September 13, 2012

Hedge your bets in Sunnyvale

Do you want a house with trees in the front yard, but don’t want to deal with all those tree troubles?  Do you hate raking leaves?  Do you get angry tripping over roots?  How about falling branches?  Well, have we a house for you today, courtesy of Burbed reader nomadic, guaranteed to minimize those arboreal obstacles.

120912-remington-redfin601 W REMINGTON Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

4 Beds
2 Baths
1,660 Sq. Ft.
$572 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1959
Lot Size: 7,245 Sq. Ft.
On Redfin: 36 days
Status: Pending Without Release
Pending Without Release
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 1
Community: Sunnyvale
MLS#: 81229511
Style: Contemporary
View: Neighborhood
County: Santa Clara

This beautiful Eichler is full of light with a slate atrium courtyard. Inside you will find new bamboo floors with radiant heat and a remodeled gourmet kitchen. The kitchen features quartz counters, alder wood cabinets and GE Cafe appliances. Enjoy the open living room and spacious dining area. You will truly enjoy this home and its location near Las Palmas Park and Cumberland Elementary.

120912-remington-kitchenNew bamboo floors inside?  It’s the outside you need to be taking a good look at.  That hedge along the front wall will satisfy your need for tree-like objects without any objectionable tree-like behaviors.

Plus the backsplash design in the kitchen will wake you up every time you enter the room.  It’s not that the colors are particularly objectionable; we’re just not sure that design goes with the alder, the bamboo, the quartz and the stainless.

We haven’t even gotten into the slate.

So, nice open Eichler plan, recent remodel of a 50 year old house.  Ready to plop down almost a mil for the second best elementary in the Sunnyvale school district?  Maybe you should first check the location, location, location.


Because living on the corner of a secondary arterial and the route to a park and tennis center means the whole city will have many opportunities to admire your hedge!  No wonder it went pending — BOOM!

“Bunus”: Here’s what Google Streetview shows when you give this address:


This may be the first house on Burbed to score so many roadblocks in one place.

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18 Responses to “Hedge your bets in Sunnyvale”

  1. nomadic Says:

    I bet if this house was in Mountain View someone would have commented on it by now.

  2. SEA Says:

    I’m not even sure when the post went up, but I’m sure everyone was out refinancing before rates go up.

    What’s that you say?

    “In an unprecedented and controversial move the Federal Reserve today announced the initiation of an open-ended round of QE3 and extended the period for which it will keep rates between 0 and 1/4% to mid-2015.”

  3. mabeldu Says:

    WTF?!? joe eichler must be rolling in his grave.

    that tree thang is… uh… er… jaw dropping, but i can’t yet form more appropriate words.

    thank gawd this ISN’T in mtv. we have laws, ya know.

  4. nomadic Says:

    mabeldu, don’t be hatin’ on Edward Scissorhands! That’s art.

  5. Banker East Says:

    Guaranteed low interest rate means real estate is a safe investment now.

  6. Crissa Says:

    Can they lie about the address like that? They don’t even have an entrance at the address…

  7. SEA Says:

    Seems like with all the “now is the right time to buy” talk that buying in the future is worse than today.

    Tomorrow will there be any buyers left?

  8. madhaus Says:

    #6: Um say wut? Nobody lied about the address. Are you talking about a different house?

    This is a zoom-in from Streetview, on Remington.

  9. nomadic Says:

    You can always count on Crissa for a non sequitur.

  10. East Bay Prasad Says:

    Don’t like this type of house, but love Sunnyvale. Too bad it’s a place for rich people only.

  11. Crissa Says:

    I thought that was the neighbor’s garage.

  12. Real Estater Says:

    Palo Alto Mobile Home Park is a goner.

  13. Real Estater Says:

    Donald Trump says now is the time to buy a house

  14. Crissa Says:

    Upgrading the park to comply with state codes would mean the legal spacing between units would change.

    “That means a large reduction in the number of homes. You would almost have to start building a new mobile home park from the ground up,” Jisser said.

    That’s just BS. You can hang that replacing the copper is expensive, but there are no safety rules from international code requiring this spacing. It’s totally from city (maybe county, but I doubt it) code modifications.

  15. nomadic Says:

    Upgrading the park to comply with state codes

  16. dan statlander Says:

    Nice post.

    Nice use of pretending to care about our site while linking back to yourself. We’ll just put that URL of yours in the yard waste bin for safekeeping. –ed.

  17. G Andrews Says:

    The problem with that neighborhood is that if you want a house that isn’t along Remington or some other busy road, you gotta pay 200K more. It’s like a mini-los-altos.

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    […] When did “confetti tile” become A Thing?  Didn’t we ran a house recently that had the same fascinating design choice?  Well, there was this. […]

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