December 29, 2012

Shrink spent Client’s time talking real estate

Marin County psychiatrist disciplined over alleged real-estate talks with patient

By Gary Klien, Marin Independent Journal

MARIN COUNTY — A Kentfield psychiatrist was reprimanded by state regulators on allegations he used a patient’s therapy sessions to talk about the real estate business, the state medical board said.

Dr. Stephen Merritt Raffle was “grossly negligent” and committed “multiple boundary violations” by discussing his business experience and referring the patient to real estate lawyers and lenders, according to a filing by Linda Whitney, executive director of the board.

The board also alleged that Raffle failed to create or maintain therapy records over a period of more than three years, covering about 78 sessions.

Raffle was ordered to take courses in “professional boundaries,” medical record keeping and professionalism, the state board said. If he fails to complete the programs, he will have to end his practice.

Disciplined for talking real estate instead of the usual sex and violence? This counselor had his client’s financial health in mind! That has to be more important than discussing dreams about being chased by a giant cigar. And so what if he didn’t maintain records? We know a lot of real estate agents who aren’t all that great with paperwork either.

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4 Responses to “Shrink spent Client’s time talking real estate”

  1. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    I’m not surprised. Most psychiatrist’s are crazy.

  2. Mole Man Says:

    What exactly is the problem? It is the real estate market that is crazy.

  3. SEA Says:

    “The patient alleged that the therapy, which continued until 2008, ‘consisted mainly of discussions about real estate,’ according to the board’s filing.

    In 2004, the patient bought a five-unit apartment building, intending to reside in one unit and live off the rental income from the others. Raffle allegedly advised the patient to convert them to condos and directed him to a lender and an attorney.”

    So in 2004 the patient purchased a five-unit apartment, and by 2008 he realized that the psychiatrist gave poor financial advice?

    “Don’t worry; everything will be fine.” Basically the same as, “Don’t worry; I won’t get pregnant.”

  4. SEA Says:

    Stock price down 66% to 75% from peak? What’s needed?

    “Netflix Inc doubled Chief Executive Reed Hastings’s 2013 salary to $4 million, the video rental company disclosed in a regulatory filing.”

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