October 15, 2012

Burbed’s Election 2012 Voter Guide to California Propositions and more – Part 1


I long contemplated whether or not I should write a voter’s guide for this election year. The fact is that I’m pretty jaded about the election process because of the rampant voter fraud.

Yes. Rampant voter fraud.

What?? You don’t know about the rampant voter fraud? Well, in that case, like my friend in this video says: “All you have to do is study it out.

The short version is this: Why do we allow renters to vote?

As we all know, renters are the collection of every worse stereotype you can imagine. Take everything we all hate about the poors, the gays, the blacks, the rich, the asians, the breeders, the hispanics, the liberals, the non-hispanic whites, the conservatives, the rednecks, the lazy youth, the elites, and the greedy boomers – put them in the blender you bought at Costco, and boom: Renters.

It is an absolute travesty that we allow these people who smell, are snobby, are flamboyant, don’t value education, drive too fast, keep popping out babies, drive too slow,  do drugs, are close minded, are too green, are too lazy, strive too hard, ruin our schools, are here illegally, pretend to be victims, oppress others, pay by check, make our schools too competitive, and are (UGH) vegan take part in our political process. First it was renters… what next? Should we let cougars (the mountain lion kind, not the aggressive kind) vote?

Fraud. That’s what it is.

Now, there are some who would argue that making home ownership a prerequisite discriminates against poor people. To that I have two points:

  1. This is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted. They only wanted propertied people to vote. Trust me, I saw a documentary on the Declaration of Independence (Nicholas Cage did a fantastic job.)
  2. Poor people can own homes. Strawberry pickers buy a $720,000 houses all the time.

BOOM. The argument store is now closed.

But, as a journalist, it is my responsibility to educate you. And educate you I will.

So despite my reservations, I will indeed publish a voter’s guide tomorrow.

However, this guide will be limited only to the state-wide propositions.

I cannot endorse Obama or Romney. Neither of them support my plan to restore our economy by taking the Mortgage Interest Deduction, and turning it into the Mortgage Interest Tax Credit. That’s right… under my plan, you wouldn’t be able to deduct interest – instead you would get that money back directly. This would help our starving banks who, as we all know, are doing God’s work.

Before I publish this guide tomorrow some questions for the Burbians:

  1. What are the (true) stereotypes that you hate the most about renters?
  2. Should homeowners get one vote, while condo owners get .5 votes? Discuss.
  3. What should I recommend for each of the propositions?

-Your humble Burbed

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22 Responses to “Burbed’s Election 2012 Voter Guide to California Propositions and more – Part 1”

  1. DonnieJ Says:

    I can only speak on Prop 37, since I am Ph.D. holding Plant Molecular Biologist who has been working with “GM” foods since they were invented.

    GM foods are deemed safe by the USDA, you know, that agency that has been protecting our health and well being since Abraham Lincoln established in 1862. It’s no trivial issue to get a GM crop approved, both in it’s interaction with the environment and it’s interaction with the human diet.

    That being said, there already is a labeling scheme that keeps consumers “safe” from GM foods, it’s called certified Organic. From what i hear, these people have made a sweet profit from scaring the public into believing that anything else is unsafe. It seems they have gained enough resources to mount a full on assault on us by legislating ridiculous regulations.

    This is an industry who sprays bacteria carrying toxins over an entire field of crops for protection, and has the balls to tell the farming industry that the introduction of one single protein is unsafe.

    Anyways, vote no on Prop 37. If nothing else, because 80% of the corn we eat is “GM” (which is something you have to just get over), and also Meat fed with GM grains and Dairy are exempt. So this is just an attempt to attack the corn and soy industries (wheat has never had a GM product since so much is sold to Japan and they don’t accept GM foods).

  2. Alex Says:

    Prop 37 is another scam. I voted NO.

    Prop 30 is also another scam. NO more taxes.

    Prop 32. Voted yes. Tired of public employee unions screwing the taxpayers.

  3. sprezzatura Says:

    I haven’t a clue what the real story is on Prop 37 and am somewhat tempted to not vote on it at all.

  4. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    37 is a poor piece of legislation championed by well meaning people who know nothing about its intent and corporate sponsors. Sadly, it looks like it will pass based on polling. I have friends passionately FB posting about it all the time, and their arguments always come down to “We should know! Label it!” and when I explain all the shortcomings of the law and why it’s NOT going to actually let them know if they eat GM food, they say “It’s better than nothing! I’d rather get it in now and make the law better later!” It makes me want to start slap fights CONSTANTLY.

  5. Alex Says:


    you’re completely clueless. You shouldn’t vote on anything at all.

  6. nomadic Says:

    Voting no on 32 because it’s too selective, and it wastes taxpayer dollars.

    Fiscal Impact from the Legislative Analyst’s Office:
    Increased costs to state and local government–potentially exceeding $1 million annually–to implement and enforce the measure’s requirements.

    Source: smartvoter.org

    I may agree with Alex on 30. I oppose all further amendments to the state constitution because our state gov’t is so f*cked up that we need to repeal it and start over.

  7. Alex Says:


    Unfortunately, the political ads are dishonest and driven by special interests, so don’t expect to have an even-handed discussion of these proposals. People only hear the scare tactics or smear campaign, not the details.

    Example: Raise more taxes to preserve the education system.

    Why not cut other budget items? Why not reduce prison budget? CA prison budget is bigger than education budget. The prison lobby has scared us into locking people up for minor offenses. CA’s 3-strike law unfairly targets poor and minority nonviolent offenders who can’t afford lawyers to negotiate better terms.

  8. CB Says:

    1. True stereotype about renters that I hate? – They wish they owned their rental and are bitter because it doesn’t cost 300K with zero down government-subsided loan money. The truth is they are totally happy renting month to month under under the prospect of heavy losses to their deposit if they paint the walls a color other than white.

    2. Voting power should be based on lot size. You do the math.

    3. Burbed’s recommendations should reflect the Bay Area notion that we want a lot of shit and want rich people to pay for it, with the stated caveat that you are poor in the Bay Area until you earn over $250,000/year. At which point you are just scraping by.

  9. nomadic Says:

    CB, we already established that $500k is “not a lot of money” so I’d like to bump your “poor cap” from $250k up to $500k.

  10. very amused Says:

    Prop 32 is a scam: it equally bans political paycheck deductions on both unions and corps. Think! Corps don’t fund elections thru deductions! They use SuperPACs and exec donations in one big check, all allowed. I’m voting no because of their scam ads that insult my intelligence.

    Prop 38 funded by Prop 32 backer’s sister. A pox on the whole Munger family.

    Burbed, we should ban renters from voting. Then tattoo a big R on their foreheads. They should have their own (separate & unequal) back of the RBA limo, the longest line at Whole Foods checkout, and only get one lane on the freeway. Google required to deduct Renter’s Excise Tax from their paychecks to fund Mortgage Tax Refund Plus Double-Extra Credit.

    If being a renter is painful then more renters will buy now. Now. Now.

  11. mabeldu Says:

    and now for something completely different:

    anyone notice that the goldman exec, who’s doing god’s work, looks like wallace shawn? i wonder if he sounds like him, too. indubitably!

  12. very amused Says:

    PS: I’m very amused by the dude who gripes about critical thinking skills and talks like Rush Limbaugh on hillbilly heroin.

    But I repeat myself.

  13. Alex Says:

    very amused,

    Prop 32 is meant to restrain the union thugs from teaming up with politicians to rob the taxpayers.

    If you want to reduce the influence of big money on the political process, join us at unPAC.org. Your talk is cheap.

    You can call me Rush Limbaugh all you want. But to you left wing nuts, anyone who votes for fiscal sanity is a right-winger. Typical pro-Democrat, pro-union Californian liberal.

  14. nomadic Says:

    I know this is a naive question, and was a huge issue with Prop 8 four years ago, but WHY are contributions from out-of-state allowed for state propositions?

    One example:

    P.S. Munger contributed in favor of Prop 40 too.

  15. Mole Man Says:

    Voter fraud wouldn’t matter so much if more actual people actually voted. In the primary the number of voters in Alameda County was so small as to arguably be a statistically insignificant subset of the population.

  16. DonnieJ Says:

    If you don’t vote you should be able to get your license renewed. That would effectively guarantee participation.

  17. madhaus Says:

    Yes, prop 32 is a fist in the face of the unions, while falsely claiming it also restrains corporate involvement. Not true at all! At least Alex is out there with his right wing talking points that it’s designed to take down the unions, and if the corporations can flood the ad markets with unlimited funds, cool!

    Seriously, Alex, if you’re going to get butthurt about critical thinking skills, it helps if you demonstrate some in the first place. All you’re doing is attacking the left for being the left. That’s not critical thinking. That’s name-calling and mouth-breathing. Tell me why I should vote for 32 when I see it as a way to tilt the election field all the way to corporate interests while muzzling the unions? Be sure to include the 32 ads that imply it stops corporate money WHEN IT DOES NO SUCH THING.

    As to rentards, isn’t it enough punishment that they have to rent? If we go back to only letting property owners vote, next step is one vote per dollar of equity. You read it here first!

  18. CB Says:

    If you don’t vote you should be able to get your license renewed. That would effectively guarantee participation.

    … or create more renters forced into high density housing near public transit. It’s a vicious cycle.

  19. CB Says:

    madhaus, amused -have you considered that people actually understand the reality of 32 and still support it?

  20. Alex Says:


    Again, label me a right-winger because I am against public unions constantly robbing the taxpayers?!

    Your hypocrisy is nauseating. Bash the mortgage debt slave for their reckless financial decisions, but it’s ok to let the public employee unions and profligate spenders plunder public finances?

    Contrary to the political ads, Prop 32 is meant to restrict the influence of unions and prevent them from automatically deducting dues from paychecks.

    It does NOT prevent unions from organizing PACs. For that reason, I strongly support the grassroot movement to remove the influence of big money from the political process (through UNPAC.ORG)

    Here’s what Prop 32 actually does


  21. Burbed’s Election 2012 Voter Guide to California Propositions and more – Part 2 [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] Yesterday I said I would publish a voter’s guide to our state’s amazing propositions. I have a lot of respect for our proposition system. After all, we all know that California (especially Silicon Valley) is only full of smart people who can enable direct democracy to work. […]

  22. burbed Says:

    Wow… you guys are all so serious!

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