July 30, 2012

Hooray for Crapshacks!

It’s been so long since we’ve featured a house like today’s property, and this site used to run almost nothing else.  Blame it on all the flippers out there trying to install granite in absolutely every building.

Today’s home hails from amazing Alum Rock, and was discovered by Burbed reader Tracy Tea House, who is our guest blogger this fine day.  We’re headed for Zillow, (Redfin link here) so hold on!  And before we go, be sure to give Tracy a big, warm Real Bay Area welcome for this guest post!

1761 E San Antonio St
San Jose, CA 95116
For Sale: $285,000


120729-sanantonio-frontZestimate®: $271,085
Est. Mortgage: $1,020/mo
See current rates on Zillow
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Sqft: 937
Lot: 9,583 sq ft / 0.22 acres
Type: Single Family
Year built: 1920
Parking: —
Cooling: —
Heating: —
Fireplace: —
On Zillow: 30 days
MLS #: 81224183

Brokered And Advertised By: Altas Realty Listing Agent: Clem Garcia

120729-sanantonio-backThere’s something about a North  East San José crap shack from 1920 that just gets my juices flowing. I start imagining the history, who lived there, what this part of California was like back then, so much closer to the time of  original settlement.

Then, I start thinking of the toxics, asbestos, old leaky containers and old buried tanks in the 9000 sf yard. Suddenly, the idea of tearing it down and building a flip doesn’t sound too bad… But, people are living there, in all  937 sf of it and they want almost 300K for it????


Still the pictures are intriguing. There is dirt, trash, chain link, Plywood fences, artful shadows, and so much more  in the mystery RV.  Then there are the “normal” houses nearby… How has this one remained all these years, and who will come on the scene to change it. Ok, I’m hooked I’ll add it to my many saved shacks, and send it to madhaus and burbed who I know will appreciate the art of this sale.

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5 Responses to “Hooray for Crapshacks!”

  1. mabeldu Says:

    craptastic! this place should be featured on Hoarders, if it wasn’t already covered.

    i’d call this place east san jose. it may be close to alum rock rd, but it’s also close to story & white. actually, you can find nicer homes near story & white. but, those homes won’t come with the treasure trove lurking in this back yard, or the potential for herds of rabid vermin.

    why no fancy realtor description on the listing? so craptastic he’s at a loss for words?!? well, we ain’t! this site will bring in a few good comments. not sure they’ll help sell the place, tho.

    (listing agent name is clem garcia. clem?!? now it all makes sense. a rogue tornado needs to pick up this long-lost cabin and drop it back into appalachia where it belongs.)

  2. nomadic Says:

    I don’t think this dump is sufficiently over-priced to raise indignation today. After all, $285k is just over half “not a lot of money.”

  3. The Gilroy Alex Says:

    Now imagine a few acres of that. Welcome to my world.

    Now the land owner is hoarding *people* – 3 new guys and he’ll likely take a few “strays” home from Burning Man.

    So I’m in sell-off mode and moving out.

  4. Divasm Says:

    I like how the photo is a little soft and hazy, as though it’s a distant memory of youth. Maybe if we color-corrected the photos to look more sepia-toned as well, we could tap into the nostalgic buyer looking to buy a copy of the crapshack he grew up in before he we discovered as an investment banker.

  5. Crissa Says:

    How’d he wrangle a ticket to Burning Man in apocalypse year, Alex?

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