November 17, 2012

Sellers in the drivers seat

Burbed began in February 2006, when the market was running bubbly, the RBA ran clear to Seattle, and an East Palo Alto crapshack would run you $850,000. It's early days but we're seeing definite signs of re-carbonation. Burbed reader dollarbin sends in some further proof.

Of course this is Palo Alto. When ads like this run in East Palo Alto, we will have arrived. Again.

Did you check out last week's Palo Alto Weekly? There were at least two different full page ads from Realtards with groups of buyers looking for houses they can close by the end of the year. High end stuff too, 1.5 to 4 million. I can't find links online, but I can take photos of the ads from the physical paper, it might make an interesting weekend post.

Interesting is the word for them. Voyla!

This is also your Weekend Open Thread, so go wild. Buyers 1 through 6 are counting on you!

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8 Responses to “Sellers in the drivers seat”

  1. nomadic Says:

    One of those buyers is not like the other in the second ad (hint: #3). $1.3M for a fixer in PA, MP or Los Altos? Not damn likely, but good luck anyway.

  2. sprezzatura Says:

    The froth is definitely coming back from what I can see. Friends up in the city who were looking to upgrade from a condo to a SFH are getting outbid on properties left and right.

  3. Jb Says:

    The 4 million tear-down ok caught my eye. Isn’t that over the top even for old palo alto?

  4. Real Estater Says:

    Has everyone noticed the new generation of LED light bulbs? I’m an early adopter of this technology, so that I will never have to change any light bulb again.

  5. very amused Says:

    Someone cut his home maintenance costs by 50%.

  6. SEA Says:

    With all the innovation of the RBA, the other 50% will be eliminated soon enough.

  7. SiO2 Says:

    You can get a $1.3m fixer in MP. Just cross 101, but still part of MP. Probably not what they are looking for.

    RE, how do you like the LED bulb? I bought some CFLs with a casing, so that the squiggly part isn’t exposed. This is for a fixture where the bulb is obviously visible, so the squiggly was not desired. The CFLs were $5 each for a 60w equiv. The squiggly ones were cheaper, but such is the price of fashion.

    Home Depot also had LEDs, with a normal bulb looking casing. They were $16 each for 60w equiv. Claim to last 18 years, vs 6 for the cfl, so theoretically worth it. But, CFLs don’t really last 6 years, so I doubt that the LED would last 18.

    I do like the profusion of choice with light bulbs now. not just 60/75/100 incandescent, but different color temps of CFL and LED, incandescent bulbs with halogen inserts for greater efficiency, all sorts of things.

  8. CB Says:


    Have a point, it makes is so much more interesting for the listener.

    Absolutely no idea why this went to spam. Sorry about that. –ed.

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