January 4, 2012

Who needs plumbing anyway!

947 N 7TH St,
San Jose, CA 95112



I’m sure it’s not this simple… but really… couldn’t you just flush the toilet and see what happens? If it doesn’t go anywhere, or just goes outside, maybe it’s not connected to the sewer?

Why is this so hard to figure out?

But more importantly, does it even matter? Aren’t we supposed to be green and all? Forget “gray water”, that’s so last century. These days, it’s about yellow and-possibly-brown (if you’re coming back from Mexico having drank the water) water.

If you hate this house, you must hate the environment.

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11 Responses to “Who needs plumbing anyway!”

  1. nomadic Says:

    Huh, the pics scream “short sale” but I guess there must be renters living there.

  2. AstroWallaby Says:

    “Short sale” and “renters living there” aren’t even remotely mutually exclusive in the fast-paced innovative world of Bay Area real estate. Buy for zero down, blow a shedload of HELOC money, spend years stringing along a bank all while collecting rent from the suckers living in your crapshack… it’s the new American way! Steve Jobs invented it. He invented all good things, right?

    (And this property *literally has a crapshack*… an outbuilding with a mystery toilet sounds like the definition of the word. Supposing said toilet *doesn’t* go to the sewer it’s interesting to speculate where it might be going instead. My guess is that every time someone flushes it piles up somewhere within three klicks of Terra Nova station.)

  3. nomadic Says:

    #2, of course they aren’t mutually exclusive, but the listing doesn’t say it’s a short sale. And actually, possession at COE + 3 days doesn’t sound like there are renters either. The resident is just a pig unconcerned with selling promptly.

    Given the age of the place, I suppose it’s possible they had a septic system for the crapshack.

  4. AstroWallaby Says:

    #3: It looks like there’s one of those combination walker/seat things parked in the bedroom, which implies to me that the resident “pig” is likely physically handicapped. (For that matter, that machine parked at the foot of the bed looks suspiciously like a medical device, possibly an oxygen generator.) It may not be labeled a short-sale (yet) or mention a renter but I’d be willing to bet a shiny new nickel there’s *something* fishy going on with this beyond “it’s a horrible ridiculously overpriced hovel with a slovenly delusional seller”. Someone’s getting evicted somehow, be it directly or indirectly.

    That or maybe Grandma comes with the place.

  5. microtherion Says:

    It sounds to me like the mystery toilet is in ADDITION to a regular working bathroom in the main house. Presumably the seller would rather not deal with the consequences of a flush if the mystery toilet is not, in fact, hooked up properly, as it may not have been used in decades.

    We once rented a house in Santa Clara that ostensibly had two fireplaces, but the lease explicitly forbid us from even trying to use one of them, and before using the other, would would have had to get it inspected, as such structures don’t necessarily make it through earthquakes in one piece. Presumably similar caveats apply to toilets that have not been used in a long time.

  6. microtherion Says:

    #4, it looks to me like the previous occupant moved on to a retirement home or (somewhat more likely, given the equipment left behind) a better world.

  7. madhaus Says:

    After drinking those various water colors, the agent is seeing double or even triple. Note the reuse of the photos.

    I also love listings that merit Burbed’s “good housekeeping” tag of approval.

  8. Tracy Tea House Says:

    We actually almost bought a house without a working sewer system!It was a “short” and I discovered that the toilets were hooked up to a non working, old wooden box septic. When just one elder lived there the hill took care of it. We did not get the house, and the folks who did buy the house, got a nice surprise, that well…was shitty. Our current rental from 1940 has an unfilled septic tank in the backyard, which we discovered in a fun game called “where does that pipe go?..”

  9. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I’m pretty sure this ‘mystery shack behind a fence’ is where you keep your abducted sex slaves.

  10. SEA Says:

    “It may not be labeled a short-sale (yet)”

    At $279k it’s not a short sale. As the price goes down, the probability of selling shortly goes up.

  11. ms Says:

    Sometimes “not connected to sewer” means it’s not connected to the main line at the street; it’s connected with a neighbors’ line that then goes to the main.

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