February 1, 2012

Welcome home to EAPLA!

248 GREEN Sts
EAPLA, CA 94303


Welcome home to EAPLA! It’s like SoMa or FiDi, but a few miles south!

Wait… where is EAPLA you ask?

Here’s a clue!


Clearly the realtor of this learned a lot on marketing from Stringer Bell! Kudos!

It’ll only be a matter of time before the city with weather best by government test becomes known as ReWoCi. You heard it hear first!

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18 Responses to “Welcome home to EAPLA!”

  1. SEA Says:

    “Sep 03, 2004 Sold (Public Records) $551,000 19.5%/yr Public Records”

    The asking price is over 60% off the former sale price, and it is over 7 years later.

    How many years was seller waiting for prices to go up?

    Whatever the final sale price, I suspect the next owner will not lose as much as the current one.

  2. nomadic Says:

    How can this place be assessed for $599k?

    SEA, I doubt the current owner is losing much, if anything. The bank (and therefore probably taxpayers) are picking up the tab for this short sale.

  3. madhaus Says:

    EAPLA in da house! So much trendier than SuVa.

  4. SEA Says:

    #2- You think the $551k purchase was zero down?

  5. nomadic Says:

    Probably. At most 3% FHA. Who in their right mind would have a real down payment available to them, and then blow it on EAPLA?

  6. AstroWallaby Says:

    EAPLA sounds vaguely like some sort of sinister CIA mind control project, ala MKULTRA. Perhaps the government has decided to resort to stronger measures in its attempt to “shore up the housing market” (read: re-inflate the bubble). If propaganda alone won’t do the job then maybe the proper mix of psycho-reactive drugs will.

    I wonder if the purchase of this house includes the requisite brainwashing/ongoing LSD treatment needed to actually tolerate living a badminton birdie-swat away from 101 gratis or if that costs extra.

  7. PKamp3 Says:

    “Omar comin’! Omar, comin’, yo!”

    I read an article in the NYT some time back trying to name the neighborhood north of Houston. If south was SOHO, they wanted to call north NOHO… hilarity ensued, IIRC.

  8. gallileo Says:

    This house sells well above asking, because–for EAPLA–being on the right side of 101 is the same as being on the right side of Middlefield for PLA.

  9. mabeldu Says:

    so… the realtor makes up a new city and moves it into a different county? it’s listed in san mateo, but last i heard PA was still in santa clara.

    i thought it’d take the state legislature or voters to make those tricks happen. those omnipotent, scary realtors are more powerful than i realized.

    does moving it up to san mateo county really increase the price; i.e. no more slumming with the santa clara county losers?

  10. mabeldu Says:

    whoops! i just double checked. EPA is in san mateo and PA is still in santa clara.

    i guess PA tried its best to detach from EPA in every way possible.

  11. madhaus Says:

    Yo, EAPLA is in SMATCO.

  12. madhaus Says:

    A few miles south of SoMa? This home is in the San Diego Unified school district!

  13. gallileo Says:

    Facebook is going IPO!

    Double-digit appreciation for everyone–even this dumpster with an occupancy permit! You heard it here first!

  14. dollarbin Says:

    You can buy an EAPLA bookshelf at the nearby Ikea.

  15. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    I hope tomorrow will be dedicated for “Facebook effect”. No pink house please.

    What a Facebook IPO means for Silicon Valley

    This article misses the most important point – Facebook IPO means double digit appreciation for Silicon Valley housing market.

  16. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    Remember Facebook effect?

  17. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    #14 you made me laugh!

  18. madhaus Says:

    #14: +1,000.

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