February 18, 2013

Your Three Day Weekend Getaway (Read a book)

Today’s featured property is brought to you by Burbed reader wahnny.  It’s perfect for a quick little mini-vacay, because it’s an easy drive from Google, Facebook, Apple, or wherever you should be working this weekend.  Just plop down the cash (easily found behind the couch cushions or by redeeming a couple of stock options), pitch your tent, and enjoy!  Plus, you could build a house on it!

130217-tucker-redfin2155 Tucker
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

— Beds
— Baths
— Sq. Ft.
Built: —
Lot Size: 4.74 Acres
On Redfin: 9 days
Property Type: Residential Land (Single Family)
Community: Scotts Valley North
MLS#: 81304038
View: Mountains
County: Santa Cruz

Perfect vacation spot with a self sufficient little cabin. Off the grid with spring fed water. A wonderful tree house, a zip line, a foot bridge PLUS your own beach on Soquel Creek (year round water) Great place to get away, enjoy the peace and quiet. Read a book, go for a hike, let you kids enjoy the the outdoors! Can’t see a neighbor who you all share in the road maintenance.

130217-tucker-insideHere’s why wahnny sent in this delightful home away from home (that is, if by home, we actually meant a place that doesn’t have a house for grown-ups on site).

Just came across this offbeat/offgrid Scotts Valley getaway.  What an interesting use of children, to help sell property.  And deep in the woods no less!

Unlike the "mini-San Simeon" property, this one actually has a zip line, as well as other fun structures (cabin, treehouse), and isn’t as far from civilization/paved roads.  And it has "beach" access (to the creek) too!

130217-tucker-treehouseGiven its relative proximity to the RBA, relative RBA pricing, and r3ltrd copyspeak, it’s quite clear who this would appeal to!

Every rule we’ve ever heard about staging a property for sale says to take family photos out of the house, because the buyers want to visualize themselves in the house. If they see pictures of your family, then that makes it harder for them to see themselves living there.  Obviously either the agent never heard of this rule, or she has some really obstinate sellers.  Why?  This property features a bunch of family snaps instead of the usual listing photos.

130217-tucker-woodsAnd whoever’s idea this was, they really want you to admire the family.  The pictures of the grounds that left the wife and kiddies out are not the sharpest prints in the drawer. 

Just wait until you meet “can’t see a neighbor who you all share in the road maintenance.”  We double dog dare you to share in the road maintenance with someone you can’t see.

130217-tucker-oldlistingBunus: Be sure to check out the listing history.

Extra-super-bunus: Last sale (at $190K in 2007) and the older photos are still available for your viewing pleasure.  You can tell this one on the right is from the old set, because it’s actually focused.

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7 Responses to “Your Three Day Weekend Getaway (Read a book)”

  1. Divasm Says:

    Wow, that is a true Burbed gem. Those photos are so bad I don’t even know where to start – it’s like shooting fish in a barrel for us here, it’s too easy! I’m sure the 15 different views of the woods on the property mean something to them but all I see is a competition for how blurry yet still “usable” they could get. We see more of the treehouse than the actual house, right, or is that the actual house, I can’t tell?

  2. AstroWallaby Says:

    The round window opening in the attic space with the square storm window crudely screwed over the outside is truly magical. Didn’t want to shell out for the right one, huh?

    Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that entire cottage is some sort of prefab/kit affair. It looks suspiciously “doll-house-y” compared to the ragtag “pile-o-cr*p crudely nailed together, you will die” appearance of everything else on the property.

    Having heard rumors about how hard it is to get a permit in Santa Cruz county for *anything* the real questions a potential buyer needs to ask about this property are “Is the road good enough to get a 5th wheel up there, and is there enough level space to park it?”. You ain’t building on it, legally anyway.

  3. nomadic Says:

    Does it come with a banjo?

  4. Metalhead Says:

    Nothing says charming like a zip line! Feels like the ideal Meth Lab location.

  5. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Perfect place to hide when the government starts taking our guns away!

  6. Divasm Says:

    #4, this is the SANTA CRUZ mountains…that means weed, pot and more weed. Don’t bother looking into zoning laws, just into permits for medical growth…

  7. AstroWallaby Says:

    Oh wait, zip line? No wonder it costs an arm and a leg. Or two.


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