September 5, 2012

NOT for the faint of heart in San Mateo

Sometimes, we receive a submission that tells us to drop everything else in the reader queue and post it at once.  Today’s real estate ruh-roh is from Burbed reader TB.  Once you see the pictures, you’ll see why those initials are so apt.

120904-fallon-realtor732 Fallon Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401

Beds: 3 bed 
Baths: 1 bath
House Size: Not Available 
Lot Size: 0.11 Acres
Price/sqft: Not Available
Property Type: Single Family Home
Year Built: 1950
Neighborhood: Not Available 
Style: Fixer-Handyman Special
Stories: 1 
Garage: 1
Status: Active
County: San Mateo
Area: San Mateo County Approximately 1000 acre(s)
120904-fallon-garage1 total full bath
5 total rooms
1 stories
Type: Detached
1 car garage
Attached parking
Lot size is 20 or more acres
Utilities present: Sewer System Public, Water Public

We don’t often link to, and the missing info coupled with the conflicting info may be why.  They don’t know how big this house is.  The lot is 0.11 acres.  The lot is approximately a thousand acres.  The lot is at least 20 acres.  Close enough!

Let’s see if Redfin is any help.


732 Fallon Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
$299,000; reduced from $425,000 on 8/31/12

3 Beds 
1 Baths 
— Sq. Ft.
Built: 1950 
Lot Size: 5,000 Sq. Ft. 
On Redfin: 9 days
Type: Detached
Stories: 1
Community: San Mateo
MLS#: 40586991
Style: Fixer/Handyman Special
View: Other
County: San Mateo

NOT for the faint of heart. Major fixer, needs everything including foundation work. All offers will be considered.

Moving over to Redfin has provided way more information than the Official Site of the National Association of REALTARDS®.  We now know how old the listing is, we have the previous price, we have a lot size in a more useful measurement, we now know this is a short sale and that the listing is out-of-area, we have a Double Dog Dare Description of this property, and we have one of the first listings on Burbed ever to have a View of Other.  What could Other be when the default of “Neighborhood” really means “No view from this house.”  This suggests this home has something worse than no view.

No wonder all offers will be considered!  TB observes:

the photos probably don’t do the place justice.

They certainly don’t!  Have a look at them after the break!


First let’s check out the living room.  Somebody’s definitely earned their Burbed Good Housekeeping Tag of Approval!


It features a light and airy sewing room, and an open kitchen with a raised ceiling.  Or should that be razed?


120904-fallon-streetviewYour choice of bedrooms for admiring your possessions or storing things for later.  “Bunus:“ Possible DHO in the mirror behind the flash.  Larger photo here.

We’ve left you a few more photos over on the listing sites, so enjoy.  Then take a look at the current Google Streetview shot (with bunus trash bins!) at right. 

What do you think happened between when the Googlecam drove by and when the photos above were taken?  How did the house end up needing foundation work?  How much is that antique sewing machine worth on eBay?

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14 Responses to “NOT for the faint of heart in San Mateo”

  1. PK Says:

    Is ‘other’ perhaps ‘portal to hell’? We haven’t seen any portals for a while, so I was wondering where one would pop up next!

  2. Alex Says:

    @madhouse: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

    Back to this listing. It’s a nice contractor’s speshul. LOL

  3. nomadic Says:

    The house is assessed for $64k so the “owners” have been there a long time. Yet this is a short sale at $300k. Nice job…

    It looks like they were re-drywalling the ceilings (aka putting lipstick on this pig) when the foundation collapsed in one area. See the best pic (somehow not included above): #7 in the Redfin listing. Hint for first time buyers: it’s bad when you can stick a couple of fingers in a crack.

  4. madhaus Says:

    I think PK is onto something. A Portal to Hell would explain how this house aged 40 years between the Streetview shot and the listing photos. Or maybe Google’s self-driving Streetview-mapping cars are equipped with a flux capacitor so they can drive directly to 1972.

  5. Metalhead Says:

    I like the full disclosure – “needs everything”. Bring your cash and a wrecking ball and you can own a piece of the RBA!

  6. dollarbin Says:

    Additional bunus, the house is festooned with lots of original artwork (pic #5)

    Rescued from the spam queue. No idea why it went there. -ed.

  7. mabeldu Says:

    i’m not savvy on east san mateo; is it as rough as EPA or east menlo? is this crapshack even worth $300k for land + tear down fees?

    the antique sewing machine may be worth more than the house.

  8. DIABEETUS Says:

    Purple Wilford Brimley says: This looks like the house the creepy fat guy in Malcolm In The Middle would live in.

  9. nomadic Says:

    Hey, Diabeetus, your avatar matches SJ Alex. Sharing an email address?

  10. Banker East Says:

    Looks like San Francisco and Manhattan are now competing for high rent.

  11. Crissa Says:

    Avatars eventually repeat, they’re not infinite.

    Hey, how long as been on the market? I realized this sign just down the street from a previous place was still there (as the other is still on the market, too).

  12. madhaus Says:

    Banker East’s avatar looks reminds me of this dude.

  13. SiO2 Says:

    #7, why are less-desirable areas always East? EPA, East Menlo, East LA, East St Louis? Weird.

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    […] San Mateo Photo Spectacular […]

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