March 19, 2012

South of Willow Glen listing removed because it’s a genuine work of art

Here’s another big-lot big-win find from Burbed reader Tracy!  And this one has been off-market long enough that most of the usual listing sites didn’t have the listing photos anymore.  Good thing there’s always Movoto, keeping them available so you can decide if you want to rent this puppy.

3010 Jenkins Ave
San Jose, CA 95118
$1,100,000; Reduced from $1,200,000 after 2 months
Off market since February 5, 2012


Price: $1,100,000
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Size: 2,767 sqft
Type: Single Family House
Year Built: 1950
Lot Size: 20,196
Days on Movoto: 124 days
MLS#: 81147324
Status: Expired
Views: 2

Off the market to be rented. Wonderful 1 story on 1/2 acre, brick fireplace, Lots of charm & ready for your touch. Tall windows and sliders line the F/R and hallway overlooking the lush backyard & covered patio. Tile entry, hardwood floors Oversized new drvwy to 2car, plus detached garage. Hedges and trees offer privacy. New roof, new walk way, copper plumbing, updated wiring too! Regular sale!

Tracy called this a “mid-century half acre Japanese farm,” but you’ll just call it Burbedelicious!  And the more you look at these pictures, the more you realize that this property photographer really should have taken a different career path into fine arts.  This is some seriously disruptive work!


For instance, delightful juxtapositions of lush and sere, idyllic and workaday, shaded and exposed, continually inform this paradoxical collage that is all of one and the same property.  Note the clever reflection of the utility pole shadow with its power cable above.  Brilliant!


This pairing achieves the same discordance: concrete concrete versus idealized landscape.  One nice touch is the clever contrast of shade on the garage, versus bright sun on the trees at the upper left.


The two previous diptychs cannot prepare the viewer for this partnership: A hint of the verdant yard from the dank interior, and the grounds with HDR turned up to 11.  Wowza!


And it’s going to stay at 11, whether or not there is any furniture in the picture!  Tell me, have you ever seen heavy HDR with an empty room before?  Is this mid-century minimalism?


Okay, now it’s your turn!  Compare and contrast!


Here is an extra-credit problem for those of you who find this too easy.


And I will leave you with this riddle to ponder: which is worth more, the stove at left, the computer at right, or all of these photos?

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18 Responses to “South of Willow Glen listing removed because it’s a genuine work of art”

  1. Tracy Tea House Says:

    I was in LOVE with 3010 Jenkins. Too bad they were drinking the Kool-aid when they priced it and refused to budge. The house had all of its metal taken, and the bathroom features counters at a very very low height. It is still fabulous, with many mid-century features, but on the corner of a busy street. At the right price, this house had the potential to be fabulous, and that price is probably more in the 600s. It needs a full remodel, the landscaping needs refreshing, and with 1/2 acre to water, better put in catchment in the old hazardous gas tank site, that was removed from the driveway. Now if they picked up this house, moved it into Willow Glen, they might have a chance, but to rent it they will have to sink a lot of money in it anyway.

  2. z2amiller Says:

    I’d never really noticed this before (Probably because all of the truly special homes have hardwood, or a slapdash laminate job put in for the sale), but HDR and carpeted floors really do not go well together.

  3. nomadic Says:

    The listing says “regular sale.” I should hope so, for a complete fixer at that bubblicious price.

    A rental “ready for your touch?” Do they expect a rentard to fix the place up for them???

  4. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I think they meant it in the same way as when your Uncle Steve would come over and ask if you were “ready for your touch.”

    Cause you would feel violated at the price they listed it, so I’m sure the rent they were asking also resembled being thrown roughly on a pinball machine.

  5. Crissa Says:

    Has anyone lived there in thirty years? O-o

  6. bmwman91 Says:

    This house is almost exactly across Foxworthy from The Enclave @ Foxworthy, that received much ridicule on here a little while back (and deservingly so). My parents live on the same block as this listing. A few months ago, my mom actually sent me the listing for this since it is more or less exactly what I want (large lot, detached workshop/garage, decent location). Sadly, at the listed price…yeah wasn’t going to happen.

    It is a real shame that the owners/bank/whoever holds the title has their head in la-la land with the pricing. Maybe they thought that the same breed of sucker that paid $1.2M for the largest Enclave @ Foxworthy McMansion would still be around & hungry for this.

    I just hope that it doesn’t get bought, bulldozed & turned into another set of 5 McMansions. Maybe the days of actually buying PROPERTY are on their way out though.

  7. bmwman91 Says:

    When I was a little kid I would walk over to the burger joint on the corner of Cherry & Foxworthy to get ice cream with my parents. Along the way, I would yank these pickle-looking seed pods off of the landscaping that hung over the front fence of the house in this post. The house has not changed a bit in the last 28 years, minus the recent concreting-over of the grass along Foxworthy & the creation of the new oversized driveway. I guess they don’t want to pay for the lawns to get mowed when they rent it out…pathetic. It looks awful now.

  8. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    I thought real estate is the “destination investment”. But someone wants to swap his real estate with Facebook pre-IPO stock. And that is also in Los Ghettos. Come on!

  9. SEA Says:

    It’s called “Facebook Effect.”

  10. nomadic Says:

    More info and pics of the house:

    In the second tier zip, but at least not in the mountains:,+Los+Gatos,+California&ll=37.21953,-121.941762&spn=0.021838,0.045447&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&hnear=239+Forrester+Rd,+Los+Gatos,+California+95032&gl=us&t=m&z=15

  11. madhaus Says:

    Found the house. It’s at the end of Forrester Rd, you can see the handset flagstones from the satellite view.

    Bunus: It’s in pre-foreclosure.

  12. madhaus Says:

    Here’s the Zillow link showing the preforeclosure.

  13. AstroWallaby Says:

    Little late to comment, but I actually like this house… or at least I think it would have potential, provided one were willing to put in the work to make it swank again.

    (And “swank” is the target you’re aiming for here, no mistakes. If the interior doesn’t look like the background of a 1959 Playboy photoshoot when you’re finished you have *failed*.)

    Worst-case I could see having to spend a million bucks on this by the time you’re finished but what they were asking for it in its current condition makes me wonder if the owners are absentee land(time)lords from the planet Gallifrey, who currently reside within some temporal frame of reference in which continental drift has carried this house at least seven or eight miles further west. That’s Saratoga money they’re asking, and if I’m spending twice not-a-lot-of-money for a turd that needs that much polishing I want it to come with a free stop-sign pass.

  14. nomadic Says:

    The house isn’t in foreclosure. You have the wrong one in your link (red roof, no hand set stones). The Zillow data isn’t correct for the house, but the address is.

  15. nomadic Says:

    Here’s your foreclosure; it’s the next house down.

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  17. herpderp Says:

    HDR set to “plaid” isn’t just a Bay Area tactic. I cringed when I saw this marvel in the Seattle PI’s “real estate profile” today:

  18. larrysb Says:

    It’s back. Just showed up on MLS today at $1,098,000.

    I’m searching for 3 car garages. The market has been nuts. I saw a run down, weird mansard go for over asking, with just one offer, with water damage all over the house and a significant structural issue needing repair. Moral of the story, pay off your mortgage, don’t fix ANYTHING for 40 years, then demand top dollar. Only in $ilicon Valley.

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