March 15, 2012

Move in conditions in San Jose

Here’s a peach of a property courtesy of Burbed reader Swan, complete with an agent who ought to look into some alternate nicknames.

San Jose, CA 95126


BATHS: 2.5
SQ. FT.: 1,550
$/SQ. FT.: $306
LOT SIZE: 6,360 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
VIEW: Neighborhood
COMMUNITY: Santa Clara
COUNTY: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81208684
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 6 days

Move in conditions, up dated kitchen and baths. Well maintained 4 bedrooms plus one additional master bedroom. Large level back yard , 2 car side by side. Apartment complex at back of this house. Short sale , 2 lender’s ( 2 loans )

120313-heatherdale-livingroomHere’s what Swan thought about this place:

I came across this listing today and found it possibly Burbed-worthy.  First, the realtor’s name is Lucky Chan.  In my experience, any person or animal named Lucky is usually the opposite.  This realtor should change his name to Honest.  He is very honest in the listing:  apartment 120313-heatherdale-yardcomplex at the back of the house (yup, sure is), short sale (have fun looking at the price history on Zillow), and two lenders (that can’t be good).  Last we have "2 car side by side."  Do the cars come with the house?  Where are the lucky 8s in the price?  Anyway, someone buy this quickly so Lucky can get lucky. 

120313-heatherdale-backFor a short sale, this property is in surprisingly acceptable shape… that is, for what little we get to see of it.  I do wonder why, given how little clutter was left in the yard, why we’re looking at any of it.  It would have taken all of 2 minutes to move that ladder and the blue ball out of the frame above, and another 2 for the small collection of patio crap at left.  I guess it was easier to simply go for the soft-focus effect.

And Honest, or Lucky, could have been even more honest by telling us about this home’s excellent location, location, location.  Not only is there an apartment complex behind it, you’re also really close to transportation!


Plus let’s take a quick peek at the neighborhood.


Awesome!  A gated home next door, plus on-street parking is at a premium.  Looks like you’ll be having all kinds of spirited discussions with your neighbors! 

All this and a house old enough to collect Social Security.  Maybe you’ll get Lucky, too.

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10 Responses to “Move in conditions in San Jose”

  1. spidy Says:

    If the neighbor got rid of the fence, he could put his cars in his driveway instead of using the neighborhood as a storage yard.

  2. AstroWallaby Says:

    I’m a little stumped by this one. It’s very, shall we say, “close but no banana”, many times over. If it were on the other side of 880, not quite so close to Bascom, *didn’t* have an apartment complex in the backyard, and wasn’t a “yeah, good luck with that” short sale it’d be, uhm, bargain-priced for that area? (I know, I know, but *only* “not a lot of money” within a trebuchet shot of the vaunted San Jose Rose Garden is a steal right? RIGHT? Or does the “wrong side of 880” completely cancel that out?)

    Given the facts, is there a chart we can consult to precisely quantify the level of “fail” we’re looking at here? Are the various strikes added together or multiplied when determining the “Burbed” score? Maybe someone needs to put together a tutorial page.

  3. CB Says:

    “Nice place for you to raise kid”

  4. Crissa Says:

    …Why is the car in the foreground blurred out in the window?

  5. sonarrat Says:

    It’s actually not a bad area at all. I daresay when it gets foreclosed it will probably be listed for more.

  6. madhaus Says:

    Pending today! Burbed moves another property!

    For extra giggles, check out the price history on Zillow, as Swan suggested.

    Price History
    Date Description Price Change $/sqft Source
    03/09/2012 Listed for sale $475,000 -9.5% $306 Century 21 Realty Alliance
    05/17/2011 Listing removed $525,000 — $338 WEM Pacific Investment Inc.
    02/16/2011 Price change $525,000 -22.7% $338 Exit Realty, Wem & Assoc.
    01/08/2011 Listed for sale $679,200 23.5% $438 Exit Realty, Wem & Assoc. WTF??
    11/19/2010 Listing removed $550,000 — $354 Exit Realty, Wem & Assoc.
    11/05/2010 Listed for sale $550,000 — $354 Exit Realty, Wem & Assoc.
    11/05/2010 Listing removed $550,000 — $354 Exit Realty Wem & Associates
    10/23/2010 Listed for sale $550,000 -11.3% $354 Exit Realty Wem & Associates
    10/29/2004 Sold $620,000 55.0% $400 Public Record
    06/20/2001 Sold $400,000 317% $258 Public Record
    03/31/1999 Sold $96,000 -54.3% $61 Public Record
    06/09/1998 Sold $210,000 3.4% $135 Public Record
    05/09/1994 Sold $203,000 — $130 Public Record

  7. SEA Says:

    Sold for $620k in 2004? Ouch.

  8. anon Says:

    Actually, this is a decent highly desirable neighborhood, and a great price for the area. It’ll be snatched up quickly.

    Close to Valley Fair, the Rose Garden, and Santa Clara University.

  9. Swan Says:

    Pending! Lucky got lucky just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Must be the Luck o’ the Irish! Or something.

  10. anon4here Says:


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