August 30, 2012

Non-RBA property for (don’t laugh) $2,583 a square foot

Today’s house is absolutely, positively, we promise and pinky swear, really, truly NOT IN MOUNTAIN VIEW.  It isn’t even in Palo Alto.  Today, we are headed up to Contra Costa County, where Burbed reader J from Alameda has a little real estate riddle for us.

Meanwhile, are you someone who doesn’t live in or look at houses in Mountain View or Palo Alto?  If you find one that’s #winning, send it on over!  Heck, send us more houses in Mountain View and Palo Alto too.  We’re willing to point and laugh at almost anything.

30 QUAIL Xing
Moraga, CA 94556


120829-quail-living$3,100,000 Price
1 Beds
1 Baths
1,200 Sq. Ft.
$2,583 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 2010
Lot Size: 53.71 Acres
On Redfin: 258 days
Type: Detached
Stories: 1
Community: Rancho Moraga
MLS#: 40554737
Style: Ranch
View: Hills
County: Contra Costa

120829-quail-frontNewer 1200 SF Guest Cottage sits on 4.35± acres w/ flat building pad for a 5700± SF home, 6 stall Castlebrook barn, sport court & 360 degree view. 2nd parcel of 49± Agric. zoned acres has 2.5± acres planted w/ 3100 vines & expansion to 20+ acres possible. Abuts EBMUD open space and trails.

Here’s why J sent this in:

Over the hills and through the woods….I just had to send this in (not going anywhere fast) its just 120829-quail-far-awaysuch an incredible RBA price per square foot – $2583 – but not in the RBA. Now you get a lovely barn, sport court and ‘guest house’ with one bedroom and one bath….some teeny tiny grape vines – and yes, that lovely cement pad just waiting for its 5,700 sf, give or take – house. What, by the way is sport court? And, it’s not even in the RBA! It’s a long way down the hill(s) to get on Orinda Bart (yes, Bart) to get to RBA land. Or the other hill into the backside of Oakland.

And the 120829-quail-sportcourtrealator was nice enough to note – those 40 some odd acres are zoned agricultural – meaning, I imagine, no subdividing. What, exactly, was the original buyer thinking? Spec guest house? Forget to leave some money in the budget for the house?

Ps – out looking at houses on Sunday and drove by the half finished house – the one with the lovely garbage can shot on Olympic (Lafayette?) – I recognized the plywood. Looks about the same.

Wait, wait, you left out the best part.  The street name is half English, half Mandarin!  We can’t figure out if it’s named for where the quail are run over by vehicles or merely shot by Dick Cheney.

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8 Responses to “Non-RBA property for (don’t laugh) $2,583 a square foot”

  1. wahnny Says:

    Comparatively speaking, this one seems a better deal … about half the price on more land, and only half an hour away from the RBA. It too has vineyard and horsies, but unlike today’s listing, it has no HOA dues, is zoned HS, and has nice (albeit distant) lakefront views.

  2. dollarbin Says:

    I would tell everyone I lived on “Quail Zing”

  3. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I like the second property, foreclosed and sold at a profit, now the buyer thinks sitting on it for 2 years means they deserve $500,000 in profits!

  4. Jb Says:

    Why does the second one not list bedrooms/bathrooms? And the second does not have a barn….sport court….or swanky guest house.

  5. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    #4 : Well, what we’re talking about in, erm, privy terms is the very latest in front-wall, fresh-air orifices, combined with a wide-capacity gutter installation below.

  6. Dr. Chorillo Says:

    I know the exact spot. My guess at that offer price is that the seller knows you’ll bring in 10K/month stabling recon horses and bunking DEA agents as they search the surrounding EBMUD open space for pot farms. Those hills are crawling with AK-47 toting narcos.

    The spartan-yet-epic hilltop setting of this place looks tailor-made for a Khe Sanh-esque final battle between feds and the cartel.

  7. mabeldu Says:

    #6 – to pile on– years ago when my friends and i used to bike over the hill into orinda & beyond, nearby Canyon Rd was one scary trip over the hill; safer to use Fishranch & the freeway (legal !). not scary because of the ride, but because of the backwoods, hillbilly, freaky-arced mentality of some of the folks living back there in the woods. it’s like a worm hold to appalachia.

  8. Event Management Says:

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    Why you’re looking quite beautiful yourself, for a spambot. The URL didn’t go with that comment, though, so we’ve put it in cold storage. Very cold. Write to us if you want it thawed for your next visit. –ed.

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