October 10, 2012

On a quaint Willow Glen cul-de-sac

Remember when we asked for homes not in Mountain View?  Burbed reader Tracy Tea House did what we asked, and obliged with this wonderful Willow Glen walkup.  Thanks very much!

121009-buchser-trulia869 Buchser Way
San Jose CA 95125
Price:  $829,000

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2 full, 1 partial
49 days on Trulia
Property type: Single-Family Home
Size: 2,191 sqft
Lot: Ask agent
Price/sqft: $378/sqft
Year built: 1970
MLS/ID: 81233324
Neighborhood: Willow Glen, 95125

This beautiful updated home features 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths locates on a quaint Willow Glen cul-de-sac. Set back off the street with a large landscaped front yard and walking distance to popular Downtown, Fresh & Easy grocery story and River Glen Park. Convenient location, great neighborhood.

121009-buchser-panoramaHere’s why Tracy thought this house belonged on the front page today.

TV’s on, but nobody’s home. We have an ice chest out by the pool, a full side of refrigerator notes, ominous tilting pictures, and a close up of the crack in the pool deck complete with  gloomy shadows. The front of the house takes a long view at ground level. Looks like an easy walk to the market too!

This isn’t just any tilting picture.  This is a tilting picture complete with a space-time anomaly. Buy this house and get the portal to Alpha Centauri III behind the pool heater. It’s the extras in this house that make it so quaint.

“Bunus”: A Willow Glen listing almost in Willow Glen.  But close to Fresh & Easy grocery story.


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8 Responses to “On a quaint Willow Glen cul-de-sac”

  1. Tracy Tea House Says:

    Strange, I don’t see the same pictures as when I sent this in. I think the house has been staged and re-photographed… Or its that time warp at work and I
    am seeing the future…

  2. wahnny Says:

    From the (larger) pictures on Redfin, it looks like two houses were merged on the 10K+ sqft lot. Four living rooms, three chimneys/fireplaces, with different styles … wow.

  3. nomadic Says:

    If this isn’t in Willow Glen, what are the boundaries for it?

  4. madhaus Says:

    nomadic, Willow Glen is like the RBA. It can expand to take up the entire 95125 zip code, plus 95118, or it can shrink to half a block on Lincoln. It’s all based on context, what day the property is listed, and whether the pictures look authentic or ridiculous.

    I rather liked the bulgy panorama photos, and if it weren’t for those this house probably wouldn’t have been featured at all (since the craptastic ones that caught Tracy Tea House‘s eye were vanished into the not-Willow Glen-Portal to Heck).

  5. mabeldu Says:

    that’s an odd way to do an addition. from the back view, or top view, it looks like two front teeth with a gap between. why would you not butt up to the original house, or make a complete separate wing with a patio in between? and the addition is an explosion of wood paneling – so retro 70s, and not in a good way.

    math confuses me. listed on 8/8 for $769k, then on 10/5 raised to $829k. no offers at a lower price, so they jumped up 60k. and that makes sense how?

  6. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    They did it that way to keep from :
    1) Redoing the roof over the main house. Pricey as portal-to-hell.
    2) Redesigning the interior rooms (you must have window egress from bedrooms or two ways out of interior rooms)
    3) Having to move out, or live through having construction intrude into the main house extensively.

  7. madhaus Says:

    I found some “old” pictures, but no TV on. Here’s a cached version from Zillow with 3 pix: Front, Pool, and billiards room. I checked most of the usual suspects, both regular and cached, and they fall into one of three displays for the house:

    – 22-24 pix as above on Trulia (the ones with 24 have extra shots of the pool and patio)
    – 3 old pix
    – Streetview of house and it’s not for sale, but the estimate is around $760-770K. BUY NOW, it will ONLY GO UP MORE!

  8. nomadic Says:

    mabeldu, the price must have gone up when the agent decided the house IS in Willow Glen after all. Or the lower price was a ploy for multiple offers that never materialized.

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