September 28, 2012

Make Mine Millbrae, Take Two

Yesterday, Our Fearless Leader came out of retirement and shared a really Special House in Millbrae.  It was soooo Special that burbed asked me to follow up with this possibly related listing.  So, thanks for sending this one in, Burbed reader burbed.  To, um, the blog you started.  Right.

120927-morningside-redfin821 MORNINGSIDE Dr
Millbrae, CA 94030

4 Beds 
4 Baths 
2,140 Sq. Ft.
$588 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 2002 
Lot Size: 5,100 Sq. Ft. 
On Redfin: 36 days
Property Type: Detached Single Family
View: Bay
County: San Mateo
Stories: 3
Community: Telescope Hills/Silva Ranch
MLS#: 81231418

4 Bedroom/4 Bath, only 10 years new home with marble and wood flooring, cherry cabinets, granite countertops throughout located in a great school district.

Did you like yesterday’s house?  Well, you’ll just love today’s, because it is right next door and it also new while having the advantage of being time-tested.  This house is even more awesome than yesterday’s, because all you can do is longingly look at the front facade.  There’s not a single shot of the marble and wood flooring, cherry cabinets, granite countertops throughout, let alone the great school district.

120926-morningside-powerlinesThat must mean the staging is so amazing, you’ll need to wait in line for hours just to buy tickets to see it.  And if they hired ILM to stage yesterday’s house, who could be the artiste for this one?  Maybe it’s Peter Bohlin?  Could the landscaping be the work of Lawrence Halprin?  Or is the entire project the genius of Denis Weil?

One thing is for sure: no matter how many computers and servers you have, you should plenty of power to run all of them.

Here’s both homes for you to admire.  Let us know which one you’d rather be trapped in by a million dollar mortgage for the next 30 years.


“Bunus:“ Same agent representing both houses!  Can you say Buy Two Get Two?

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6 Responses to “Make Mine Millbrae, Take Two”

  1. nomadic Says:

    They both have “10 year new” paint jobs. Nice. The agent should have noticed how much better the houses look in Google street view and went to take pictures when the light was better. The listings make it look like the buyers will be living in the perpetual gloom of dusk.

  2. Alex Says:

    Records show both properties are associated with LF George Properties Corp, George Lam and Alice Lam. The listing realtard is Henry Lam. Gee, imagine that.

    madhouse, you should refer to burbed as Dear Leader from now on. Anything less is blasphemy.

  3. burbed Says:

    It’s a house off! Which house would you pick?

  4. Divasm Says:

    #1 – Agree, again, the HD photos the agent took make the house look gloomy and almost sooty, as though a small fire brushed by it. And since all we get is the exterior photo that’s not super impressive.

  5. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    Can I pick the house behind them? The one on top of the giant hill? That way I can put giant boulders in my yard and threaten them with annihilation! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. nomadic Says:

    #3, I’ll take whichever one has the portal to hell.

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