November 21, 2012

This Home is Ready for a New Chapter in Home Ownership

Some of our featured properties made it to the front page because the photos are full of curb appeal.  As in a “Peel out from the curb, NOT buying that house.”  Some are here because the price just makes your eyes pop out.  Today’s house has the best features of both, and you know that when we say “best” we mean the exact opposite of “best.”

Many thanks to Burbed reader Tracy Tea House, for finding an abode on an aristocratic avenue.

121120-countess-trulia6107 Countess Drive
San Jose CA 95129
Price:  $1,198,000

Reduced $37,000 on 11/11/12
Est. payment: 
Bedrooms: 4 
Bathrooms: 2 
19 days on Trulia
Property type: Single-Family Home
Size: Ask agent
Lot: Ask agent
Price/sqft: Ask agent
Year built: Ask agent
Neighborhood: West Valley, 95129
Provided by: Help-U-Sell Corporate
This info was not provided by this listing source.
121120-countess-signAsk an agent for more details about this home.
Listing agent: Adalberto Gonzalez
Broker: Tito Gonzalez

Highly Desirable Location & Part Of The Cupertino Union School District With API Scores 943+ (Muir, Miller & Lynbrook). Great Layout And Extra Permitted 432sq Enclosed Bonus Room. Large Yard With Mature Trees. This Home Is Ready For A New Chapter In Home Ownership. Buyer To Verify Square Footage & Permits. Open House 11/03 & 11/04 from 11:00-3:00pm. Not A Distressed Sale. Come See! ****MLS# 81239614***

121120-countess-livingHere’s why Tracy nominated today’s featured listing:

This house may not be distressed, but these pictures made me depressed. And the PRICE! Campbell schools really driving the price of this house up. The pictures are so gloomy and really, three of one tree? Is it rare? On the plus side, I do love developments with royal names.

Ahem, don’t you go hating on Cupertino schools by confusing them with Campbell.  The listing even 121120-countess-sidemakes a point of naming them (and their test results).

And there’s not just three pictures of one tree, but this interior shot (above) of the living or family room is the only glance you’re going to get inside, and they provided 11 photos.  That means you’ll see plenty of trees.  Or of the same tree.  There are also two pictures of The Right Honorable Countess of Drive, so have a gander at Your Ladyship.

Using Help-U-Sell means the “agent” isn’t going to tell you squat, but a quick glance over at Redfin provides the missing info. (1808 sf, 6099 sf lot, $663/sf, built in 1961.  Was that so hard?)  Guess they have a different understanding of that word “Help” in “Help-U-Sell” as they didn’t even put the MLS number in the Trulia listing (81239614).


That’s the much-photographed tree at right.  Since it gives us a glimpse at the back of the house we chose that elevation.

Even though this is Not A Distressed Sale, we’re thinking that New Chapter in Home Ownership is Lucky Number 7.

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12 Responses to “This Home is Ready for a New Chapter in Home Ownership”

  1. Tracy Tea House Says:

    Oops, not my first typo. Feel free to base your comments on any unintentional mistakes, or on the other merits of this listing, which speak for themselves.

  2. Tom Stone Says:

    Help-U-Sell puts your listing on the MLS, gets you a sign and gives you a packet of disclosures and other paperwork. It’s a good idea to call a local Title Company to make sure you have all the required disclosures, sometimes there are city specific disclosures. Lots of fun for a buyer’s agent, its usually twice the work for the same pay, dealing with someone emotionally involved with the property on both ends of the deal.

  3. nomadic Says:

    Twice the work for the same pay? Yeah, and I’m sure you’ve gotta work hard for every bit of that $35,000 (or $17.5k with the split). I’d sympathize if the baseline wasn’t so over the top.

  4. mabeldu Says:

    started out at $1.235k then reduced – sure, that sounds reasonable for a probable estate/probate sale. zillow has the tax assessment at $69k, so it’s been in grandma’s hands for a very long time.

    i’m surprised there aren’t more doilies in the sole inside pic. nice use of mauve, tho.

  5. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    It’s really too bad the internet doesn’t let you pipe smells around yet, because that place has to REEK of old people smell.

  6. Tom Stone Says:

    Nomadic, must properties in that price range have a 5% commission that is split 4 ways. listing office/listing agent, selling office/selling agent. Net to a top agent is about 1% after tax and half that to most. Look at median income for brokers, not agents. It’s about $58k nationwide.

  7. nomadic Says:

    Useless aggregate data, to use a burbed phrase. Median home price nationwide is roughly $200k. Oh, and I did split it four ways.

  8. madhaus Says:

    Good luck finding the sweet spot between useless aggregate data and meaningless anecdotal data. Kind of like finding a house still in the RBA (price doubled in 10 years, professionals want to live there, no high-voltage lines, busy streets, freeways, railroad tracks, airports, industry, commercial, or waste management facilities nearby, where definition of nearby is also an ever-moving target).

  9. nomadic Says:

    I should have cut to the chase and stated that a $50k-$60k fee to sell a $1M property is exorbitant, and the annual income of a given realtor is immaterial to my point.

  10. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > I should have cut to the chase and stated that a $50k-$60k fee to sell a $1M property is exorbitant, and the annual income of a given realtor is immaterial to my point.

    I second that. I’ve worked with agents whose only skills seemed to be e-mail forwarding and poor reading comprehension (or plain laziness) when presented with a disclosure package.

  11. SEA Says:

    “Twice the work for the same pay?”

    How much work do REALTORs do?

  12. Gladstone Investment Properties Says:

    It’s nice house but according to me it needs some renovation.

    So nice of you to drop in from Down Under. However, California requires a border inspection to ensure you aren’t carrying any agricultural products. And we require that all commercial URLs be destroyed on the spot. Hope you understand. –ed.

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