March 26, 2013

Photopalooza at Wiz Wigwam that Was Woz’s

As promised, today we’ve got pictures, pictures, pictures from our onsite visit to Steve Wozniak’s old digs. We’ve already featured this house three times, so we’ll just stick to what we found at the Open House this Sunday.  And of course, here’s the listing again.  Note that if you missed it, you have another chance to check it out. On Easter Sunday.

130323-wozhouse-redfin300 SANTA ROSA Dr
Los Gatos, CA 95032

6 Beds
7 Baths
7,500 Sq. Ft.
$586 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1986
Lot Size: 1.19 Acres
On Redfin: 12 days
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: Tri-Level
Community: Los Gatos/Monte Sereno
MLS#: 81307599
Style: Modern/High Tech, Contemporary
View: Mountains, Canyon, Valley
County: Santa Clara

Originally built for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, This exquisite 7500 sq/ft, 6 Bed, 8 Bath on 1.19 acres, minutes to Los Gatos Blvd, combines post-modern style with majestic natural views. It is a natural abode full of light and warmth Euro chefs kitchen, wraparound terraces. Recent major re-design and renovation, one of a kind indoor/outdoor kids play area, pool w/ waterfall, Koi Pond +++.

Upcoming Open Houses

Sunday, Mar 31: 1:00-4:30 pm

130325-wozon-sculp4saleAnd now for what we discovered!  First, the minute we walked in, we were stunned to see that the place was set up like an art gallery. This was a surprise for a couple of reasons. First, Open Houses are there to showcase the real estate, not the décor, and second, the comments on several of the stories we linked to on Sunday implied that the listing photos were a little, um, minimalist.  Which is a fancy way of saying lots of white paint and little else.

It turned out that not only were most of the sculpture and paintings in the house labeled as if we were in a gallery, they were for sale and the painter and her daughter were there to talk to any interested patrons. The sculptor was her mother (not present). The least we could do is link to their website and show a couple more works of art. Then we could remember that we’re a real estate site, not a fine arts portfolio. And then we could not say anything about the art as our readers excel at critical commentary.  Especially the critical part.


130325-wozon-music130325-wozon-doorwayYou can check out the listing photos if you want to see the major public rooms and some shots from the master suite. We’re going to show you what they didn’t.  On your left is detail from the music room, and we don’t think this is where they invited the string quartets to play Mozart.  Also the agent helpfully pointed out that this counts as a bedroom, as it has a closet.  The doorway on your right is off the music room and leads to one of a large number of baths.  We’ll get back to them later.

Those baths, the kids’ secret playspace, the cave, and much more await when you click on through!

130325-wozon-ramp130325-wozon-tinydoorBut it is this doorway on the left that’s more important.  This is probably the most conventional entrance to the labyrinth in the attic full of twisty little passages, all different, that lead to a number of kid-friendly spaces. We dared to go there.  Take a look at the right. That’s what you see when you crawl through the tiny door.

Now let’s scootch up that carpeted ramp and see what awaits other than cracking your head on the ceiling.


130325-wozon-atticstepsAnd there are all sorts of little snugs and hiding places like this, including an actual bedroom where the only way out, other than the attic maze, is a ladder.  Not the red one, another one… that connects with a ginormous walk-in closet below.

Or another room where the way down is the infamous fireman’s pole.



Now we present the toilets of Chez Woz.  All of these are new, which is really bad news. You will not be taking a dump on the same throne as Woz did.

Only the last one (at the powder room near the home entry) was connected.  We salute you, too.


Speaking of dumps, here’s some high-volume Silicon Valley history in this house: Woz’s very own router system, featuring Nothing But Coax!


Here’s the cave you may have heard about, under the Koi Pond +++.  Many surprises await!


These surprises include electrical panels, found in all the best caves.

And finally, while this was indeed a stunning and visually fascinating property, which we absolutely loved visiting and wouldn’t mind picking up if we had an extra four and half million in the change jar, we can’t help but show you a few little staging fails. In fact we insist!


First we have the delightful grounds, with a delightful chain-link fence. Exactly what you’d expect on a four and a half million dollar property. Next, the house obviously didn’t have anyone living in it, but they staged it with a bunch of random and cheap clothing sized for a nine year old… in the master bedroom closet.


Speaking of closets, check out the premium shelving in this one. And in the wine closet, er, storage area, there’s plenty of room for wine, and no sign of any kind of heat or humidity control.


Pro Tip: A cheap-ass hummingbird feeder does not enhance the otherwise delightful sunlit grounds. Neither do the cheap-ass clean up tools leaning against the house suggest neat and tidy.


If your second hot tub is having trouble, find a better way to indicate it’s under repair than a tarp weighted down with pavers. And we’re not sure if one should expect the neighbor in a hood this prime to be quite so close to the back garden wall.

Photo win but loose doorhandle fail130325-wozon-fail-trashcans

130325-wozon-kawlumWe actually like this photo of the front door (lite and brite!) but what you can’t see is that the handle is really loose.  As in rattlingly loose.  Do you think it might have occurred to anyone in charge that visitors to an Open House would use the front entry?  And on the right, the trash can enclosure, just as Open as the rest of the house.

Burbed’s rating of this house: 4.5 out of 5. Burbed says check it out.

Oh wait,  We’re not quite done.  Because… we also found this.

We changed our mind. 5 out 5, after you paint the outside pink.

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6 Responses to “Photopalooza at Wiz Wigwam that Was Woz’s”

  1. DonnieJ Says:

    Well worth the effort.
    I getting into the time machine when tube TV’s were still relevant and pretend that they are fabulous, and not an item left behind that is toxic and has to be disposed of in a special manner.

  2. RBAb2010 Says:

    That’s a wasp trap, not a hummingbird feeder. I have the same one in my yard. Works well in the summer. I am surprised that bedrooms with just a ladder for exit can get planning approval. Wouldn’t that be a fire egress problem?

  3. madhaus Says:

    That’s a wasp trap, not a hummingbird feeder.

    Ha, learn something new every day!

    I am surprised that bedrooms with just a ladder for exit can get planning approval. Wouldn’t that be a fire egress problem?

    They’re not bedrooms. They’re play spaces, and there’s no closets up there anyway. Yeah, putting a bed-like object up there makes you think otherwise!

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    […] See the article here: Photopalooza at Wiz Wigwam that Was Woz's [] […]

  5. nomadic Says:

    You didn’t pick on the uneven pavers on the driveway. In a neighborhood where you’re asking nearly double what others go for, you should spend the $300 or so it would take to level them out. There isn’t a lot to fix but it ought to be perfect.

  6. z2amiller Says:

    Thanks for the inside scoop of the Woz compound!

    I especially liked all of the “Dear John” letters.

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