November 19, 2012

Like Google Streetview? You’ll LOVE Google Houseview!

Burbed reader nomadic informs us of a major Google Maps update.  Guess it’s not rolling out to everyone at once because we haven’t seen it yet.


Awesome sauce! This is going to change real estate, because now, who needs to wait for an Open House or an agent to put together a Virtual Tour?  With this new feature, you can see a home’s interior layout, room sizes, fixtures and decor with just a few mouse clicks.

Bunus: Think of all the homes that will now qualify for the Burbed Good Housekeeping tag of approval!


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6 Responses to “Like Google Streetview? You’ll LOVE Google Houseview!”

  1. Real Estater Says:

    LOL. Let’s hope they don’t catch Madhaus taking a shower.

  2. mabeldu Says:

    if you live in MTV, google has been in your house & up in yer grille for years. a small price to pay to bask in their glorious tax dollars. and the boost to RBA house prices.

    card carrying member of: if you think there’s any privacy left in the internet age (outside of a dark cave), you’re in denial.

  3. Real Estater Says:

    If you used Google House View, you can check out the best kept secret in 94087. For the typical million dollar price tag, you can actually run a senior care business right out of your own home! You’d never have to sweat out the long hours at Google again.

  4. PK Says:

    It’d be especially useful to flag questionable construction!

    “Sunroom; Check permits.”

  5. PK Says:

    #3 – Perhaps that house requires an ‘ELO’ tag; ‘Elderly Lounging Out’?

  6. nomadic Says:

    Awesome idea, RE. I gotta tell you, I would WAY rather change elderly stranger’s diapers 24×7 than work at Google.

    Ew, that sounds like a weird fetish, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s supposed to be sarcasm.

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