August 17, 2012

Cute, Cozy & Completely Cluttered!

And let’s wrap another exciting week of real estate win with this Burlingame bonanza!  We’ll show you the house, you find as many intriguing pieces of flair as possible.

1515 CAROL Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010


120816-carol-dining2 Beds 
1.5 Baths 
1,570 Sq. Ft.
$615 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1920 
Lot Size: 5,250 Sq. Ft. 
On Redfin: 4 days
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 1
Community: Burlingame Park
MLS#: 81230242
Style: Traditional
View: Neighborhood
County: San Mateo

120816-carol-kitchencute & cozy home near schools, Safeway, restaurant, transportation & Burlingame shpping area. Livin rm w/ woodburing frplc, spacious formal dining, updated kit w/ eating area, 2 bedrm both are master suite, plus a den( Can be used as a play rm or office ) separate parking garage. Crown molding, hardwd flr throughout, recess lighting in the den, separate laundry rm w/ 0.5 bath. Needs TLC. Great flr plan.

120816-carol-woofThe dining room has a cooler on wheels with a coffee pot atop, but the kitchen features a recumbant pineapple.  Keep looking through the photos, because there’s lots more to find in this Burlingame bungalow!  Does this property merit a Good Housekeeping tag of approval, or does the owner merely have a whimsical way with staging?

Bunus: DHO (Dog Hanging Out) in photo #7!  Any idea what’s in that shopping bag?  It must be important!


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18 Responses to “Cute, Cozy & Completely Cluttered!”

  1. SEA Says:

    I wonder what treasures are in that fancy blue Ikea bag on the bed.

  2. PK Says:

    Perfect place to spend that post-lockup Facebook wealth! Love the cooler – grab a beer at breakfast without getting up.

  3. SEA Says:

    Three months later at 50% off its IPO value, Facebook is how far away from the RBA?

  4. gallileo Says:


    Facebook’s stock value is directly correlated to its location in the RBA.

    If you live in Palo Alto, your property–whether a house or a stock–is valuable. If you move across 101 and into Menlo Park, you leave the RBA and lose all hope of the automatic doubling every seven years.

    Zuckerburg was a moron to move his company out of the RBA.

  5. mabeldu Says:

    a new winner, double toilets! pic #10 with a baby bear throne next to the papa bear throne. that pic was clearly framed to highlight baby’s bear’s action zone. i think that’s the 1/2 bath ‘cuz the other bath includes a cave/shower next to a toilet with a pack of t-paper & moist butt wipes – they’re concerned with personal cleanliness instead of cleaning the house.

    today’s letter is P. i spy with my lil’ eye:
    P – realtor’s Purse dumped on the kitchen counter
    P – Pineapples on the dining table for ambience
    P – Propane tank & a nasty grill; that’s the highlight of the deck?
    P – piles & piles & piles…

    the price history on zillow is interesting. bought at the height in 2005 for $935, couldn’t sell it last year at $875 so they jacked it up another $100K. yep, makes sense to me.

  6. SEA Says:

    #5- Here I thought photo #10 was showing patriotism with a red, a white and a blue towel.

    Maybe herpderp will comment on the toilet paper and feminine hygiene product setting on the toilet in photo #11.

  7. madhaus Says:

    I have no idea what’s in the purple plastic wrap in photo 11, nor why there’s a glass carrot on the shelf above. But… DHO! You can see the top of the realtard’s head in the mirror!

  8. herpderp Says:

    There’s a block of wood in the living room! And no ax on the wall, what is the world coming to.

    Apparently no room in the kitchen to put the microwave, so stick it in the dining room. That doesn’t bode well for long-term livability, to me.

    I lived in an apartment with a bathroom that looked a lot like that – only one cabinet, under the sink. Teeny-tiny bathroom. I get that there’s nowhere else to put the teepee and the “women’s mysteries”. I just don’t know if I’d advertise the fact in my RE listing. “Come live here! There’s no room for you to turn around, but what else are you gonna spend your millions on?”

  9. Divasm Says:

    These folks appear to be pretty IKEA-dependent actually. The rug and bunk bed in the kids’ room is definitely IKEA (I have the same rug). Although the kid potty is not, I don’t think. 🙂

    And yeah, I mean I don’t want to get snotty about staging because I know if I had to sell our house, we’d have kid stuff all over. It’s really hard to get that polished look when you’re still living in the house with kids. But I’d at least throw the feminine products in a cabinet or something. These photos are halfway to “Bitter Short Sale Sellers won’t clean their house.”

  10. mabeldu Says:

    #7 nice catch of the head in the mirror. professionalism in action.

    odd that they include a pic of the grill & propane, but no shot of the backyard. i can only assume that it’s worse than the deck.

    as for the dog pic – at least he’s not licking himself.

  11. nomadic Says:

    These photos are halfway to “Bitter Short Sale Sellers won’t clean their house.”

    Ha, the first thing I did was scour the listing for the words “short sale!”

  12. Crissa Says:

    My neighbors on the short sale got their asking price enough they were able to buy another house free and clear. Not as nice, of course, a third of the value of their old home, but… They’re the ones who put the value into that home, honestly.

  13. SEA Says:

    “They’re the ones who put the value into that home, honestly.”

    Let me guess: They watered the lawn.

  14. nomadic Says:

    #12, how do you do a short sale and walk away with any of the equity? The bank actually allowed that?? Or are you saying they had a pile of cash in addition to the underwater house, and were able to keep them separated?

  15. madhaus Says:

    Or is #12 saying the neighbors HELOC’d the heck out of the house and socked the money away on a Cayman Islands retreat, then stuck the bank with the short sale?

  16. nomadic Says:

    madhaus, you’re an evil genius.

  17. Crissa Says:

    They were in foreclosure, but asked for a price big enough to wipe the slate clean and give profit.

    What, the bank is going to say no to being paid in full?

  18. Crissa Says:

    SEA @ or near #13:

    No, they completely retiled and remodeled the house. Apparently during the good times they’d socked away all the parts to complete the house to turnkey status and the guy had completely remodeled the interior. Their bathroom is bigger than my bedroom! In the last year he took about ten tons of fill (from my yard, thank you) and resloped all the drainage and he had enough brick to create raised gardens around the entrance and added new cedar fencing and all those things that make it look pretty.

    Mostly, he dug up the grass and replaced it with gardens. His profession was tile-setting/brick-laying so he did a beautiful job. And the last couple years he’s had an inordinate amount of free time.

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