June 20, 2012

Abbottabad or Redwood City?

Redwood City, CA 94062



Having owned Burbed for so long, I sometimes feel like I’ve seen everything. This house proves that’s not the case.

WTF is this? A squared off house that looks like it’s from a lego set?

But wait, it gets better… let’s look at the other photo!


Doesn’t this remind you of a certain house in Abbottabad?

What’s going on in this house? What’s up with that door that leads straight into a fenced yard? What’s in the shed? WHO is in the shed?

Too many questions. Not enough answers. Or maybe we’re all better off not knowing the answers…

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  1. SEA Says:

    “Additional 6900 sqft lot to be sold with property which has private lender lien that needs to negotiated separately. Total Lot size of both Lots to be sold is 11,761 sqft.”

    Seems like a bit too much of a mess, but maybe another buyer thinks the price is good enough?

    “Jun 18, 2012 Pending (Pending With Release)”

  2. madhaus Says:

    I tell you, the market is hot, hot, hot!

  3. nomadic Says:

    The market must be as hot as summer in Pakistan!

  4. nomadic Says:

    The important question: is it more defensible than Abbotabad?

  5. mabeldu Says:

    burbed is on a roll! yesterday a psych ward, today a prison – whoohoo! what’ll tomorrow bring us?

    i wish the satellite pix were updated more frequently. i’d keep checking until i saw an actual convict out in the exercise pen.

    if i lived in that house long enough, i’d commit crimes.

    there’s a long ‘property line’ (on the satellite map) running behind the house for miles; looks like the old RR tracks. bet that was a fun backyard neighbor.

  6. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    Additional 6900 sqft lot to be sold with property which has private lender lien that needs to negotiated separately.

    I guess that “additional 6900 sqft lot” is the bigger triangle located other side of the trail.
    BTW, that trail is Hetch Hetchy aqua-duct line. Just follow the trail and it is going to take you to Hetch Hetchy line in bay, just south of Dumbarton Bridge.

  7. amer_icongrl Says:

    Assuming the buyer actually pays $520,000 for this bunker, the first order of business will be battling the assessor over the actual value of the place:

    Property Tax
    Taxable Value
    Land $783,997
    Additions $106,665
    Total $890,662
    Tax (2010) $9,486

    (from Redfin)

    On the plus side, this house is only 7 MINUTES away from Cordilleras, the long-term, locked psychiatric facility for SM County adults & Canyon Oaks Youth Center, a residential home for teenagers.

  8. magdalena Says:

    This reminds me of the basement bomb shelter my father built during the Cuban missile crisis. It’s a bit bigger but the same technique and skill level are there.

  9. Banker East Says:

    The square shape is easy to understand if you’ve ever lived in a New York apartment, where square footage is at a premium. It is the most space efficient shape.

  10. AstroWallaby Says:

    It is *really* disappointing that the realtor didn’t include pictures of the converted garage. (That makes up the entirety of the semi-subterranean portion of the house.) So why does it have a door where the garage door used to be at the same time it has that door less than seven feet away, the one leading to the mysterious fenced yard? Do both of those doors open into the same room or is the interior cut into dozens of tiny cubical-size compartments? Does that space have any internal connection to the upstairs area or would the new “landlord” have to resort to stealth tactics to avoid upsetting the neighbors when it’s time to “invite” the tenants downstairs up for a “brainstorming session”? How thick is the sound insulation in the walls, and is the main electrical panel up to running multiple battery chargers and power tools at the same time?

    Seriously, I’d think that any buyer at all interested in this place would want to know these things up front.

  11. amer_icongrl Says:

    Maybe it’s a meth lab?

  12. Daniel Howard Says:


    Slow Burbed Day huh?

  13. Brenda Says:

    Great conversation. Would like to see the realtor update this blog w/info requested as posted previously.

  14. madhaus Says:

    Brenda: Got no idea what you’re referring to, but if you were trying to get your URL linked to, it didn’t work. I’m storing it for safekeeping.

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