January 26, 2013

UPDATED: Special Bunus Report: Record-breaking property sale in Woodside

Thanks very much to Burbed reader Real Estater, who passes along the news that We’re Number One.  Again.  That is, We’re Number One as long as you don’t count ranches with a hundred thousand acres in Montana.

Silicon Valley real estate stunner: Woodside estate sells for $117.5 million

By Pete Carey, SJ Mercury News
Posted:   01/25/2013 07:00:12 PM PST; Updated:   01/25/2013 09:13:29 PM PST

WOODSIDE — A legendary investor’s sprawling estate here has sold for $117.5 million, one of the highest prices ever for a residential property in the U.S.

The sale price eclipses the previous Silicon Valley record of $100 million paid for a Los Altos Hills mansion by Russian investor Yuri Milner in 2011 and comes amid a red-hot market for luxury home sales in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula.

The private sale was closed in November between the owner, private equity investor Tully M. Friedman, and an undisclosed buyer represented by SV Projects, according to public records.

130126-mtnhome-frontNice going, San Jose Mercury “We once were a real News organization! Really!”  You’re reporting on a record-breaking property sale and couldn’t find any pictures of the property?  And it’s not like you didn’t have a few leads to go look for them.  Like the one from SFLuxe you alluded to at the end of your story and didn’t even hotlink in.

Their article has several excellent photos of delicious houseporn, all credited to photographer Jay Graham.

SFLuxe states their article is an exclusive, so they must have an arrangement with Graham to feature his photos.  Do check out their article.  In the meantime, Redfin is redirecting any requests to see the property record with a lovely redirect loop, so let’s see what we can find out elsewhere.

Update 20:50 — The Redfin link is working again but it’s been somewhat scrubbed. What a coinky-dinky.

130126-mtnhome-zillow360 Mountain Home Rd
Woodside, CA 94062

California > Redwood City > 94062 
Not for Sale
Zestimate: $19,227,778
Rent Zestimate: $12,677/mo
Est. Mortgage:

Bedrooms:4 beds
Bathrooms:4.5 baths
Single Family:8,930 sq ft
Lot:391,604 sq ft
Year Built:2005
Last Sold:Jul 1997 for $8,000,000
This 8930 square foot single family home has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It is located at 360 Mountain Home Rd Woodside, California.

Sure makes you wonder about those Zestimates when they’re off by 500%, although it’s hard to model paying top dollar for bragging rights.

We’re not going to find much in the public real estate websites, because the property was never listed for sale.  Still, the SFLuxe article gives a few hints.  The architect is Allan Greenburg, who featured four photos of the house in his online portfolio:

130126-mtnhome-poolWoodside Residence

This northern California home sits in an elaborate hilltop garden. Reflecting the strong Palladian tradition in the United States, it is planned around hyphens and dependencies and features a double volume, elliptical garden room.

Photo: Michael Biondo

And as to why we are almost Number One in expensive real estate transactions?  There’s that 124,000 acre ranch in Montana that Stan Kroenke bought, listed for $132.5 million (including the cattle).

Update 20:50: Adding in an aerial shot.  Note the road at the side of the house is not where the entrance is, that’s far off beyond the lower right.


Anyway, eat your heart out, Yuri Milner.

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11 Responses to “UPDATED: Special Bunus Report: Record-breaking property sale in Woodside”

  1. nomadic Says:

    I know I’m supposed to be all mellow, but what the f*ck does ““it is planned around hyphens and dependencies” mean?

  2. Real Estater Says:

    This home is truly #1. With this home, the value is in the land. With the Montana property that is supposedly #1, the value is in the cattle.

  3. SEA Says:

    I am sure there is one person here who is all hat no cattle.

  4. Divasm Says:

    9K square feet and you only get 4.5 bathrooms?? Didn’t we just hear that you have to have 1 bathroom for every like 100 square feet or something nowadays? I feel like I’d have to walk two blocks to get to a bathroom – and clearly that pool needs its own as well. Ripoff.

  5. Swan Says:

    For this price, please break out the red arrows!

  6. madhaus Says:

    Here ya go.

  7. Alex Aguilar Says:

    Jesus, this makes Tom Brady’s $20 million Brentwood mansion (and its ridiculous moat) seem sane and sensible in comparison.

    Hi there Alex! Nice of you to stop by all the way from Vista, which is definitely not in the Real Bay Area. You’ve come a very long way, so I’ll just take that heavy URL for you… Ooops! I seem to have dropped it into the byte compactor. My goodness, that was so CLUMSY of me! -ed.

  8. Chris Cho Says:


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    I hope all is well and happy new year to you & your fam. let’s make 2013 a great year!


    Yes, if you (or anyone else) wishes to purchase advertising on the site, please contact us via email (see top right corner). URLs removed because we don’t host them for free. We’ve sent you an email on making 2013 a great year. Also we apologize to our readership for not being too snarky to someone offering us money, although if we get too many comments like that (which belong in mail) we may resume at any time. –ed.

  9. Real Estater Says:

    $85 million property in on MLS in Woodside. Who cares about Beverly Hills!

  10. nomadic Says:

    That got burbed lovin’ a couple of weeks ago:

  11. YOU can afford Woodside! Yes, YOU! (Outbuilding garage is currently not usable) [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] Woodside, home of the record-breaking property sale.  Also home of Larry Ellison (well, one of of homes, because he sold the other one).  […]

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