paid too much, but rather the problem is that the owner didn’t pay enough.

    That’s right. If the buyer paid cash, then society wouldn’t have to bail out his – and the bank’s – asses.

  4. SEA Says:

    It’s easy to call someone a rentard when the lender is the one to eventually pay the cost of ‘the pride of ownership.’

    “Unholy and dirty words I gathered to me,
    Thinking the point was keep what’s mine for me,
    And he’s laughing.
    On every track I fractured every back
    Thinking the point was to step on every crack
    While he’s laughing” -Belly

  5. ms Says:

    350K the absolute lowest in Campbell.
    Campbell might be closer to RBA than we all think

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