July 14, 2012

Call the Doctor, Call the Nurse: Assault with a Frothy Weapon on the Lady without the Alligator Purse

And OF COURSE it’s in Palo Alto!  Thanks very much to Burbed reader PKamp3 for this one!

Woman hit with milkshake loses $2,000

Purse flies into vehicle after altercation in downtown Palo Alto

by Sue Dremann, Palo Alto Weekly Staff

A woman who was struck with a milkshake and angrily threw her purse at a vehicle full of teenagers lost $2,000 after the handbag flew into the open vehicle window, Palo Alto police said Monday.

The incident started Sunday, June 24, just before midnight, Sgt. Brian Philip said. The woman was walking east on University Avenue near Rudy’s Pub when a white Range Rover full of male teenagers driving recklessly southbound on High Street approached.

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120711-milkshake-rangeroverCould this incident have any more “Yup, this is definitely Palo Alto” touches?  A Range Rover full of rowdy teens and an alligator purse with two thousand in cash?  Too bad it doesn’t mention whether the milkshake was garnished with Madagascar vanilla bean shavings.

This story was picked up by NBC Bay Area and even nationally, but there isn’t anything new in either of those stories.  Miss Lucy, reached on her belled steamboat enroute to Heaven, says to be sure to read the comments in the Palo Alto Online story.

Oh yeah, and this is definitely an Open Thread.


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11 Responses to “Call the Doctor, Call the Nurse: Assault with a Frothy Weapon on the Lady without the Alligator Purse”

  1. Petsmart groomer Says:

    About the Range Rover picture: this is a car that will never see dirt.

  2. Crissa Says:

    The comments have:

    Victim blaming (She couldn’t have $2K in her purse! How could it exactly be $2K? I wouldn’t throw $2K!)

    Amateur sleuths (You can’t throw a bag at a car that threw something at you because of insert numbers they made up here.)

    Sociopaths (She shoulda had a gun and shot them for throwing a milkshake at her.)

    Bigots (Horrible group X did the crime! They need to be stopped!)


    The mangos are highly moldy.

  3. ms Says:

    Anyone have thoughts on holding condos as investments vs SFRs?
    The ones I’m looking at would return 5-5.5 percent after HOA as a $1,600/mo rental minus $350/mo HOA.
    Radical topic shift, but it’s our weekend after all…

  4. Mole Man Says:

    What the hell? Can they not afford to throw gelato? Maybe the shake was a mistake and they were just trying to get rid of it?

  5. SEA Says:

    #3- How much of that 5-5.5% is housing price appreciation?

  6. nomadic Says:

    HOA doesn’t cover lightbulbs and Drano, but it will eliminate the exterior maintenance surprises, as well as the hassle of lawn care.

  7. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Palo Alto gets a fair amount of “leakage” from East Palo Alto, and while the story sounds silly, whose side are we hearing? What’s being fabricated in the usual attempts to hide the fact that blacks from East Palo Alto come over into Palo Alto all the time (P.A. used to be a “sundown town” for good reason, look that up) and raise all kinds of hell and cause all kinds of damage?

  8. nomadic Says:

    They’re “invading” in $50,000 SUVs?

  9. SEA Says:

    Nope, they’re leaving with them.

  10. PK Says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Range Rovers? It looks like a more expensive Nissan Murano.

  11. Palo Alto plagued by home burglaries [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] But we here at Burbed are confident that this approach of crowd-sourcing suspicious incidents will lead to these lowlife scum getting caught… until, as is often the case with crime in a wealthy neighborhood, the victims discover that the perpetrators were the teenaged children of their own neighbors.  We already know what those spoiled brats have been up to, hurling milkshakes at innocent pedestrians. […]

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