October 19, 2012

Not a cornr lot

Happy Friday!  Let’s finish out the week with a super structure in Saratoga, courtesy of Burbed reader wahnny!  And break out the red arrows, because we’re hunting mawbul kawlums!

121018-bellecourt-redfin15181 BELLECOURT Ave
Saratoga, CA 95070

5 Beds 
5.5 Baths 
6,600 Sq. Ft.
$909 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 2003 
Lot Size: 1.02 Acres 
On Redfin: 10 days
Status: Active
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 1
County: Santa Clara
Style: French
Community: Saratoga
MLS#: 81236964

This unbelvble Gorgeous French Style Masterpiece Estate is spanned graciously on one level. Magestic & quality craftd, combind w/ architctural excellnce. Nestld in most desirble & prestigious area of SAR * Situatd on a Flat Acr+, * Guest Hse * amazing Media Rm/cinema * Game Rm * Exercise Rm w/ steam showr * 2Family Rms/wings * invitng grounds w/ Pool & Spa perfect4 entertainng * Orchrd * Nr downtwn-sar schls-Not a cornr lot

121018-bellecourt-entryWas this house listed on Twitter before they put it on MLS?  With 6600 square feet of living space, certainly the broker could make room to stage some more vowels.

Now heeeeeeeeeere’s wahnny on why this wigwam’s a winner!

It’s been a while since multimillion+ RBA houses were featured on Burbed, but I just came across one that seems to go overboard in its ostentatiousness.

121018-bellecourt-diningThe house looks like an ad-hoc mishmash of architectural styles, with each room having different themes, some with painted ceilings, and of course, mawbul kawlums galore!

Curious who the seller/realtor thinks will be attracted to such a place, especially at their asking price.

We’re curious how high the overbidding on this kawlumned kastle will be when it’s so unbelvble.  We’ve included some more pictures for your perusal in case you doubt its awesomitude.  But we’re thinking of calling shenanigans on the home theater.  Either every high-end installation looks and photographs exactly the same, or the picture’s been nicked from another listing.


Bunus: See if you can figure out how this one acre property on the corner of Bellecourt and Highway 9 is not a cornr lot.


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16 Responses to “Not a cornr lot”

  1. wahnny Says:

    Obviously the r3ltrd wants to avoid the plebeian stigma associated with being on a “cornr lot“.

  2. mabeldu Says:

    another example proving that money can’t buy taste.

    nice to see more kawlums; someone’s going to need to buy a new box of red arrows shortly.

  3. madhaus Says:

    Take a look at the overhead map (pulled out a bit from the image I included). For a one-acre lot, those houses are awfully squished together. Looks like the majority of the land is in the “back yard.” There’s no streetview for Bellecourt, but those houses look like they’re all of 30 feet from each other to me (those with better eyeballing skills are encouraged to guess it closer). For a 6600 sf house, that’s rather cozy with the neighbors.

  4. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    #3 : I was just coming here to post that. For 6 million dollars, I don’t want to be jammed against my neighbor like that! Unless my neighbor is Mila Kunis. Then… okay.

  5. nomadic Says:

    The realtard could sum up this place in one word he used: magestic.

    It doesn’t have frontage on Highway 9, so I’ll give him the “not a corner lot” argument. I don’t think a tangent point should count.

  6. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    Also, they claim the house is spanned graciously on one level. Spanned by what? A bridg? A giant wrnch? We just don’t know!

  7. madhaus Says:

    We have some fantastic news, everybody. Burbed received an insider’s price on a red arrow close-out.

  8. mabeldu Says:

    kawlums and a pallet of arrows, including a squiggly one. i love it!!!

  9. nomadic Says:

    More arrows, less politics.

  10. Mole Man Says:

    With all those arrows, French design touches, and the property not moving this place is practically Agincourt all over again.

  11. Tom Stone Says:

    They don’t offer classes on spall chick thru the local relitters ass ociation.

  12. Last post of 2012 [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] Unbelvble Gorgeous French Style Masterpiece Estate in Saratoga […]

  13. L G Lorax Says:

    Oh My Gawd, it sold. Looks like on Dec 21st somebody paid $5.45. What a barghiin!! I wonder if the red arrows were included?

    The market is hot hot hot again – fiscal cliff be damned…

  14. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > Looks like on Dec 21st somebody paid $5.45M.

    Proof that money does not buy taste?

  15. SEA Says:

    Money might not buy taste, but so many claim to buy “instant equity.”

  16. nomadic Says:

    Some people only have taste in their mouths.

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