January 11, 2013

What’s $2.1M and has no interior pictures?

Hillsborough, CA 94010


“First time on market in many years”

No interior pictures.

“Lots of potential”

For some, these these facts may inspire some horror. What lies beneath this placid surface? Will it be a den of moldy rooms, complemented with wood panels and… gasp… a lack of pergraniteel?

I, however, am an optimist. I believe that these are actually code words for the savvy that this house is for those who value their privacy. Targeted at the execs that run Major Social Network Site and Major Search Engine, who don’t want anyone to know anything about them. In fact, it’s probably a good bet that it’s not pergraniteel inside… but rather redwood tree-elephant tusk-titanium inside. Could anything be more elite? Could anything require more privacy?

Are there any adventurous Burbians who could take a look inside this house and report back on what’s inside?

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11 Responses to “What’s $2.1M and has no interior pictures?”

  1. SEA Says:

    “FREE COFFEE & FRESH COOKIES. Hosted by Richard Kuhr.”

  2. SEA Says:

    Meet the listing agent, Richard Kuhr:

    “Richard started in real estate development in 2003 working as a real estate project manager. He was responsible for research and development for residential construction projects throughout the bay area. After building several homes from concept to completion, Richard decided to use his vast knowledge of home development and became a licensed CA State Realtor in 2007. Over the past few years he has helped numerous clients from $2.5 million luxury homes to $200k condos realize the American Dream of hoe ownership. He now provides an unbeatable full service sales package with reduced commission. He is also certified SFR (short sale and foreclosure resource).”

    Started in real estate development in 2003 as a real estate project manager?

    I remember those days. That’s when the project would go over budget and over schedule, yet the market was so hot that the profits were larger than expected. In 2007 he conveniently decides that development is not for him, so he could “to use his vast knowledge of home development?”

    We all know that housing prices always go up, uP, UP!

    All that said, I might contact him about the “American Dream of hoe ownership.”

  3. mabeldu Says:

    there must be some scary ugliness inside. price has been cut twice; started at 2999k, then 2490k, now 2100k. the value must be in the land, ‘cuz the house ain’t cutting it.

    #2 at least you’re dreaming of legal hoe ownership, and not illegal ho ownership. glad there’s someone to help folks down that path, and to clear the path along the way.

  4. Real Estater Says:

    For $2.1M, you guys expect a Hillsborough house to have an interior? That’s where opportunities exist for the new home owner to pick out colors and finishes.

  5. SEA Says:

    Unlike any other place, “opportunities exist for the new home owner to pick out colors and finishes.”

  6. nomadic Says:

    Hoe ownership? What about other garden implements?

  7. Alex Says:

    If you’re going to live in Hillsborough, you gotta splurge and get a few high-priced hoes.

  8. liza Says:

    wow this house looks so nice! good job!
    NYC apartments

    wow this spam looks so nice! you munged the URL all by yourself so I didn’t have to! good job! –ed.

  9. Real Estater Says:

    United is never getting any of my business!

  10. SEA Says:

    United is looking better now!

  11. nomadic Says:

    Poor baby, if you were 1K you wouldn’t have to worry about the riff raff. Maybe you could fly with the assholes on Delta instead.

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