August 29, 2012

Dome, Dome on the (Coast) Range

120828-bear-microbusIt’s time to put on your hemp sandals and splash with a bit of patchouli oil, because we’re driving the VW Microbus up the long and winding road to a groovy getaway.  Thanks very much to mystic crystal hip chick and Burbed reader Tracy Tea House for this psychedelic shack in the Santa Cruz mountains!

21864 Bear Creek Road
Los Gatos CA 95033


120828-bear-houseBedrooms: 5 
Bathrooms: 3 full, 1 partial 
98 days on Trulia
Property type: Single-Family Home
Size: 4,426 sqft
Lot: Ask agent
Price/sqft: $226/sqft
Year built: 1983
MLS/ID: 81219243
Zip: 95033
Provided by:

This home appraised last March for $1,050,000! Want a “green” home? 120828-bear-livingYour geodesic dome has efficient wood heating, solar hot water, R30 insulation, PGandE bills of less than $60/month!! 164 acres feels like a kingdom. Great potential for horses, vineyards, hiking or just getting away to relax. Wonderful decks for entertaining. Outstanding views. Los Gatos Schools. Please do not drive-by.

The home may have a Los Gatos mailing address, but just like its 1960s architectural influence, it sits proudly on the Santa Cruz side of the County Line.  There is no doubt this is an authentic hippie pad, or at least that it could have been.  Too bad it was built in 1983.

Here’s what Tracy had to say about this geodesic goody.

120828-bear-low-ceilingI just love a good dome! This one features… Logging roads! Don’t drive by. In fact if this was my dome, I might never be able to leave. I’d get a few horses, some vineyards and watch the view. Working in the valley… forget about it. At 999 it’s a little high for a second mountain home, maybe when it gets down to 888???

120828-bear-bong-useA little high.  Snort.  Don’t bogie the bong.  Share.  Peace, man. 

Oh that sky, it’s, it’s, it’s… it’s the HDR processing that makes the blue so intense and the horizon so actinic.  Or maybe this is really bad acid.

Feels like a kingdom already.

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10 Responses to “Dome, Dome on the (Coast) Range”

  1. SEA Says:

    “has efficient wood heating”

    Unlike that terrible natural gas that doesn’t require any hauling or cleanup. And how much more “green” can one get? I’m sure the wood is delicately harvested.

  2. AstroWallaby Says:

    Sadly from my time “up North” I know that within a certain context it’s possible to talk about “efficient wood heating”, in that a good woodstove/heater (some designs of which incorporate quite a lot of “science”, including “afterburner” chambers or catalytic converters to extract energy from the smoke gases) can be far more efficient and cleaner than the plain-old fireplaces that most California houses have. Modern models that meet the current EPA regulations compare on pretty even terms with an oil or gas boiler in terms of particulate and other emissions. And of course you *could* argue that outside hauling and harvesting an efficient woodstove is basically “carbon neutral”, since the stove itself releases exactly the same amount of CO2 that was incorporated into the tree when it grew in the first place, while Oil/Gas/Coal/etc. releases “sequestered” carbon from deep in the Earth’s past. (And harvesting/transporting those isn’t exactly environmentally friendly either.)

    Whether that’s actually what’s in the house is another question, of course.

  3. SEA Says:

    Trees are not “sequestered” CO2?

    In any event, in Oregon a seller cannot sell a house with a wood burning heater without an EPA rating.

    “If you are selling or purchasing a home with a woodstove or fireplace insert you must ensure the woodstove is certified prior to sale of the home. If it is not certified, the stove must be removed and decommissioned and reported to DEQ.

  4. CB Says:

    This could make a good retreat for holistic massages and “efficient wood healing”.

  5. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I love these dome houses. My wife and I toured one way back in 2007 out on the peninsula. It didn’t have nearly this much land, but it was pretty close to this in price, if I remember correctly. My wife vividly remembers the giant spider we found at the house. Five years later, all I have to say is ‘dome house’ and she will exclaim “YUCK!”

  6. Alex Says:


    Indeed, this would definitely make for a good retreat for massages with happy endings.

  7. the San Jose Alex Says:

    I’m not sure where you get “164 acres” from, but if it’s on 164 acres, it seems like a pretty good price.

  8. AstroWallaby Says:

    #3: “Sequestered”

    Sure, a tree is “sequestered” CO2, but it’s still far closer to being in circulation than carbon that was sucked up by trees, moss, or algae that was alive back when Great Great (and many more “greats”) Grandma was dragging around a long whippy tail and had a gigantic sailfin running down her spine. Unless a tree is lucky enough to be buried or otherwise preserved when it dies the majority of the carbon contained within it will be released back into the environment as it rots.

    No matter how “clean” something like natural gas might be from a particulate standpoint there’s no escaping the fact that using *any* fossil fuel boils down to mining carbon from ages past and releasing it into today’s ecosystem. *If* you’re one of the few people on earth that actually owns enough land to farm sufficient trees to provide yourself with adequate wood to heat your house on an ongoing basis then, yes, you’re basically carbon neutral and arguably roughly as environmentally responsible as the guy who covers his house with solar panels.

    (The major difference, of course, is the particulate pollution you generate planting, harvesting, and burning your trees is a “local” problem while the massive quantities of toxins generated manufacturing those solar panels and batteries ends up in the bodies of poor kids somewhere in the third world. And of course no one cares about that.)

  9. Divasm Says:

    Is putting “Ask Agent” in a listing the same as setting your relationship status on Facebook to “It’s Complicated?” It’s just a way to make you look mysterious and make people want more information, right?

  10. ms Says:

    Big D, yeah, “Ask Agent” is basically code for “it’s fucked over here and I can’t say it in email.”

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