February 21, 2013

HOUSE for under $300K with colorful history, we bet

Yes, you heard right, today we have an actual house for sale for less than $300 big ones.  That means you have no more excuses for not becoming a homedebtor.  Thanks very much to Burbed reader holyzoo for passing along this palace in Pacifica!

130220-edgemar-movoto627 Edgemar Ave
Pacifica, CA 94044

Loan Payment: $1,022/mo
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1&1/2
Size: 1,000 sqft
$/Sqft: $289/sqft
Type: Single Family House
Year Built: 1950
Lot Size: 5,104
Days on Movoto: 14 days
Neighborhood: Pacific Manor
MLS#: 81303817
Status: Active

This is a total fixer upper. The house needs everything! Swimming pool full of rancid water. Considered uninhabitable . Sewer lateral needs to be replaced. This is a contractor special. The house needs all new systems and total restoration. Large termite report calls for further inspections. Holes in walls. Wood floors ruined.

130220-edgemar-hardwoodDid you hear that? This house has EVERYTHING!  Let’s check in with the zed.

Yeah, I know it’s totally not RBA, but how often do you actually see a listing for under $300k?

I think we’ll be heading to the open house just to feel thankful we don’t have cancer or gangrene.

Speaking of the open house, let’s see how open the walls are.

Wait a minute, wait a minute… Remember when we last saw floors like this?  Sure you do.


130220-edgemar-entryNow, we are definitely not saying that this house could have allegedly been a hypothetical meth lab.  And we are definitely not saying that this house could have been used for any non-normal innocent suburban purposes whatsoever OH PLEASE DON’T SUE US PLEASE DON’T THROW US INTO THAT BRIAR PATCH JACKPOT JURY PROCESS. 

But we are saying that it’s a good thing the nearest fire station is, we swear we are not making this up, only 88 yards from this house.

Have a look at some more pictures, including one that is very definitely NSFW, after the break.


130229-edgemar-toiletThis last one is also NSFB (Not Safe For Breakfast) so we’re displaying it in high-resolution at right.  Click to view it in non-blotter acid size, and we DEFINITELY warned you SO DON’T SUE US if you actually click it.  OMG you didn’t click it did you? We TOLD you the sewer lateral needs to be replaced.

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29 Responses to “HOUSE for under $300K with colorful history, we bet”

  1. mabeldu Says:

    sold back in ’85 for #35,500. and it’s held it’s value all these years. wowzers! what a deal. i’d pay $36k just to give them a profit for keeping it up so well.

    if it wasn’t allegedly a meth lab, then it was a hoarder’s kitty breeding site. those floors have seen acid spills of some type, for sure.

  2. PK Says:

    Funny Breaking Bad Quote!

    Madhaus, the Twitter share bar points to the homepage, not the inner article. It forced me to (gasp) copy/paste manually. Just a heads-up!

  3. Tracy Tea House Says:

    Wow, I was eating breakfast, when I read swimming pool full of rancid water. Truly a house of epic fail!!!

  4. nomadic Says:

    This would be perfect for the person who loves post-apocalyptic decor.

    What’s with the dude’s name and phone number on the cabinet in the kitchen?

    I bet the neighbors will welcome ANYONE who fixes this place up with open arms! Check out street view: http://goo.gl/maps/ULJb9

  5. madhaus Says:

    Bunus! Trash cans in front of the house in Streetview!

    PK, I am pretty frustrated by these WordPress plugins not exactly working as promised. If you have something that works properly, I’d love to hear about it via email.

  6. Divasm Says:

    And there we go, from Downtown Abbey to Breaking Bad in one day – all in the same county! Tomorrow let’s see a Mad Men house, we know they’re still out there…

  7. Real Estater Says:

    For this price you can get a newish 2 story home in Tracy, and it’s only 1 hour from SF. It’s a no brainer.

  8. nomadic Says:

    Yeah, a no brainer if you hate spending time with your family and love to sit in your car for extended periods.

    RE, are you trolling for tenants or just trying to convince people to buy out in the boondocks like you did?

  9. madhaus Says:

    I actually agree with Real Estater. Tracy is an excellent location for a meth lab.

  10. SEA Says:

    “It’s a no brainer.”

    Perfect for RE!

  11. Real Estater Says:

    nomadic (or shall I say no brain person?), do you have a freak’in clue? Tracy is scorching hot right now. You can’t beat off the buyers and renters. Who needs to convince you? You need to keep up.

  12. SEA Says:

    Beat off the buyers and renters?

    I’ll leave that to you.

  13. Real Estater Says:

    Yes, if you were to send in a rental application right now, I will have to reject you (along with several other applicants).

  14. SEA Says:

    You will never beat me off.

  15. nomadic Says:

    Buying a house in Tracy to rent out is very different from having to actually live in it. Yes, I saw prices are bouncing back out there but I would still hate to live there. I’ll leave the hour+ commutes to your rentards who don’t value their time.

  16. madhaus Says:

    I agree with Real Estater for a second time. Tracy is scorching hot every summer.

  17. SEA Says:

    NOW is the time to get BURNED in Tracy.

  18. Real Estater Says:

    From a percentage gain perspective, Tracy is a better investment than even RBA. You may not like to live in Tracy, but it all depends on where you work. If you work in Dublin, Los Gatos would be your commute hell.

  19. madhaus Says:

    A third time today I agree with Real Estater! It would indeed be commute hell to drive from Los Gatos to Dublin at 5 pm, and return home at 8 am!

  20. Real Estater Says:

    Speaking of “time”, you will spend endless hours dealing with contractors and going to Home Depot if you buy the featured property. On the contrary, if you buy in Tracy, you are ready to jump into the swimming pool upon move-in.

  21. Real Estater Says:

    Los Gatos is most ideal for people who do not work. It’s too far from most places.

  22. SEA Says:

    “From a percentage gain perspective, Tracy is a better investment than even RBA.”

    The RBA is very sad.

    “Los Gatos is most ideal for people who do not work.”

    Most people who do not work can easily afford Los Gatos, after all $500k is “not a lot of money.”

  23. nomadic Says:

    Los Gatos is most ideal for people who do not work. It’s too far from most places.

    Yes, because the drive to Palo Alto from LG is farther and more painful than if you’re driving in from Tracy. (snicker) (Although, I must say that the idea of northbound 85 every morning is excruciating.)

    I wish I could find your gem of a post about not being able to get to SF from Los Gatos. That was a good one.

  24. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > I wish I could find your gem of a post about not being able to get to SF from Los Gatos. That was a good one.

    This one?

    Followed by another one of his pearls:

    People who think French food is great most likely have never been to France. It’s the same kind of people who think Panda Express is Chinese food, and Taco Bell is Mexican food. There’s a good reason few people eat French food on a regular basis, because French food all about hype and little substance.

  25. Real Estater Says:

    What’s funny is that none of those statements are in any way peculiar. It just takes a well traveled and well versed person to appreciate it.

    Once again, the French food that a typical French person eats on a daily basis(not talking about fancy restaurants, which exists in any country) is quite average, in some ways even below American food.

    I remember after a tour of France, I was quite happy to arrive in Italy. Overall France is worth seeing once, but probably not twice.

  26. madhaus Says:

    A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. I believe what we’re witnessing is a man who is willing, nay, eager to pay the price of anything and go anywhere to get it, yet always end up exactly where he started.

  27. InTheBiz Says:

    I’m showing three homes on this street Sunday. Won’t inhale when I drive past this house.

  28. nomadic Says:

    Check out to see if it’s still there. With any luck it’s been torn down by now.

  29. InTheBiz Says:

    It’s still there, half a block from a fire station.

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