August 16, 2012

Poultry in Motion in Mountain View

120815-leghorn-warnerNo, there are no chickens to see at this Mountain View marvel, but the street name lives up to the title billing above.  It sure puts us in mind of one of our favorite Warner Brothers characters.  I say, I say, I say, son, that is QUITE a price.  Thanks very much to Burbed reader mabel du for taking on this turkey.

Mountain View, CA 94043


120815-leghorn-yard-chairs2 Beds 
1 Baths 
914 Sq. Ft.
$819 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1948 
Lot Size: 6,800 Sq. Ft. 
On Redfin: 9 days
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 2
Community: Rengstorff
MLS#: 81229400
Style: Cabin
View: Neighborhood
County: Santa Clara

Currently used a residential rental. Great opportunity to build prime location office space or light industrial, storage/warehouse, or wholesale business. Take advantage of this unique opportunity in the heart of Mountain View!

120815-leghorn-dhoWhy the possibilities for this property are truly endless.  Let’s hear from mabel du as to why:

uh…  i’m sorta speechless on this one.  what a crazy shite-load of weird pictures.  and who’s the mystery woman who pops up randomly, waldo’s mom? 

$819/sq ft for this?  really???  interesting satellite shot from zillow  (i.e.  yikes!)  nothing too helpful on propertyshark.  looks like it’s been held in the family for years – would love to know what they paid for it back in the dark ages.


We assure you the pictures inside are just as Special as the yard views.


But why check Property Shark?  Both Redfin and Zillow clearly state this amazing place last sold in the dark ages of 2007 for $600,000.  And worth every bit of that chicken feed.

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12 Responses to “Poultry in Motion in Mountain View”

  1. SEA Says:

    On close inspection, Waldo is in that photo too. DHO = 2.

  2. Metalhead Says:

    Property on Leghorn Street? I say, I say, get away from me boy, you bother me………

    Maybe it is my eyes, but are most photos blurry or is that the new HDR for real estate photos – a soft focus approach?

  3. mabeldu Says:

    i suspect the 2007 sale was to move from ‘person’ into a family trust. a few entries for the cochran clan & trustee on property shark, but i didn’t locate an actual seller’s name for the 2007 sale. someone with better detective abilities can probably sniff out the real story.

    can’t wait to see what this gem sells for, if it sells. $819/ft is not even close to betting range.

  4. herpderp Says:

    Oh, Leghorn. Well, at least you’d have EZ ACCESS TO FREEWAYS AND COSTCO.

  5. Divasm Says:

    We have so many MV listings, I’m thinking we should place a Help Wanted ad for a Mountain View Troll, somebody to do what Real Estater does for Palo Alto – tell us that we’re all smoking crack because clearly this land is RBA and worth the price!

  6. herpderp Says:

    I mean, who doesn’t want to live on a SuperFund site?

  7. madhaus Says:

    #3, I took a little spin through the County Recorders Office database and there’s no records for 2007 at all! But to keep with the fowl theme, the 1989 grantor has the surname Cocks, and may or may not be the same person who then keeps showing up as a grantor with the same surname as the rest of the gang.

  8. Sunny(vale) Kim Says:

    Poultry farm run Cocks family. Interesting.

  9. nomadic Says:

    This property looks just like what you’d find in the Los Gatos mountains, but without the lousy commute. Perfect for the redneck with a tech job.

  10. Crissa Says:

    This should be a historical landmark! C’mon, how many of these are left?

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    […] The home in Maryland was never featured on Burbed, either.  And homes in Maryland, whether or not they’re built, don’t go up […]

  12. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Sold for $530k.

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