March 9, 2012

The Price is Right in Menlo Park!

Let’s finish out our workweek with a magnificent Menlo Park manse, courtesy of Burbed reader Moxie Girl.  And fortunately, Moxie has enough to say about this luscious listing that she’s sitting in as today’s Guest Blogger.

So please give her a big, warm, Real Bay Area welcome and enjoy this Burbed Guest Post!

1427 GARWOOD Way (Unable to map)
Menlo Park, CA 94025


BATHS: 2.5
SQ. FT.: 1,655
$/SQ. FT.: $423
LOT SIZE: 4,503 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
STYLE: Traditional
VIEW: Neighborhood
COMMUNITY: Middlefield to El Camino
COUNTY: San Mateo
MLS#: 81207110
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 13 days

Fantastic like new 3BD/2.5BA for under $700,000 in Menlo Park. Spacious living area, hardwood floors, crown molding, new paint & carpets and beautiful kitchen wih granite counter top tiles, walk in pantry. Private yard with deck & grass area. Close to downtown. Price is right!

120308-garwood-powerlinesI found another gem. This one is based in Menlo Park, for which I have deep affection, having worked and briefly rented there for some years. But hold the train (literally), folks, here is an RBA winner. Now this is clearly a steal: RBA real estate in the highly desired downtown Menlo Park area, and such a bargain it’s priced for $699,950, which just squeaks by at $50 under $700,000. But how can this be, you ask? Surely nothing in the desirable 94025 zip code can be for sale for such a ridiculously low price! Au contraire, mon ami.

120308-garwood-streetviewNow, the first glaring bit of information that is odd is the “unable to map” in the header line of the address. Clearly the real estate agent thinks savvy buyers are incapable of mapping the true address of this property.

Luckily for us, one of Redfin’s cracking real estate team does note from a tour last September that the property is literally next door to a PG&E power facility. AND, based on the Google map…within about 20 steps of Caltrain train tracks. That’s right. Southern view/bedroom window: power facility; eastern view/from front door: gravelly train tracks. So you’ll be humming and/or rattling to your heart’s content as you revel in the fact that you are now living in the sought-after 94025 zip code you always longed for.


Well played, “Eliz. Bianchini, Coldwell Banker-Woodside” (from Redfin listing). Can we really trust someone to publish correct information about a listing when she can’t be bothered to fully spell out her first name? Just wondering.

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19 Responses to “The Price is Right in Menlo Park!”

  1. Michael Boltonestater Says:

    Built in 2000 and this is the bathroom?!?

  2. SEA Says:

    With those RPL, Real Power Lines, I’m expecting a very high level of over bidding.

  3. z2amiller Says:

    I wonder how many pains the windows would have to be before it muffled the sounds of the train going by?

  4. Metalhead Says:

    Close to transportation! That means a bidding war.

  5. gallileo Says:

    When the big earthquake hits, this will be the first with power restored. Plus it is close to the relief supply chain. Plus good schools.

    This house is a steal at any price.

  6. kryx Says:

    They are seriously doing it wrong with that HDR.

  7. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    At least they didn’t ‘shop the powerlines out of the pictures of the front.

  8. sonarrat Says:

    Plus: it faces the tracks instead of backing up to them. That means you’ll hear (and feel) them less in the bedroom. That’s what annoys me about most houses that are next to the tracks. Minus: can’t let the kids out.

  9. madhaus Says:

    Is that free shelf rack still next to the driveway?

  10. gallileo Says:


    Many people consider freight-trains in the bedroom a good thing.

    Just sayin’.

  11. Crissa Says:

    PPS: They only run freight trains and track repair at night.

    It’s like the dozen four-home townhouse blocks they squished between the Caltrain, and overpass, and a freight yard in Sunnyvale at Wolfe. Then proceeded to ask $500K for every single postage stamp.

  12. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    That free rack isn’t worth it. It’s a “Lifetime” rack made in the only place more evil than China, Isn’t-Rael. You can put ’em together once, take apart once, then put together a 2nd time, then they “weld” together and you can’t take ’em apart again. I had a bunch of ’em once. Once. I recently got some good, US-made, metal racks that are far better. There’s actually a law on the books that mandates US companies giving preferential treatment to Isn’t-reali goods. Otherwise, I doubt those shelves would be sold here.

  13. Mole Man Says:

    The Glenwood intersection has had a remarkable number of suicides of late. Something about cheerful, leafy Menlo Park drives people off the edge.

  14. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    You are right. Just google Menlo Park Glenwood suicide, and you will find this kind of news. Looks like this place is adult version of South Palo Alto. Or may be South Palo Alto is the teen version of Menlo Park Glenwood.

  15. nomadic Says:

    Thanks, 13 & 14. I’ve been thinking that the GG Bridge is too far to drive all the way from Los Ghettos.

  16. Crissa Says:

    They haven’t finished the fence there yet, putting it all along the line.

    Of course, that doesn’t stop the suicides, they just spread out more once one spot isn’t easier than others.

  17. herpderp Says:

    Wow, this is depressing. I’d lose my mind if I lived in this house. I used to live on ECR near 237 and the 24/7 ambient noise there got under my skin quickly. This place would have to have six-foot concrete walls to even start to dull the noise.

  18. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    237 and ECR is the site of frequent accidents. Maybe an average of one a day. That’s got to be depressing.

  19. S.Schultz Says:

    This house is a bargain. By hanging a non grounded wire fence in the backyard, you can pick up free power from the station next door to power your new Volt without carbon footprint one. Talk about sustainable!

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