January 26, 2013

Yet Another Map of California

Submitted for your edification.  At least this time we have a link, but it’s to a site that doesn’t know where it came from either.


This is, of course, your Weekend Open Thread as well.  Tell us what you love about California.  If you hate something about California, it’s because you don’t live in the Real Bay Area.

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4 Responses to “Yet Another Map of California”

  1. Real Estater Says:

    Real estate is the destination investment. People from all over the People’s Republic of China invest here. You are already here. Why invest anywhere else?

  2. Special Bunus Report: Record-breaking property sale in Woodside [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] very much to Burbed reader Real Estater, who passes along the news that We’re Number One.  Again.  That is, We’re Number One as long as you […]

  3. Divasm Says:

    I agree with the first poster on the site linked above…I want to argue with this map but I can’t.

  4. madhaus Says:

    Forgot to mention that I went to some open houses in Southwest Sunnyvale this weekend. One place, first weekend open, had lots of traffic, and vehicles parked all over the place from visitors. Must have been the cookies provided in the kitchen. Place used to be a rental and not much had been updated, but extra room added in the back. It was $1.1M.

    Another one had been open last weekend too, so not as many lookyloos, even though it was within 2 blocks of the first house. Odd configuration with 2 upstairs bedrooms and two down. Upstairs was an addition and the MBR shared the bath with the other room. There was just a number of things “off” about the place. Asking: $1.3M. I think that’s too high for a place with a number of imperfections.

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