August 7, 2012

Like lawns? You’ll love this house in Mountain View!

Today’s house must be an Olympic-level winner, because three different Burbed readers sent it in.  We’re sure you’ll love it as much as they did.

375 ANNA Ave
Mountain View, CA  94043


BEDS:  4
SQ. FT.:  1,216
$/SQ. FT.:  $574
LOT SIZE:  5,000 Sq. Ft.
PROPERTY TYPE: Detached Single Family
COMMUNITY:  Thompson
COUNTY:  Santa Clara
MLS#:  81227441
SOURCE:  MLSListings
STATUS: Active
ON REDFIN:  8 days

Contractor Special! Excellent opportunity to purchase a fixer-upper in a great location in the Monta Loma Neighborhood. Excellent floor plan with private rear yard backing up to Monta Loma Elementary.

Here are the nominating speeches, first from dollarbin:

From the always popular Monta Loma neighborhood we have a hot little “contractor special”.

Only $574/sq ft?  Fortunately, local realtor Pat Jordan’s newsletter has the full story:

“375 Anna Avenue, 3 BR, 2 BA Mardell with 1,216 Sq. Ft. on 5,000 Sq. Ft. lot.  In very poor condition, offers subject to inspection (cannot see until an offer is written, because it is infested with fleas).  Notice of default has been filed.  Listed for $698,000 by Sereno Real Estate. “

I guess I won’t be able to post a first hand account from an open house.  In fact, I drove by tonight and they’re going with stealth marketing, there isn’t even a sign out front.

Not only that, have a look at the Googlecam.  The next-door neighbor is close.  Real close.


Bunus: trash bins!  Next, another nod from mabel du, who was yesterday’s Guest Blogger:

there’s only one pic on zillow or redfin, and boy-howdy it’s a beaut!  doesn’t it make you want to rush to buy this gem?  you could lose sight of your dog or kid in that weedy front lawn.  the realtor is set to make a chunk of money on this place, but he couldn’t drop $50 to get the front yard mowed?!?

“…private rear yard backing up to Monta Loma Elementary” –  oh yeah.  the sounds of screaming kids, intercom announcements, and timed school bells all day long, that’s “private” and peaceful.  (check out the satellite maps)   in case you were ondering – the school bells ring early & often, even on holidays.  so don’t plan on sleeping late very often.

Sleep late?  With all those delightful sounds you’ll be hearing?


Not to mention the amazing history this offers.  Well, amazing listing history.


Looks like this property is back in the RBA, if it can pull off this price double after just 13 years.  Which it really needed, after losing value from 10 years before that.

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17 Responses to “Like lawns? You’ll love this house in Mountain View!”

  1. Tracy Tea House Says:

    Winner! Infested with fleas that takes the prize. That is really hard to deal with, the whole place needs to be dozed or dosed. I house-sat an apartment once, where the cats and dogs had fleas, and the owners had taken them on their trip. It was so horrible. I could not get the fleas out with flea bomb, and they would cover my socks biting me when I entered. Finally, I called their landlord who had an exterminator in. Even then, I was unable to enter till they brought the animals back. I recommend bringing a dog when you see this place!

  2. SEA Says:

    “the realtor is set to make a chunk of money on this place, but he couldn’t drop $50 to get the front yard mowed?!?”

    Set to make a chunk of money?

    Two comments:

    1. What are the chances that the REALTOR actually makes any money, since no money is earned if the place does not sell.
    2. Sure the REALTOR could spend $50 to get the lawn mowed, but he’d probably rather drop the price to fix the problem. The first ~$4,000 won’t cost him much, since 1.25% of $4k = $50. [=5%/4] My guess is that Proschold would rather drop the price by $40k [=~$500 less in commission] and actually sell it, rather than risk $50 to try and gain $450 [=$500-$50].

  3. nomadic Says:

    Not only that, have a look at the Googlecam. The next-door neighbor is close. Real close.

    What do you expect from a 5000sf lot? I’d be pissed to live that close to a flea farm.

  4. sprezzatura Says:

    Another HELOC victim no doubt, else how in hell could they be in default on a $300K mortgage from 1999?

  5. Divasm Says:

    Really, you had me at “infested with fleas.” Torch the whole place, lawn included, and start over from scratch. The value is in the land! ™

  6. madhaus Says:

    I was stunned we didn’t have a tag for “pests” or “vermin” already. Maybe this piece needs a better title. Any suggestions?

  7. Michael Boltonestater Says:

    Considering the proximity to a school, it must be infested with lice as well.

  8. Divasm Says:

    #6: Don’t just walk, flee to this fleabag fixer upper! (best I could do on cold medication…)

  9. nomadic Says:

    #6, Free Pets Included!
    Haven’t You Always Wanted to Run Away and Join the Circus?

    The new owners can start their very own flea circus.

  10. herpderp Says:

    “Contractor Special” = LETHAL, AVOID!

  11. herpderp Says:

    TracyTeaHouse, why would you bring a dog to see this place if you don’t want to take any cast-aways home with you?

  12. Tracy Tea House Says:

    #11 to soak up the fleas so they don’t bite me! ( Just kidding, I love doggies)

  13. Crissa Says:

    Dogs can be on medicine which make biting them toxic to the little buggers. Add to that, fleas prefer animals to humans (each type of flea prefers a specific type of animals, a deer flea is huge compared to anything you’ve prolly seen), and so will skip you for the animal.

    The dumb thing is, leave it empty for two months with a couple bombs and the problem goes mostly away. These slab foundation houses, though, the fleas and ants can just walk right in, it’s a pain to keep them out. The yard and neighborhood is probably horribly infested as well.

  14. local tourist Says:

    Why not round up and make it an even million?

    Why not? And why not remove your URL advertising real estate in Arizona while we’re at it? –ed.

  15. dollarbin Says:


    I hope I see a tent on this place before the inevitable re-listing.

  16. dollarbin Says:

    And closed: $712,000

    Fleas and animal smells, no extra charge.

  17. nomadic Says:

    Overbidding on a flea farm – Mountain View is RED HOT!

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