January 1, 2013

A New Year, Same Old Resolutions ‘n Predictions ‘n Stuff

121231-newyear-2013Happy 2013 everyone!

We don’t have too many New Year’s Resolutions, although we invite you to let us know what they should be.  Here are some we’d probably get from the people who are thinking this but wouldn’t dare comment.

· How about being nice in that True Bay Area Spirit you never stick to, you hypocrite?

· You’re too nice to the whiners.  I liked the site better when you were 10 kinds of rude.

· How come you never do a house in my neighborhood?  There’s all kinds of crap here!

· How come you always do my neighborhood?  My neighborhood is more elegant than Cupertino!  Quit dumping on us!

· When will you get rid of Commenter XYZ?  I cannot stand XYZ!  I won’t comment here until you ban XYZ.

· Stop censoring XYZ’s posts!  XYZ is the best commenter on your stupid site.

· Please no more Guest Posts!

· Hey, you haven’t run a Guest Post in months!

· How come burbed went away?  You suck. Bring back burbed!  burbed was funny.

· Where did you go? Are you on vacation or something? This burbed poster is no good.  Why didn’t you ask Commenter XYZ to fill in for you instead?

· Enouhg wit the gramer Natsy stuf. Noboddy cars how abut my speling.

· Can you write a post in less than 200 words?  I don’t think you can.


Nope, and when we answered the last question this article went to 427.  Okay, now here are some of our predictions for the New Year.

  • Real estate prices will go up where it’s Special and stay flat or even drop where it isn’t.  Are you selling a house? Did you have to lower the price?  Then it isn’t Special.  Q.E.D.
  • Rents will go up some more in late Spring and Summer.  If you got yourself a rental last summer, we suggest you look into how much breaking the lease will cost you, because you could get something cheaper right now.
  • Spring Bounce officially starts today and continues until the end of December.  Look for higher asking prices… where it’s Special.
  • As long as They Aren’t Making Any More Land, Burbed will continue to have plenty of material!

Stop in on comments to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and feel free to make your predictions for 2013, or give us your advice on how to improve this site (which we promise we will ignore completely).

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3 Responses to “A New Year, Same Old Resolutions ‘n Predictions ‘n Stuff”

  1. Alex Says:

    * YAWN *

    How about a witty blog entry for once?!

    I’m busy at work on fcking New year’s Day to support you sorry, lazy, pathetic Communist whiners who eagerly hand over your votes for more handouts.

    And I have to read this drivel??!!

    Even Faux Estater is more amusing =/

  2. nomadic Says:

    Our plan must be working – we have the day off…

  3. madhaus Says:

    Our plan is indeed working. Hard-working tax-paying patriots are forced to read this blog whether they find it funny or not. The ones who don’t find they get written up and are soon unemployed 47% moochers! Mooches whose benefits were just extended another year!

    Once we Communists collect all the assault weapons, ammo, and pistols there will be no stopping us. We’re going to roll down Embarcadero Road in our tanks and ATCs and make everyone buy or sell a house. Anyone who doesn’t… Well you don’t want to find out but it involves FEMA trailers.

    Moo ha ha ha ha ha!

    Bunus: if everyone buys or sells a house, Prop 13 is solved for the next five years!

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