July 23, 2012

This Mountain View House has easy access to Los Altos & Palo Alto!

Listed 7 days and pending already, no doubt because of the easy access to better towns.  Did we mention that Mountain View is hot, hot, hot?  If you don’t believe us look at the trees in these photos.

2546 DELL Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043


120719-dell-crapperBEDS:  3
SQ. FT.:  1,216
$/SQ. FT.:  $575
LOT SIZE:  5,000 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
VIEW: Neighborhood
COMMUNITY:  Thompson
COUNTY:  Santa Clara
MLS#:  81226069
SOURCE:  MLSListings
STATUS: Pending Without Release
ON REDFIN:  7 days

Great location in Monta Loma Neighborhood! Incredible opportunity to remodel and make your own! Blocks from Monta Loma Elementary School. 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms with over 1200 sq. ft living space. Open living room and dining room, bonus room and large backyard. Attached 2 car garage. Just minutes from the New Village at San Antonio Center with easy access to Los Altos & Palo Alto!

120719-dell-backyardPlease pardon us while we try to reboot our eyeballs after yet another HDR attack.  We may also need some potassium iodade pills to mitigate any exposure to the radioactive foliage.

Now, can anyone explain why the realtard chose the “additional” pictures provided?  In addition to all three school facades and the Mountain View Performing Arts Center, there’s a photo of a US Bank with a Starbucks across the street.  Is this a subliminal suggestion that you’ll be rolling in dough from all the new homeowner tax savings?  Or is this photo merely there to show how awesome Downtown Mountain View is, a US Bank and a Starbucks, both! 

Because this is Downtown Los Altos.


The photo on the left is #24 from the listing. The photo on the right came straight from teh Googly Mapz, for 300 Main Street.  Obviously this view is far more classy than one of the Starbucks closer to this house.  Wouldn’t you rather sip your lattes at a more prestigious Starbucks in a mawbul kawlums zip code?  Heck, why didn’t the agent include a picture of Stanford?

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11 Responses to “This Mountain View House has easy access to Los Altos & Palo Alto!”

  1. dollarbin Says:

    Somebody forgot to give the staging service keys to the house, because they left the patio set and ping pong table in the yard but were unable to put any stuff inside the place.

  2. nomadic Says:

    I love the shot of the prison bathroom. Is this a former halfway house?

  3. SEA Says:

    Doesn’t “easy access” = “of or relating to a male swim team in speedos”

  4. Crissa Says:

    Pictures of stuff in another town three miles away? Creepy.

  5. Divasm Says:

    Funny, I can tell exactly when the photo of the MVCPA was taken based on the show that’s playing. And yes, as we’ve discovered, that Starbucks is actually in downtown Los Altos, although the gelato place is in downtown Mountain View. But it’s not like you could walk to either of those places. How cool would it be if your house came with a gelato stand and Starbucks though – or I guess a gelato stand with a Starbucks in it perhaps?

  6. Ocho Says:

    Say what you will but if you fix this place up it will be selling for at least $150K more in a few months. Oddly, there IS a Starbucks within easy walking distance from this nabe, but it sure ain’t that one.

  7. madhaus Says:

    Pictures of stuff in another town three miles away? Creepy.

    Obviously this agent is up on the skills we discussed in yesterday’s piece. Maybe we should have a contest for the listing with photos furthest away from the actual property.

    This one clocks in at 2.7 miles. How far can you go?

  8. mabeldu Says:

    when i first saw the listing, i didn’t catch the pix of LA. assumed it was castro st. from an odd angle i didn’t recognize. there are 2 parks actually located in monta loma, but the realtor chose pix of other areas.

    the final pic of trees – anyone recognize where? the bronze statues – where?

    so many lousy pix to laugh at; i hope madhaus is bringing enough potassium iodade pills to share with the whole class.

    let’s see how long this flip takes before it’s back, for double-not-a-lot-of-money.

  9. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    What is the damn deal with Mountain View and graveling over or cementing over areas that in normal places are lawn or garden?

    Lots of people would fail the Voight-Kampff test there.

  10. dollarbin Says:

    That’s called “low maintenance” landscaping.

  11. herpderp Says:

    That place looks like it’ll be an utter scorcher every summer. Lovely.

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