May 17, 2012

Can instagram compete with this?

2115 PULGAS Ave
East Palo Alto, CA 94303



Over the years, here at Burbed, we’ve seen a lot of unusual listings. But this one… this one… definitely caught my attention.

Let’s break it down:

1. Price ending in 888: For a house in East Palo Alto? Really?

2. .35 of an acre? Huh?


3. What’s up with the black and white, “I faxed a newspaper clipping” photo?

Now that, my friends, is a feature that instagram definitely needs.

But going back to the original point – who exactly is this listing targeted at? How do all these strange pieces fit together?

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  1. SiO2 Says:

    it’s aimed at an overseas investor, who overlooks the “East” and sees Palo Alto, 888.
    in the words of a poster, “commie dragon gold”

  2. very amused Says:

    Is the soccer field included? Where’s Redfin’s red lot lines?

  3. wahnny Says:

    #2 : Redfin shows the property lines in the embedded google map, which are consistent with information provided at the San Mateo GIS site,

    The lot with the soccer field appears to be owned by the house above it (it’s a single lot).

  4. SEA Says:

    Only one eight in the selling price last time:

    “Nov 23, 2004 Sold (Public Records) $850,000”

  5. SEA Says:

    Also there are plenty of needy little girls being served to the north:

    We’re serving 60 school-aged girls and their families a year thus far; 90% are below-poverty or low-income. Cultural diversity includes 60% Latinas, 30% African-Americans, and 10% Pacific Islanders.”

  6. sprezzatura Says:

    Jesus, $850K in 2004 for EPA?!? Must have been one hell of a smelly mortgage.

  7. Faux Estater Says:

    Pulgas Ave. Probably there are more homicides on this street than any other street in US.
    This is just of those news:

  8. madhaus Says:

    But but but PALM TREES!

  9. nomadic Says:

    Where’s Real Estater? I have a hot tip for him. Buy Greek bonds! It’s an awesome contrarian move. He’ll be rich! Rich I tell you!

  10. Faux Estater Says:

    I am Faux Estater, the brother of Real Estater. My brother is too busy spreading tarpaulins on his backyard and frontyard – in case Facebook wealth starts showering on his home tomorrow.

  11. Real Estater Says:

    Jeez…another unprovoked attack on an innocent homeowner. Almost spoiled my mood for Facebook Friday. Anyways, after all these years of forecasting, charting, Googling, and pointing to various useless data, where did we arrived at? By now no one can deny SV real estate is unbeatable. If you waited to buy you simply wasted your time. Think about all the rent money you threw away, only to find home prices going even higher. Time is money and money is time. If you lost both at the same time, you made a strategic mistake. We all know Pralay did. Don’t be a Pralay. Now that rent is on the rise, there’s no place to hide. You either take a stand and buy a house, or you will have no place left to stand on.

  12. Faux Estater Says:

    Think about all the rent money you threw away, only to find home prices going even higher.

    Price going up for most of the homes, except my brother’s own home. He actually saved $2 on his 2011 property tax. Ha ha! Win win!

  13. SEA Says:

    “If you waited to buy you simply wasted your time. Think about all the rent money you threw away, only to find home prices going even higher.”

    Good call! Take today’s home as an example:

    Sold in 2004 for $850,000
    Today’s asking price $588,888

    I’m sure the overbidding will place it right where it needs to be–in time.

  14. Real Estater Says:


    Think about what you just said:

    “Take today’s home as an example”

    You are sure great at finding examples!

  15. SEA Says:

    One sure doesn’t have to look too far to find RBA homes.

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