August 24, 2012

Free Plums in Mountain View

Yes, we are back to Mountain View, because we cannot seem to stay away.  Every time we Google “Center of the Universe” this is what pops up.  Although if our readers would send in properties somewhere else, anywhere else, please, please, please, we are begging you, send us a house NOT in Mountain View, even not in the RBA if you have to.

Pardon us. Ahem.  Anyway… hope you like some color other than white in your house.  That is if by “some” we mean “way, way more than some.”  And by “your house” we mean “someone else’s house” because, of course, this pad is Pending!

1602 MORGAN St
Mountain View, CA 94043


120823-morgan-living$679,900 Listed at Price 
4 Beds 
2 Baths  1,425 Sq. Ft.
$477 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1976 
Lot Size: 7,000 Sq. Ft. 
On Redfin: 35 days
Status: Pending Without Release
Pending Without Release
Property Type: Detached Single Family
View: Neighborhood
County: Santa Clara
Stories: 1
Community: North Shoreline
MLS#: 81227072

120823-morgan-diningRemodeled Single Family Home w/ high walk-score. Kitchen includes granite counters, cherry cabinetry, tile floor * Living Room with vaulted ceiling, fireplace, hardwood floors * Double pane windows * Nice private backyard for entertaining and enjoyment. Convenient location near all the major commute arteries and employment centers. Near move-in ready. .. needs a little interior work. OFFERS DUE 11AM 7/25

So much to love about this house, whether it’s that it was foreclosed on this past Valentine’s Day, or that it sold for more in 2005 than the current listing price, or that the helpful Redfin agents want you know that not all appliances are present.  As in are any appliances present?

120823-morgan-backyardBut other than that, this house is indeed near move-in ready, provided you’re near ready to open up a preschool onsite (but only after you clean up the carpets).  This is some serious color coordination we’re talking.  The house was just remodeled, so the sellers decided to stick with the original 1976 paint scheme of tomato, avocado, and mustard.

Which means the plums out back are ready for you to have for dessert.  Or to paint another room.

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11 Responses to “Free Plums in Mountain View”

  1. wahnny Says:

    Despite the lack of amenities, it’s apparently located in one of the best places to live.

    Link fixed –ed.

  2. mabeldu Says:

    wow… colors… looks like someone bought all the “oops” paint cans at home depot, and then used them all.

    “Double pane windows * Nice private backyard for entertaining and enjoyment.” a bit of conflicting info there – the double pane windows block out the sound of the freeway 200′ away. yet you’ve got a backyard made for entertaining? sure, if you don’t mind yelling at your guests for small talk. several years ago, i looked at a house a few doors away and you knew the freeway was there.

    but most of all, it’s located in the center of the universe!

  3. Crissa Says:

    200′ is enough to turn a freeway from a roar to a continuous rushing sound. At that range it’s mostly the dust and smog you’re worried about, not the sound.

  4. the San Jose Alex Says:

    Well, I’m the San Jose Alex now.

    Released from moderation jail at 18:20. No idea why some messages go there. –ed.

  5. Zak Says:

    This house is walking distance from Crittenden Middle School. Nearly 55% of students in Crittenden get free or reduced price lunches. Doesn’t that disqualify this house from being a part of the RBA?

  6. madhaus Says:

    This house is walking distance from Crittenden Middle School. Nearly 55% of students in Crittenden get free or reduced price lunches. Doesn’t that disqualify this house from being a part of the RBA?

    Anyone who thinks any house anywhere in the ’43 qualifies as Real Bay Area… oh boy do I have a house to sell YOU! But this is the Center of the Universe. It’s like the Eye of the Hurricane.

  7. herpderp Says:

    Save “big” on this house, use the money to re-paint and put new carpet in the bedrooms. Threadbare Victorian cut velvet just doesn’t work as floor covering.

  8. Real Estater Says:

    Steve Jobs is now an Angel, [unneccessary comment about third party deleted]

    No baiting please. –ed..

  9. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > Or to paint another room.

    So many plums, I can already see which room is going to be painted!

  10. Real Estater Says:

    No baiting of the “Perfect Angel”? LOL.

  11. Warning! Feature from the East Bay Lagoon! NSFW! [] Says:

    […] of weeks ago, when posting the nine kajillionth house in Mountain View “close to Google,” we asked for homes that were not in the hot, hot, hot Mountain View/Palo Alto area.  And Burbed reader JL has […]

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