November 20, 2012

Bring your contractors and do-it-yourselfers

Some of you seemed a little miffed that there was no featured house yesterday.  Worry not!  We have a complete piece of crap an exciting opportunity for you today!  Thanks very much to Burbed reader for keeping an eye on this Willow Glen wonder.

121119-westgate-mlslistings2417 WESTGATE AVE
San Jose, CA 95125
Offered at $749,000

Active Contingent
Type  Single Family Home
MLS #  ML81234991 
SqFt  1,897
121119-westgate-kitchenBeds  2 
Baths  1 Full 
Lot Size 8,400 SqFt
Year / Age  1949 / 63

Bring your contractors and do-it-yourselfers. This needs a total remodel or tear down and a new home. Many newer homes around it. Large lot near the gates at Willow Ranch. Take a look and make us an offer. This is a probate sale. Please use CAR form PPA and PAK. A real estate commission will be paid to the successful bidder only. SUBJECT TO OVERBIDS IN COURT

121119-westgate-familyHere’s what had to say while hoisting this listing over the transom:

Honestly this house made me speechless. The idea that someone would buy a 750k tear town in the south bay…is just absurd.

Oh come on, this is the kind of house upon which Burbed was founded, all the way back in 2006.  Three quarters of a million dollars for a house that’s, if not uninhabitable, at least suffering from some poor design choices? 

All we can say to that is… SUBJECT TO OVERBIDS IN COURT.  And… bring it!

Comments (13) -- Posted by: madhaus @ 5:01 am

13 Responses to “Bring your contractors and do-it-yourselfers”

  1. SEA Says:

    Is $500k an overbid?

  2. Tracy Tea House Says:

    In my West Valley Santa Clara neighborhood, 2 houses have been purchased for 7-800 K, torn down and replaced with mini mansions. I couldn’t believe it either.

    SEA I would think 500K is generous!

  3. mabeldu Says:

    #1 — yes.

  4. PK Says:

    In Willow Glen? Isn’t that where that 8 or 12 car garage monstrosity was built?

    Build your cars a mansion, people!

  5. dollarbin Says:

    Look at the neighborhood on Zillow: this block is McMansion City. Just next door is this Mediterranean-inspired masterpiece. Don’t think of this as a 750K crapshack, it’s an 8400 square foot canvas upon which you can paint your mawbul kawlumed masterpiece.

  6. very amused Says:

    Willow Glen? I do not think that means what you think it means.

  7. nomadic Says:

    Still waiting for the Willow Glen map. It’s debated here frequently, and this sure looks like it to me. The listing site puts it smack in between “Willow Glen” and “South Willow Glen.” (Ha, now there’s a south Willow Glen??)

  8. madhaus Says:

    South Willow Glen is just like East Palo Alto or West New York, right? You take a place near another with some prestige quantum and prepend a cardinal direction. And voila, you can mooch off their Specialness!

    Didn’t bmwman91 submit a place next to Foxworthy (!) claiming to be in Willow Glen? I always thought of Curtner as the None Shall Pass line to the south, but let’s hear from some people who actually have lived there.

  9. Says:

    South Willow Glen is actually pretty nice, this house is just crap though (as long as you are in 95125). 95118 is a little worse, but still a nice neighborhood.

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  11. bmwman91 Says:

    madhaus, yeah I submitted The Enclave at Foxworthy a while back.

    All units sold almost instantly and have multiple luxury SUVs parked in the driveways at all times (they aren’t put into the garage 10ft in front of them, which is weird).

    Housing is back, baby! Buy now or be priced out forever!!!!!1one

  12. bmwman91 Says:

    #9, 95118 is where I was born and raised. It used to be a nice, quiet, middle class neighborhood. It was ravaged by the 00’s housing bubble and turned into a RE-wealth-seeker douchebubble, and the asking prices on houses there are starting to make my head spin once again.

  13. madhaus Says:

    Yes, but bmwman91, where is Willow Glen actually? Or are we arguing over the difference between Willow Glen and Real Willow Glen?

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