May 3, 2012

A mini-San Simeon in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Do you love yourself some open space in the mountains?  I sure hope you do, because we just can’t stay away from them!  Today’s high-elevation, hard-to-get-to homesite is courtesy of Burbed reader wahnny.  Ready for a twisty drive?  Bring your Dramamine!

30465 Highland Way
unincorporated, CA 95033


SQ. FT.: –
COMMUNITY: santa cruz mtns
COUNTY: Santa Cruz
MLS#: 120010561
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 65 days

great views of monterey bay. Highland Way is paved, and this is a flag lot, with entry via a graded, gated, shared, dirt road that begins at Highland. Stunningly located between Uvas Canyon County Park and The Forest of Nisene Marks, a State Park. This 40-acre parcel actually contains a forest, which the buyers might wish to name after themselves. Incredible rock formations. Significant increase in elevation from paved road; ample selection of building sites & helo-ports. A "mini-San Simeon. "The property has a graded, dirt, loop road which allows the entire parcel to be viewed. Buyers might wish to install their own zip lines within the forest that comes with the property.

120502-highland-wtf-isthisHere’s an interesting property I came across last weekend.  The real estate agent promotes this gated, vacant land property as a "mini-San Simeon" with "incredible rock formations" and a small forest which "the buyers might wish to name after themselves".

In reality, the 40-acre flag lot (APN 106-521-09) looks pretty barren and difficult to access,


The property seems to have been damaged by the Summit Fire back in 2008.


Of course, no mention of this is found in the listing.  Only positive possibilities are presented (e.g., ample sites for buildings/heliopad, zip-line tours through the forest, etc.), all for the asking price of $2.5 million.


120502-highland-fogThis realtard is earning that 3% commission with all those pictures taken on a really foggy day, waiting minutes for a slice of Monterey Bay to show up.

And yet, he couldn’t put the most important thing about this property in the danged listing.  If you’re selling land, then wouldn’t a buyer want to know how much land are you selling?  I think that question is usually followed by where the fuck is it? 

So why wouldn’t he put these really key pieces of info in the little fill-in-the-listing-form fields? 

120502-highland-roadLook above.  The listing info is all blank, and check out the name of the city, too!  If you read through the really bizarre listing copy, there is a mention that it’s a 40 acre parcel in the Santa Cruz Mountains near some state park, but how many would-be buyers stopped reading when they got to the dirt road and flag lot?

And that’s too bad.  Several of you may well want your own private zip line in the forest you might wish to name after yourself.  Although if you expect this to be a mini-San Simeon, you’re going to need to import a herd of zebras.  Oh yeah, and build a castle.

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10 Responses to “A mini-San Simeon in the Santa Cruz Mountains”

  1. SEA Says:

    Who cares about fire hazards when the value is in the land.

  2. Winston Says:

    I’ve actually been looking for a property in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but the price on this one is just insane. I’ve seen similar properties go for about $400,000, which makes sense considering you’re an hour away from Los Gatos (or Gilroy or Watsonville) and developing the site will entail significant expense (no power at the property, for example). Land in the Santa Cruz mountains is pretty easy to buy, but very expensive to own.

  3. Crissa Says:

    …And nearly impossible to develop.

  4. AstroWallaby Says:

    Considering that only a couple miles away you can buy 10 acres that’s right on the road and looks *basically* ready to slap a house down on (Assuming you can deal with the notoriously difficult Santa Cruz county building permitting process) for a mere $180,000:

    It certainly does seem the price is more than a little steep. At $2 million for comparables you’re looking at plots that are way easier to access, far closer to ocean, already have (in many cases fairly) nice houses on them, or some combination thereof.

    Heh, dig the MLS Relisting dance on this:

    It’s probably its closest competitor at $1.5 big ones (it *only* has a 2000 sq ft house on it, vs 3500+), assuming you’re not specifically out to buy a dirt road leading to a lumpy stone cliff. On Redfin: 626 days.


    “Buyers might wish to install their own zip lines within the forest that comes with the property.”

    Anyone who watches South Park instantly had their day made with that.

  5. madhaus Says:

    So it is a mini-San Simeon. You’d have a be an eccentric gazillionaire to build anything here, and it would be so difficult to get to, only other gazillionaires would take the time to visit. Better put in an extra helopad.

  6. Divasm Says:

    My father had a house on Highland way for years. It does have a great view but man, what a pain in the butt to get to…however, when their neighbor sold their house too quickly (their dog wasn’t cleared by customs to move back to New Zealand) they just plopped a trailer on my Dad’s property and lived there, so think of the rental market you could tap into!

  7. Crissa Says:

    Most of the area is zoned Forestry, with like heavy equipment and trees and logging roads. I’ve attended at least one rave that far up.

  8. Real Estater Says:

    Value is not in the land if the land is worthless.

    value is in the land if the land is in a legendary locale:$1075541$RES

  9. SEA Says:

    “The land is only valuable if it is valuable.”

  10. wahnny Says:

    New price and pictures! For a mere $2 million more, they’ll throw in a dream house.

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