October 27, 2012

Mountain View: A Super Fun Site

Thought all those problems with toxic groundwater and Superfund site cleanup was in the past? Guess again.


Turns out that parts of Mountain View are still dealing with problems from the TCE from not one but two different plumes.  What kind of problems?  Well, a higher incidence of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma than expected, according to the California Cancer Registry.

Now MEW can mean two different realty problems. Not only does it stand for Mortgage Equity Withdrawal, it also is an acronym for Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman, the area the EPA is monitoring for vapor intrusion.  You see, there is too such a thing as being on the Wrong Side of Middlefield.

121026-epa-hangar1TCE (Tricoroethylene), a cleaning solvent that’s been sitting in the ground since the early days of the semiconductor industry, is the apparent culprit.  Oh yeah, and the military dumped it as well.  Vapor intrusion is when these chemicals lead to outgassing into buildings over the TCE plume in the ground.  Researchers note it’s difficult to clean up because the area near Moffett Field is made up of… well, mud. 

There is good news.  The plume is migrating toward the Bay, away from residences.  There’s also bad news: the plume is migrating toward the Bay.

Do you live near any of these problem areas, or know someone who does? How much would you overbid for the opportunity to meet cute EPA scientists or cancer researchers?

Or if this topic is way too depressing for you, talk about anything you’d like in this Open Thread.  When you’re not worried about getting cancer from TCE, there’s always the Fantasy Slut League, coming to a high school near you!

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  1. Charles Says:

    Fantasy Slut League? Isn’t that pretty much how Facebook got started? How can I get in early on the IPO?

  2. magdalena Says:

    This is only a problem if you think it is. Stop worrying about toxic waste and you too can create your very own Fantasy Real Estate League.

  3. SEA Says:

    480V in action.

  4. nomadic Says:

    What’s with the odd comments for that post? It doesn’t appear to be a religious site, and normally one call for prayer gets slammed down fast rather than finding an echo.

  5. cardinal2007 Says:

    Whisman station is nice, I’ve walked through there before on the way to work, the townhouses look nice, it has its own light rail station, and last time I looked it had townhouses in the 600s, a price even I could afford. They call it GTE on the map, I call it Whisman Station.

  6. SEA Says:

    Will it take 50 years to recover?

    “It can get big as it was again maybe in 50 years. This housing bubble was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I imagine,” Shiller said. “Although, you know, the market might be more volatile, so the future is always unknown.”

    To make his case, Shiller noted how the investing culture has changed over the years, thereby greatly affecting the housing market.

    “50 years ago, hardly anyone thought of houses as investments, but now, people are focused on it like never before,” Shiller said, adding that homebuilding was so rampant in markets like Phoenix and Miami, it quickly drove up home prices to where one could see the bubble forming very early on. “The funny thing about this recent experience is it became so nationwide. Housing markets aren’t supposed to be correlated all over the country like that. It was a rare phenomenon.”

    Going forward, though, Shiller doesn’t expect history to repeat itself anytime soon, if ever.

    “My general idea is that we’re not going into a nationwide boom and not many places will show booms in the next few years,” he said.


    Obviously the RBA is excluded, since it has nothing from which to recover. You know, business as usual in the RBA, and like De Beers, it’s forever.

  7. It’s Search Engine Saturday! [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] our article that answers the above question, and the kind of toxic dump Whisman Station sits on is very nasty indeed.  Specifically, […]

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