June 4, 2012

Why pay more in Silicon Valley? You can pay more anywhere!

Tired of high prices in Palo Alto and its environs?  Don’t lower your standards, broaden them! After all, with the return of the housing bubble, you can pay high prices all over the Bay Area!  And some sellers think you’ll be willing to pay high prices at the very edges of the Bay Area.  You’ll know housing insanity has returned when you see a house like this one for a price this, um, dreamy.

Many thanks to Burbed reader Tom Paine for passing along this super spread in Sebastopol!

2881 Scotts Right Of Way
Sebastopol, CA 95472


SQ. FT.: 2,567
$/SQ. FT.: $350
LOT SIZE: 1.82 Acres
PROPERTY TYPE: Residential, Detached, Single Family
STYLE: Ranch
VIEW: Golf Course, Greenbelt, Vineyard
COMMUNITY: Sebastopol
COUNTY: Sonoma
MLS#: 21101823
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN: 488 days

Unique property on almost 2.0 Acres. The home is located over looking the Sebastopol Golf Course to the South and grapes to the North. Horse facility for at least 5 horses, tack room, paddocks, stalls, and more. The backyard is landscaped and includes a beautiful pool and spa with a waterfall. Private driveway.

120523-scotts-fireplaceListed almost a year and a half ago for $998,500 and still on the market after a $100K reduction! Maybe it hasn’t sold yet because the right buyer hasn’t toured the house yet.  The kind of person who buys a house like this probably is cross-shopping Palo Alto.  The driveway (above) is just like what you get in fine Palo Alto houses, as is the excellent living room.

And just look at the kitchen!  Ready for your gourmet recipes, yum, yum, yum.  Then when you’re all cleaned up after dinner, well, lights out!


Plus a really memorable street name, if by “memorable” we actually mean “wow, that is incredibly stupid.”

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6 Responses to “Why pay more in Silicon Valley? You can pay more anywhere!”

  1. Tracy Tea House Says:


    Here is the S. San Jose equivalent. A cleaned up hoarder house sold by Attila “the” Hun Reality. Really, what is best, leave the home on for 488 days, or keep taking it off,and on, hoping one more coat of paint will kill the smell.

  2. nomadic Says:

    Do you suppose Attila will be shocked when there are no bids on Friday? The presumption that it’s priced for overbidding is somehow more offensive than the place in Sebastopol. However, both sellers expect roughly equal ROI in spite of the SJ pile having just been purchased three months ago (while the other probably has the original owners coasting by, maintaining it with just Drano and light bulbs for 38 years).

  3. Michael Boltonestater Says:

    Is Sebastopol some kind of Woodside for poor people?

  4. Faux Estater Says:

    the SJ pile having just been purchased three months ago

    Sounds like a family transfer to me. Someone died?
    The condition of the house looks like nothing changed inside in last 50 years – a time capsule of 1960.

  5. mabeldu Says:

    what’s that thing on the right side of redfin’s pic #5, a texas longhorn? a tired (double) unicorn? and is it included with the sale?

    why no mention of the sombrero on the bedpost in #12? can’t believe this crowd let that one slip by without comment. but even better… WTF is underneath that bed???

    just curiosity questions, i’m not interested in this place. the crappy, run-down tractor ain’t a Deere. and since “nothing runs like a Deere”, i’m not buying. obviously, neither is anyone else.

  6. nomadic Says:

    I did notice all of the hats on the bed. Figured the owner’s daughter makes all of her “dates” leave one behind. Like notches on the bedpost without damaging the furniture.

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