February 8, 2012

Now with more convenient schools and fascinating neighbors!

It’s always fun when a house previously featured on Burbed comes back for a second look. Sometimes it’s a flip that’s awful in a new way, sometimes it’s the same problems ensuring that the house will be bidless for a long, long time.  Today’s Mountain View mansion, courtesy of Burbed reader dollarbin, has some changes since its last appearance, but it’s not just the house that’s had things moved around.

Mountain View, CA 94041


SQ. FT.: 1,565
$/SQ. FT.: $567
LOT SIZE: 4,414 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Traditional
VIEW: Neighborhood
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81150934
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 48 days

Curb Appeal-Perfect 10. Own this 2.5 yr old Single Family Home for the price of MV townhomes and Condos. Warm & BEATIFULLY designed. Very energy efft/extra insulation w/ E. Eff appls. Showroom finish 2car garage. Gated access for added security/privacy n kids to play. Walking dist. to Downtown restrnts/shops/farmrs mrkt/CalTrans & Parks. Xcllnt APIs for schools. Nice fenced back yard w/ patio. NO HOA Dues.

And here’s a reminder of how the house looked in its previous incarnation:  (warning, 180 comment thread)


120207-chiquita-facadeHere’s what dollarbin has to say about why you should take another look at 290 Chiquita:

One of burbed’s most talked about houses is back on the market, baby!

What’s more, unlike 2009, it now sports lucky 8′s in the price tag.

120207-chiquita-garagePlus, unlike 2009, the assigned elementary school will be Castro, rather than having to schlep your kids across El Camino into the fancy side of town to attend Bubb with all of those obnoxious rich kids.

Also, thanks to Habitat for Humanity, you’ll have new neighbor families enjoying “eight ownership homes for ‘very low- and low-income families’ ” at 300 Chiquita Ave.”

120207-chiquita-google-signYou may object that the “Xcllnt APIs for schools” was not intended to be a factual statement, and there will be BMR housing next door.  The crime rate might be higher than you’re comfortable with.  You may not be too excited about the sex offender who lives around the corner on Villa Street.  And two different Redfin agents complained about how small the bedrooms are.

None of this matters in the least.  The agent presents picture #21 to refute all Negative Nellie natterings.

Start your overbidding!

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9 Responses to “Now with more convenient schools and fascinating neighbors!”

  1. z2amiller Says:

    Oh yeah, we saw this ugly monstrosity pop up while we were house hunting last summer. Apartment complexes, condo complexes, or run down duplexes on all sides – that is not a great part of town. I guess that’s why they list the “gated access” in the listing copy. The plus side of that part of town is that you’re only like two blocks from the Day Worker Center, in case you realize that you can’t get furniture up those stairs without a lot of help.

    Also, the realtor really got their money’s worth out of that super wide angle lens. Some of those bedrooms actually look habitable even though they’re probably about 8′x10′.

  2. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    I’ve lived in that ‘hood and I agree, “interesting” neighbors indeed. Amazing since it really is walking distance to Google, but there’s the most amazing collection of homeless, winos, violence cases, nutzos, chicks who apparently live on vodka and cigarettes alone, scruffy, strange, weird, denizens of the streets, run-down apartments, couches, and roofs.

    This is why I laugh when I see anyone referring to Mountain View as a wholesome place to live.

  3. Metalhead Says:

    Nothing says security like “gated access”, especially when it is a low 3-foot gate. I suppose you can hire one of the locals to man the gate to minimize any security issues.

  4. A. Lewis Says:

    Nice post – and who said 2009 was a good time to buy? Waiting has netted you over $300k on this beauty. Wonder what it cost to build – looks like they bought the land for $500k.

    Oh, and someone was drinking their own Kool-Aid: “seller is a licensed real estate agent”.

    Is that an endorsement or an indictment?

  5. Metalhead Says:

    I missed the info about the seller being a licensed real estate agent. That explains why it was so important to note in the listing that the house was recently staged. Staging is definitely a make a break for buying in the RBA!

  6. Michael Boltonestater Says:

    That explains why it was so important to note in the listing that the house was recently staged.

    But is it professionally staged?

  7. Crissa Says:

    The funny thing is that the lower income houses are usually nicer and friendly than these weird monstrosities that sit between them. They don’t have fences, except when they have kids…

    …I say this, having lived on the edge of Sunnyvale that faces Mountain View there for five years.

  8. SEA Says:

    “Waiting has netted you over $300k on this beauty. Wonder what it cost to build – looks like they bought the land for $500k.”

    Uh, you must have forgot to include the ‘pride of ownership.’ Sure you’d be selling for $300k less than purchase price, but the pride of ownership has to be worth much more than that. Clearly the financial loss is far cheaper than being a ‘rentard.’

  9. dollarbin Says:

    Even the dregs of the market are being scooped up. This place just sold for $858,000.

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