February 27, 2012

Great house in a quiet neighborhood

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, everyone.  Now that you’re all done with President’s Week, it’s time to get back to work, and that means back to finding a house to buy or sell!  Burbed reader sonarrat has a regal regular sale for you in Sunnyvale!

Sunnyvale, CA 94089


SQ. FT.: 1,000
$/SQ. FT.: $469
LOT SIZE: 5,500 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
VIEW: Neighborhood
COMMUNITY: Sunnyvale
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81113044
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 338 days

this is a regular sale, open floor plan, close to 101 and 237, great house in a quiet neighborhood, close to stores. there’s a bonus room in the back, seller is renting for $800.00. Permits unknown.

Here’s why sonarrat thought everyone would love this place:

Sold for $230K in 2008. Wow!

Wow! is right!  This house is so full of wow, they couldn’t run any other pictures, for fear of inducing heart attacks throughout area code 408 from the excitement.  So let’s see what else we can find.  First, Google Streetview.


A walled estate!  Just lovely!  Now, let’s check out the neighborhood.


E-Z Commute, too!


Hmm, this Streetview shot (obtained by clicking along Lawrence Expressway, and making right turns at Sandia and Blazingwood) looks okay.  It sure looks better than the only picture of the house on the listing.  Do you get the impression they don’t really want to sell this house despite the claimed “regular sale”?  It must be filled with platinum bars or something!  No wonder the permits are unknown.

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11 Responses to “Great house in a quiet neighborhood”

  1. madhaus Says:

    Another post got stuck in teh intertubez.

  2. SEA Says:

    Who cares about the rent when this place is going up in value so fast?

  3. nomadic Says:

    I wonder if they’ll lower the price on the listing’s anniversary next month.

  4. SEA Says:

    Are you kidding? The seller probably needs to raise the asking price to increase the over-bidding right up to where it needs to be. Who over-bids on low priced housing?

  5. madhaus Says:

    Check out the listing history. What did they do to this house to double its value in just three and a half years?

    9/12/08 $230,000
    4/10/06 $230,000 — this was not an arms-length transaction
    6/9/04 $45,000
    12/8/94 $175,000

    So what was the $45,000 deal, chopped liver? Bwahahahaha!

  6. SEA Says:

    You left out the listing detail in between those two $230k sales:

    “Sep 12, 2008 Sold (Public Records) $230,000 46.7%/yr Public Records
    Feb 01, 2007 Delisted * — MLSListings #1
    Nov 11, 2006 Listed * — MLSListings #1”

    Delisted February 1, 2007 and sold September 12, 2008?

    “this is a regular sale” is amusing. Sure it’s a ‘regular sale’ at the seller’s wishing price. Likely a short-sale at fair market value.

  7. Crissa Says:

    That neighborhood doesn’t contain any half-million dollar properties. It didn’t at the peak of the bubble. Why do they think it would now?

    And at $800/mo, that’s not enough to pay for $150K mortgage, let alone a $450K mortgage. Stupid.

    I feel sorry for the neighborhood, I chose against it as it has few trees and higher crime.

  8. Jason Says:

    Sunnyvale is supposed to be a higher tier place than Santa Clara or San Jose, however. You tell people you live in Sunnyvale, it doesn’t have a negative connotation at least.

  9. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Ahh, Slummyvale.

    This is either a walk or a bicycle ride to the Kit-Kat Club*, good times, good times.

    *I know the name of the Kit-Kat Club has changed, but nobody who truly loves Slummyvale at its slummy best, will use any other name.

  10. Crissa Says:

    Renaming the club after another cat and repainting it not-puke-pink was hardly a makeover.

  11. S.Schultz Says:

    Ausgezeichnet! Blurbed rawks der realty kameraden.

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